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Author's Note: There are no Millennium Items in this fic, and it is set after the Cermonial Duel. Yami decided to stay instead of passing on to the Afterlife. Bakura is still around, but is nicer as Zorc is no longer around. Personally, I think Zorc was the whole reason he was a mental cased bastard. Don't worry, he's still a cussing bastard, but he had no murderous tendenices towards Ryou or the gang. Yugi's parents do not exist as I know nothing about them. Also, I will be using Japanese names in this fic, so for those who don't know:

Tristian = Honda

Grandpa = Jii-chan, but he will also be called "grandpa."

Duke = Otogi

Tea = Anzu

Joey = Jou or Jounochi

Ryou Bakura be always be Ryou

Yami Bakura/Thief will always be either Bakura, Tomb Robber, or Thief. Ryou will also refer to him as 'yami,' but it will always be lowercased.

Yami Yugi = Yami, or he may be called Pharaoh, and any nickname Bakura decides to call him. Such as "royal pain in the ass."

Seto Kaiba = Seto Kaiba, or "Nii-sama" and "Big Brother" by Mokuba.

Mokuba Kaiba = Mokuba Kaiba, or "Mokie" as a pet name.

Warnings: Cussing. OC villian (in later chapters). Naked chibis. (Not in that way, you perverts!) Yaoi. Magic! Wait, does magic need to be included in a warning? Hmm. *Wanders off to ponder this random thought*

Yami: Ignore her and read on!

Yugi: Yami! Don't order them around! *Turns adorable chibi eyes on readers.* Please read!

Yami: Yeah, because blackmailing them with chibi eyes is so much better.

Chapter One: Accidents

Yugi sneezed for the umpteenth time as he searched through the piles of ancient scrolls and leather volumes scattered about his room. Ishizu had sent them to him a few weeks ago, in hopes he could find a spell to give Yami a physical body.

Ishizu was searching through her own pile back in Egypt; they had just decided the search would go quicker if more than one was looking. Which was why some had been sent to Ryou and Bakura, promising to grant the thief his own body if he helped out. He was just glad his grandfather was away for a few weeks on another archeological dig with Arthur Hawkins.

It was several weeks after the Ceremonial Duel, and instead of leaving for the afterlife, Yami decided he could wait a few more decades before returning to his true family. Bakura was on friendlier terms with everyone now that Zorc was gone.

Yami had also set free the souls that had been sacrificed in the making of the Millennium Items, ensuring no one could ever use the Items for harm, but also making the former Tomb Robber forgive him somewhat.

Yugi still thought it was unfair that Bakura blamed Yami for the death of his village when it had been his Uncle behind Yami's father's back, but Yami had waved it all aside, claiming that because it had been his Uncle and therefore a blood relation, that he bore some of the weight. Yami's calm acceptance of this seemed to gain him a little respect from the thief so Yugi didn't argue against this logic.

But now that the Items were gone, things were a lot more peaceful than before, and things seemed to be looking up. Kaiba had even admitted to Yugi being the true king of games and accepted magic and the yamis, and the CEO was more open to them. He still was an arrogant bastard that had an obsession with wanting to duel Yugi, or Yami more specifically, and Yugi didn't mind as it gave Yami something to do.

Speaking of Yami . . . .

He glanced over to where the transparent form of his dark hovered by his bed, scanning a scroll Yugi had unrolled for him. With the Millennium Items gone, Yami and Bakura had taken full residence in their hikaris' bodies. This of course meant that they could no longer stray as far as they used to from their hosts.

Yami claimed he didn't mind much, but the way the spirit casually waved it away only made Yugi more determined to help Yami gain physical form. It didn't matter if that physical form was a permanent form, or a form he could only remain in for small amounts of time. As long as Yami could interact with the physical world with a means separate from Yugi himself, the hikari didn't care.

He almost dropped the cup of tea he picked up when his world suddenly spun around him and he was no longer in his room but a sea of sand rolling on endlessly ahead of him. He found his 'head' turning up to the cloudless blue sky as a screech rent the hot sandy air, his arm lifting against his will.

