The dwarfs followed the horse tracks until they came to a tower the rose high into the sky.
"The bad guys are there?" Bashful asked looking high into the sky. "What do you think? The horses are here outside." Grumpy said to him once he heard the stupid question.
" Then we should make our way up." Doc said as he raced across the bridge to the doors of the tower.

The three bad guys made their way up the millions of stairs until they were at the top with a tied up Snow White and Mabel. One of the men looked outside and saw the dwarfs running into the tower.
"The musketeers are coming!" he yelled to the other men.
"Are you sure it's them?"
"Well who else the size of a child would be after us? Yes! They just went through the doors!"
"We're at the top of a 50 story tower. It would be hours for their short legs to climb up here. Set the two of them down here." The head man in black said to the others. The two maidens were sat down on the floor and their gags were taken off their mouths.
"You let us go!" Snow White screamed trying to get out from her ropes. '
"Now don't worry your highness." One of them said to her touching her by the shoulders so she wouldn't wiggle around any longer.
"We don't want to put any harm on you." Another one of them said as he circled around the ladies.
"That's why you go first so you won't feel any pain at all." The head man in black said as he took out a knife.
"Where are my musketeers?! They can stop you! They'll save us!" Snow White screamed.
"Hush your highness." he said as he threw the knife up. "This won't hurt a bit!"
"Put the knife down!" The three men turned to see all the dwarfs at the top of the tower without any looks of being tired from climbing up the stairs.
"How did you make it up all those stairs so quickly?"
"And why are you covered in sweat?" One of them asked noticing how they didn't look worn out from climbing so many stairs.
"And why aren't you tired?"
"You should have taken the elevator." Doc said pointing over to the elevator. The men all slapped their heads. If they noticed that their were elevators the job would have been done with by now.
"Now are you ready to fight?" Grumpy asked throwing out his sword.
"This time we're sure to win." The head men said as he began his fight with Grumpy.

The dwarfs all begin fighting the three men and beat their swords together. As Doc fought with one of the men he noticed that he was nearing him closer to the edge of the stairs. The man took another step and suddenly fell down each step in the tower until he crashed and broke the dock falling into the river. Sneezy, Sleepy, and Bashful fought all together with another one of them until they saw Sneezy's nose twitching. Bashful and Sleepy knew what was about to happen and stood back.

"Why are you two stopping? Are you too scared or are you..."
Sneezy sneezed the man out from the window. The dwarfs raced to the window and saw him land in the river as well.

Grumpy is fought with the head man in black and made him head towards an open window. The man tripped out the window. Grumpy looked out only to see him still holding on to the edges.

Grumpy through his sword up but it couldn't come down as he kept looking at the man.

"What's the matter little dwarf scared to kill a man? Your little mind trying to make you change your little mind?" The man taunted.

Grumpy dropped his sword but smashed the windows on the man's fingers. He let out of scream or pain and then fell into the river.
"We did it!" Doc yelled amazed that they actually won.
"We really did it!" Happy yelled.
"We actually defeated them!" Sleepy said.
"All for one and one for all!" The dwarfs all yelled together.
"Congratulations guys!" Snow White said to them. The dwarfs untied the princess and after she hugged them all. "You did such a swell job. Thank you for rescuing me!"
"Do you think you want us as royal musketeers." Bashful asked once his face flushed as the princess hugged and kissed him.
"I'll have to ask Captain Redford and tell him the whole thing and he'll decide." Snow White said hoping that he'd agree.
"You aren't hurt are you?" Doc asked making sure. "Not at all. But let's go home." she said to the dwarfs as they all began walking down the stairs of the tower.

"Isn't anyone going to untie me?!" Mabel yelled to them as she was still tied up in the corner.

Grumpy came to her and untied the girl. He helped her up and they stared into each others eyes.
"Are you guys coming?" Doc asked coming back up the stairs when he didn't see the two behind them.
"Yes!" Mabel said coming out from the trance.
"Yeah let's go!"
"Why are you holding hands?" Doc asked.
"OH!" They both yelled before taking their hands away.
"No reason he was just helping me." Mabel said trying to hide her red face.
"Yeah." Grumpy agreed.
"That's all it was right?" Mabel asked
"Yes!" Grumpy spoke as he blushed as well before going the stairs with the other dwarfs.