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A shrieking tuk'ata lay before me, making one final roar before falling limp.

I've killed so many that I lost count.

I grimaced at the repulsive smell that followed after the tuk'ata blood met air and I rushed on. I was in the tomb of Ajunta Pall searching for a lunatic. Of course, this man was in the farthest edge of the tunnels where the darkest and largest beasts hunted. Well, I suppose it makes sense, where else might one fight a lunatic?

The tombs were musty, intimidating, and overall just threatened eminent death. The walls blended into oblivion, leaving your overactive imagination to fill in the blanks. However, I knew all the tunnels by heart, having memorized them all by necessity as a slave. When you need an escape route, it's important to know EVERY path and where it ends.

I remember a time when another twilek slave and I were running from an eight-legged monster and I had found a hidden exit. I called out to him but before he could get to me, the creature blocked his way. I could do nothing more for him. I heard his terrible screams before I covered my ears to block out the sounds of torn flesh and bone. I was 10 years old then and that scene still haunts my nightmares today. Except, in my subconscious, the boy escapes and I'm the prey.

Finally, I reach a separate cave and I know that I've arrived by the acolytes I see attacking training dummies and an old man meditating at the end of the cave. I enter the cave while keeping my eyes on the acolytes, I didn't exactly survive in the caves this long by trusting those around me. I ascended the decrepit stairs as the man rose to meet me.

"You must be the new acolyte I heard about. The trail of blood you've marked through the tombs heralded your incoming presence." The man's voice trembled with age and his tone implied that he was amused by something obscure. He wheezed when he took a breath and his bloodshot eyes refused to blink. Somehow it was hard to believe that this tired old man was a powerful Sith Lord.

"You are Spindrall, correct?" I asked skeptically. He cackled at my response. "I am. I have been tasked by Lord Zash with testing you. I've seen how strong you are against mindless animals. Let's see how strong you are against Sith. I'm sure my acolytes will enjoy this." More cackling followed. The echoes of his laughter rumbled through the cave like thunder and my eyes narrowed in realization of my test. I drew my vibrosword and spun to deflect a vicious slice from an acolyte behind me just before it cut me open. I ruthlessly beat his sword to the side so I could shove mine through his exposed torso. His lifeless body tumbled down the steps, falling to his comrades below. Six hooded figures, all with their weapons drawn, turned to face me; all were looking for a chance to spill my blood. A chance I wasn't planning on giving them.

Leaping down the stairs at the closest acolyte, I raised my sword for an overhead slash that the Sith blocked with apparent ease. I tried the overhead slash once more but this time I only used one hand, the other hand was busy electrifying him. While I had him stunned I prepared to run my sword through him. I could see him struggling not to scream out in pain from the biting lightning. He seemed to grit his teeth and shut his eyes, as if accepting death. I struck the fatal blow and was then forced to back up from his limp form and ready myself for another attack.

Five left.

Two approached me now, one on each side of me. I waited for them to attack, so I could see how they worked together, but they just started circling, sizing me up. I got fed up real quick with the circling and so I forced pushed them together and made a low sweep with my weapon. I caught one in the leg and he fell, giving me an opportunity to stab him and block the second acolyte's attack.

Four left.

This Sith was a master of using his anger. The death of his fallen companion had incited the rage that he now used to fuel his unyielding assault. I was pushed onto the defense. I knew I was weakening with every attack and so I countered one of his sideways blows only to have him push back against my blade. He was the strongest I had faced yet and I found my sword being pushed back toward my face. The searing heat of the vibrosword stung my skin, so I freed one of my hands and force pushed him to the ground. Adding some force lightning to stun him, I slashed down, ending that battle.

Three left.

I was panting now, and my ivory skin was glistening with perspiration. I sensed one behind me so I spun quickly and slit his throat before he could even lift his sword. I knew my limits. I wouldn't be strong enough to defeat them soon, so I had to finish it.

Two left.

Thrusting my sword at the Sith in front of me, I keep an eye on the other, watching his blade closely. I slash and hack and cut relentlessly, not willing to give my enemy a second to breath. I began to lose focus of what I was doing. Before I knew it I saw the young man on the tunnel ground and I turned to finish the battle.

One left.

This one didn't move forward to attack, instead he smiled maliciously and raised his hands as I realized too late his plan. Jagged strips of lightning struck my body, paralyzing me with crippling pain. I couldn't quell my screams. The pain was mind-numbing and I couldn't rationalize what to do. I saw him begin to advance toward me, vibrosword raised. My pulse attempted to race but was slowed by the electricity blocking the blood flow. I gritted my teeth and looked for an escape. I saw my one opportunity and lifted my hand to the ceiling.

He didn't see the boulder until it was on top of him. I slammed to the floor, gasping for my life to return to me. I was dripping with sweat by now and my shaking limbs refused to calm. Electricity was replaced by draining adrenaline and I rose to my unsteady feet. From the top of the stairs, Spindrall laughed, quieter this time. "Tell Lord Zash you passed my test. We will be sure to watch your progress with great interest." His eyes were shining with fascination.

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