Gold gleamed on his arm in the form of bracelets as a bronzed hand adorned with a gold ruby studded ring shielded his eyes from the harsh sun. The screech came again, and a falcon swooped into his vision, spiraling lazily down to him. His other arm, covered in a thick leather cuff, lifted, and the falcon landed obediently on it.

His vision spun out of focus again and he glanced over to Yami as he realized what had just happened. "Another memory returning?" he asked him, and the spirit nodded distractedly, his mind thousands of years away. Or namely, in his memories.

Ever since the yami had freed the souls from the Millennium Items, and therefore permanently blocking access to the Shadow Realm to everyone except for Yami and the tomb robber who had personal connections with the realm. . . Yami's memories had slowly been returning.

They never knew when Yami would receive another one. They came randomly, and in little bits and pieces. Sometimes Yami had piece together fragments to understand a whole memory, but Ishizu had assured them that this was normal after having sealed them away for so long.

He stifled another sneeze as he bent down and picked up another leather bound volume half covered by scrolls. Unfortunately, this particular book had been partly lodged under another a rather tall stack of more volumes, causing them all to tumble down onto him.

"Yugi!" Yami cried and Yugi groaned as he tried to push the books off of him, only to have another book suddenly fall onto his head. The red leather bound book gleamed as it fell open in his lap and Yugi gave a surprised scream as red light exploded outwards from the book, encasing both he and Yami in it.

Jou tapped his fingers against his arms from where they were crossed against his chest. "Where the heck is he? He was supposed to be here almost an hour ago!"

Ryou laid a placating hand on his shoulder. "Relax, he might have been held up by something. Jii-chan is on a dig and he had to take care of himself and the shop."

Anzu peered closer at the young British teen, frowning. There had been a worried tone hidden beneath his calm, and something told her that white haired hikari knew more than he was letting on. "Ryou? Is there something you're not telling us?" she asked, making the three other members of the group turn to look at him, causing the shy teen to blush.

"W-well . . . Bakura did say something about feeling a strange flash of magic. It didn't feel harmful to him, and if it was, he said the Pharaoh could have handled it alone."

"What? And you didn't feel the need to tell us before?" Honda demanded before taking off down the street to the Game Shop. The others followed him; waving away Ryou's stammering apologies. They pushed their way through the crowds, calling out apologies as people yelled after them, trying not to think of anything bad that could have happen to their friend.

Once there, Jou used the key Yugi had given him for emergencies, and entered the house through the back door which was in the living room. "Yugi?" he called, receiving no answer as he walked up the stairs towards their smallest friend's bedroom.

"Yuuugi," Jou called again, peering into rooms as he passed them. Nothing seemed amiss, no signs of a break in or some evil villain after Yami. He finally reached Yugi's bedroom door and felt Honda and Otogi move in beside him, just in case.

"Yugi?" he asked once more as he opened the door and peered cautiously. "Whoa. It's a mess in here. Are these the scrolls and stuff Ishizu sent?" he asked Ryou, stepping carefully into the room. The part albino nodded, picking up some and placing them in a nearby crate to make more room for them all.

"Look!" Anzu cried out suddenly, and everyone whirled to look at where she was pointing. A pile of Yugi's clothes lay in a lumpy pile amongst a pile of old leather bound books. But that wasn't what caught their attention. It was the fact that the clothes were moving.

Jou picked up a thick book from off the ground and edged closer to the shifting fabric. He reached down to pull the shirt away when a small thing suddenly popped out from under it and Jou found himself staring into wide amethyst orbs.

"Y-Yugi?" he asked, stunned by the adorable toddler blinking cutely up at him. Something shifted beside him and everyone's mouth dropped in shock. "Oh Kami . . . it's Yami," Otogi breathed as he crouched down to survey the crimson eyed chibi blinking sleepily at them.

Yugi yawned and Anzu near squealed at him, rushing forward and pulling him into her arms, using the shirt to cover him. Yami ignored her and crawled free of the pants, trying to stand, but only falling flat on his face. He got to his knees, rubbing his nose as he looked up at Jou with watery eyes.

The blonde felt a surge of affection for the chibitized Pharaoh and swooped him up, stroking his head gently. Yami cooed and snuggled into his arms, laying his cheek against his shoulder as his hands went up to fiddle with Jou's name tags.

