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Originally posted to Inuyasha Fanfiction on June 26, 2012 for drabble #34 Misleading. Won 2nd place.

Title: Looks Can Be Deceiving

Author: ananova

Word Count: 498

Prompt: Misleading

Genre: Friendship/Family

Rating: K

Warnings: None

Characters: Inuyasha and Kagome, Totosai

Summary: Totosai finishes the quiver. Part of Of Weapons and Smiths.

"That's it?" Inuyasha stared incredulously at the quiver Totosai held out to him.

"That's it," Totosai confirmed. "A work of art if I do say so myself."

Inuyasha snorted as he took it from him, turning it over to inspect it. "Doesn't look like anything special, are you sure you brought the right one?" It looked like an ordinary quiver, no different than Kagome's old one. Plainer, in fact. How was it supposed to help her?

"Ouch!" He glared at the old smith.

Totosai glared right back. "Don't act like I don't know what I'm doing. I'm a master when it comes to crafting weapons? Er, what did I craft again?" He scratched his head in thought.

Inuyasha growled in frustration, shoving the quiver under his nose. "This! You were supposed to make a quiver to protect Kagome's arrows."

"Oh yeah, and I did." Totosai nodded smartly. "Made with wood from Bokuseno as well as your fang to reinforce it. It will be very hard to damage and will keep anything it holds from taking damage. Also, should the arrows be spilled out she can call them back, just like your sheathe can recall the Tessaiga."

"Really?" Inuyasha looked it over again. "Still doesn't look like much."

"Appearances are misleading, fool!" Totosai punctuated his statement by smacking him over the head again. "It helps to keep things from being stolen. Your own sword is a good example, looks like a piece of junk when not in use."

"Huh, I didn't think of that." He glanced once more at the quiver before carefully wrapping it up. "Thanks Totosai."

"You're welcome," the old smith responded. "Er, for what?"

Inuyasha ignored him, hurrying home to his wife so he could present her with her new quiver.

Kagome greeted him with a hug and kiss. "I'm so glad you're finally back, I missed you. Was Totosai able to help you with whatever it was you needed?" She frowned against his chest, a bit put out with his secretiveness. She didn't recall Tessaiga being damaged, so why he had needed to make the long trip without going into detail eluded her.

"Yep!" He took the bundle from his back and presented it to her.


"Go on, open it," he urged.

She did so. "Thank you but why? My quiver is fine."

"I asked Totosai to make you a new weapon but he told me that wouldn't work because of your reiki. So he made this to protect your arrows, so you don't have to worry about them getting damaged before you can use them. Made with one of my fangs." He grinned proudly at her.

Kagome's eyes softened and she hugged him again. "Thank you." It was just further proof that he was always looking out for her.

"Gotta protect you," he confirmed, arms tightening around her.