"Umm . . . Yugi mentioned that he had clothes from when he was a small child stored away in his parent's old bedroom. I'll go check," Ryou said, with a slight blush upon seeing Yami naked, even if he was a small child. He could hear Bakura snickering at both Yugi and the Pharaoh's plight and at his modesty in the back of his mind as he hurried out of the room.

True to Yugi's earlier words, there were indeed boxes of child clothing from various periods of Yugi's childhood packed away in the large walk in closet of his old parents' bedroom. To Ryou's relief, the boxes were actually labeled with the ages and he rummaged through the stack to find one labeled three or five, the age he was guessing Yami and Yugi to be now. With them, it was hard to tell by size alone.

He found a box and opened it, nearly sneezing at the dust and making a face as a bunch of silverfish and some spiders scattered as he pulled it out. He could feel Bakura's magic levitating the boxes that had previously been stacked on top of it and gave him a mental thank you as he pulled out a shirt and a pair of pants.

He found everyone downstairs in the living room now, watching Anzu and Jou on the ground helping Yami and Yugi put together a puzzle. They seemed to be doing a good job without their help, and the two teens mostly sat back and watched them put it together.

Walking over to Yami, who was slightly bigger than Yugi, he held the shirt against him checking the size. It looked like it would fit so he tried not to blush too much as he got the toddler to stand out of the shirt his lower half was wrapped in and held the pants up to him.

He copied the actions on Yugi, just to make sure and went back upstairs after beckoning to Honda. Together, the two of them toted all the boxes labeled '3 years old' and got them into the wash machine. It was an hour and a half later when they all had been through the washer and ready to take out of the dryer.

Jou had phoned Jii-chan and informed him of what happened, but insisted they could take care of Yugi and Yami, and told Jii-chan not to worry or hurry home until his dig was finished. Grandpa was reluctant at first, but decided that he would stay, but only if they called if anything went wrong. Meaning if some maniac tried to take over the world again, he was coming home to help figure out how to turn Yami and Yugi back to normal.

Yugi giggled the whole time they were putting the freshly washed clothes on him but Yami didn't seem to like them. He struggled the whole time they were putting them on and kept giving Jou, who was holding him, teary puppy dog eyes.

The second Jou let him go after they managed to get the clothes on him, he took off, flinging the clothes off himself as he ran. No matter how hard they tried, they couldn't catch him; the small chibi was too quick and clever to be. Yami eventually find a hiding place, and although they discovered it after half an hour of searching with Yugi's help, they were unable to fit in the small space to get him out.

Finally, Ryou felt Bakura mentally tap him on the shoulder, the way he usually did when he wanted to take over these days. Exhausted from chasing Yami, Ryou stepped aside and allowed him control.

"You silly bunch of fools," Bakura snickered, before turning around and heading back to the kitchen. He rummaged around for a bit in the cupboards before going to the pantry, finally pulling out a small jar. Everyone blinked when he returned, and eyeing the jar of honey quizzically.

Bakura stepped into Yami's line of sight and waved it in the air, "Oi, your royal highness-ness. Do you know what this is? You remember this don't you?"

Yami stared at it with wide eyes as he crawled from his hiding spot and reached up for it, licking his lips. "Ah ahh ah," Bakura teased, pulling the jar out of reach. "Not until you put your clothes back on and behave."

Yami pouted, looking back and forth between the jar of honey and the pile of clothes that had been placed on the floor when they had been trying to get him out. Bakura crossed his arms and shook the honey, before opening the lid and dipping a finger in the honey and licking it.

Yami whined, before slipping his shirt back on and looking up at Bakura hopefully. The tomb robber ignored him and dipped his finger in the honey again. Yami picked up the pair of blue and green dinosaur underwear he had been given and slipped them on, glancing back up at Bakura who continued to ignore him and dip his finger into the honey for the third time.

The small chibi Pharaoh gave a pout but put on the shorts he had originally been put in, and nearly squealed when Bakura bent down and handed him the honey. But before he could reach it, Bakura pulled it back and scooped him up instead making him whine and squirm in the thief's grasp.

He plopped the boy down on the table and got a piece of bread and a small sauce bowl out, along with a spoon. He spooned a small bit of honey into the bowl and set it into the microwave, warming it, before giving the piece of bread and honey to Yami who cooed in happiness and started dipping pieces of the bread into it.

Through the entire ordeal, all everyone could do was sit and stare at Bakura for this small display of kindness and affection. It was just plain weird. Bakura looked up at them and glared when he saw them watching him.

"What the hell are you looking at?" he growled. He froze before his features softened and Ryou blushed as the tomb robber retreated into his soul room. Yami cocked his head at him and pointed.

"Light," he said simply before going back to his honey.

The others glanced at him in surprise and Otogi shrugged. "Guess he can tell the difference between the two of them."

The next morning, the gang, whom had spent the night at the Game Shop to help keep an eye on the two tri haired chibis decided to take them out to buy some supplies after getting Jii-Chan's permission. Anzu had borrowed her old baby stroller from her mom and was pushing Yugi around in the light blue thing as he seemed to get tired walking.

Yami however, bounced along happily at Jou's side, one hand being held by the older blonde to make sure he didn't run off or get swept up in the crowd. Not to mention Jou was afraid someone would snatch him up as he had already caught several women cooing at Yami and Yugi with a gleam in their eyes.

Of course, he had to admit, the two were practically adorable, especially Yugi with those big amethyst eyes of his. The smaller of the two was even cuter dressed in those green shorts and orange shirt Anzu had dressed him in. Yami had refused to put on such colorful clothes, even with Ryou tempting him with honey like his yami had done last night. Instead, he was wearing a simple white shirt with dark blue shorts with white stripes down the sides.

While Yugi was always giggling and focusing on them or colorful things that caught his eyes, his other was taking in everything, head and eyes roving all over the place. Once, he had stopped and petted a small kitten crouched under a bench and removed a thorn from the pad of its front paw.

How Yami knew that the thorn was there, or that the cat was hurt at all, Jou didn't know. Just as he didn't know why Yami would suddenly yelp and cling to his leg when someone walked by, although sometimes they did look pretty shifty. It made him wonder that as the darker half of Yugi's soul, could the chibi sense darkness or evil?

He's done it before as a spirit, somehow instinctively knowing when something bad was coming. Perhaps he could sense it because of all that time he's spent in the darkness of the puzzle, sitting in a tomb for almost three thousand years before Yugi's grandpa brought him back to Domino. Jou didn't know that either.

He was dragged out of his thoughts as they passed the park and Yami wrenched his hand out of Jou's and took off among the trees making the others scramble after them. Jou, who was more experienced in running in narrow spaces because of his time as a former gang member, soon left the others behind as he followed the sounds of Yami's giggles and a repeated word in what Jou guessed was Ancient Egyptian.

He jerked in surprise and was spurred on even faster as he heard Yami give out a loud yelp, fearing someone was trying to kidnap the chibi Pharaoh. What he didn't expect however, was to find Yami giggling as a familiar tall and muscular blonde held him up in the air with a confused look as a red haired male and a brunette frowned at the small child in Rafael's hands.

"Uh, hi. What are you three doing here?" Jou asked, brushing leaves off him as he stumbled from the trees. Four pairs of eyes turned to him, Yami's eyes brightening as they caught sight of him.

"Jounochi," Rafael said, before glancing at Yami who was now reaching out for Jou. "Do you know this kid?" he asked, still frowning at him.

"Yeah," Jou gave a sheepish grin. "It's a funny story how it happened, but uh . . . that's the Pharaoh."

"WHAT!" the former Doma henchmen nearly gave themselves whiplashes as they turned to stare at Jou before turning back to Yami. Yami cocked his head at them, blinking questionably at them with bright crimson orbs.

"Um, yeah. Yugi got turned into a chibi too, but we don't know how it happened or how to change them back. Ryou's yami thinks Yugi might have triggered a curse in some scroll or book which is how it affected Yami too, but we don't know for sure."

"Scroll? Book? What are you talking about? And who the heck is Ryou?" Amelda asked, confused.

Jou sighed, "Why don't we meet up with the others, and we'll explain things to you. We were heading to Burger World to get a bite to eat anyways. We can talk there."

Rafael nodded and set Yami back on his feet. Yami blinked up at him, a tiny thing compared to his size before peering off into the park. He said the Egyptian word again and nearly ran off again, but Jou grabbed him by the back of his shirt and hauled him into his arms.

"Oh no you don't. You're going to stay right here where I can see you. I don't want you running off where some maniac trying to conquer or destroy the world can snatch you up when you don't know any better."

Yami pouted, squirming in Jou's arms to look the way he tried to run, repeating the foreign word over and over. Jou frowned at him before shrugging and carrying him back towards the others.

"Okay, let me get this straight, Yugi and Yami had scrolls and old tomes sent from this Ishtar person, thinking there might be some kind of spell that would help the Pharaoh get his own body, and Ryou's yami, who is from the Pharaoh's past and basically the reason Yami trapped himself in the Puzzle, thinks they've triggered some curse which is why they both turned into chibis, is that right?" Amelda asked, taking a sip of his drink.

Currently, the group and former Doom members were sitting in the largest booth at Burger World. Yugi was giggling as he kept taking fries from Anzu's plate, whose lap he sat in.

Yami had been in Jou's lap, but he had ducked under the table and tried to run off. Rafael had grabbed him before he could, and the mini-Pharaoh was now doodling strange symbols on the coloring paper provided by the kiddie meal from his lap.

Finally, bored of the symbols, Yami managed to duck under the table before Rafael could snatch him.

"Yami!" Jou dove out the booth and ran after the chibi, nearly crashing into a table and ended up getting his ear grabbed by a waitress who began not so quietly telling him off for running in a restaurant. By the time Jou got away, the tomb robber had already switched with Ryou and caught the escaping toddler. He slipped back into the booth with the Pharaoh and told him something in Ancient Egyptian.

Yami pouted in his lap, but didn't attempt to run off again as Jou came back to the table, red faced after his scolding and holding his abused ear. Bakura snorted at him, pouring salt into his hand and tossing it into the air. Instead of scattering on the table, they hovered in the air, forming patterns.

Everyone else gasped and glanced around, hoping no one had noticed.

"What are you doing? You can't start doing magic in public! Someone will notice!" Otogi hissed, glancing around in panic.

Bakura waved a hand dismissively. "Oh relax. Normal people have a tendency to ignore the abnormal. Besides no one really is paying any attention to us."

Yami poked at the swirling salt, which gleamed crimson before it started moving in a new pattern. Everyone stared as it took on a familiar shape.

"Is that the Blue Eyes White Dragon?" Anzu questioned.

Bakura begin sniggering. "Ha! His little royal pain in the ass still has some affection for that jackass even when he doesn't have his memories! No wonder he ran off earlier! He still has his gifts."

Yami glanced up him, and poked him in the face. "Jackal!" he hissed, before scrambling off the thief's lap and climbing into the relative safety of Rafael's as Bakura sputtered and snarled at him. He almost lunged across the table at the smirking chibi, but at the last second Ryou managed to pull him back.

The gentle hikari blushed and rubbed the back of his head embarrassedly. "Um, sorry about that." He winced at a sound no one else could hear. "Apparently, calling someone a 'Jackal' is the Ancient Egyptian equivalence of calling someone a . . . er . . . um, anyways, it's an insulting name." His face flushed.

Everyone raised an eyebrow at him, but ignored the incident as Yugi and Yami yawned. Yugi snuggled againt Anzu and promptly fell asleep. Yami was blinking sleepily as he struggled to stay awake.

"We'd better get to the Game Shop and let them sleep," Otogi suggested, glancing down at the slumbering chibi in Anzu's lap next to him. The others nodded and the former Doom members followed them back to the Kame Game Shop, Rafael handing Yami back to Jounochi as the Pharaoh reached for the amber eyed teen.

Hope you enjoyed it! Hopefully I will get the next chapter up soon. There isn't much of a plot in this chapter, except for the barest of hints. The true plot won't come until later chapters. Anyone care to guess what the "gifts" Yami has that Bakura mentioned? Oh, and I made up the whole "Jackal-as-an-insulting-name" thing. I figured as jackals were scavengers and generally seen as bothersome, despite being the sacred symbol of Anubis, it would make sense to use it as an Ancient Egyptian cuss word. Ja ne!