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"I want to thank you all for coming over today!" Konata cheered as the adults made their way towards the door; Konata had arranged for all the parents to come see their new apartment and after a few hours of visiting the parents decided it was time to let the girls enjoy their freedom.

"You really did get a lovely place Kona-chan." Miki said sweetly as she glanced over the apartment where her twins would be staying one more time.

The front door opened into a little area right offset the living room; the living room had the normal things in it such as a couch, some chairs, and a coffee table. However, it was Konata's flat screen TV and game systems that made the room pretty much party central for the four girls.

Walking straight through the living room would get you to the kitchen/dining room and what it lacked in size it made up with storage space, there were enough cupboards and drawers that even all Tsukasa's cooking supplies and utensils couldn't fill them all.

To the right of the living room was a hallway that led to Konata's computer and gaming room as well as a small hall closet, but what really made that part of the apartment special was the bathroom. The bathroom was far too large for the apartment and was by far the biggest part of the building outside the living room.

To the left of the living room was a hall leading to all four of the bedrooms, if you were looking straight down the hall the first door on your right was Tsukasa's bedroom.

Tsukasa's room was the definition of girly, bright pink walls and a soft lavender carpet really emphasized the airhead's childish nature. It didn't help that there were stuffed thing absolutely everywhere in her room, if there was any kind of platform free, a fluffy stuffed animal was placed there; her bed was adorned with a large white stuffed dog.

To the immediate left of Tsukasa's room was Konata's. Konata's room had light green painted walls, but you were hardly able to tell due to all the anime posters and whatnot that the tiny otaku had pinned to them. Her tan carpeted floor and oversized bed were also buried in various otaku activities, making Kagami wonder how her love moved around in her room.

Diagonally across from Konata was Misao's room. The parents questioned whether her having bright orange paint and pastel green carpet was smart, but Misao insisted that it was the best color combinations and they couldn't tell her no. Misao was a mix of both the previous rooms, while she had band posters on her walls and things placed everywhere it wasn't nearly as bad as either of the first two.

Kagami's room was right across from Misao's and was by far the most normal. Kagami's room was neatly organized with everything in its place and she did not have so much stuff that her room looked cluttered or messy. The main thing that was noticed about her room was the color scheme; her walls a nice blue color, while her carpet a deep navy blue. When asked why she chose those colors, Kagami denied having a reason.

"Kagami-chan may I speak with you a minute?" Sojiro asked as he walked towards the kitchen; Konata was busy with the rest of the adults and didn't seem to notice so Kagami complied and followed the older man.

"What did you want to tell me Mr. Izumi?" Kagami asked politely as she began preparing some tea; her sister having gone to great lengths to teach her how.

"I wanted to talk to you about Konata…" Sojiro said solemnly as he took a seat at the small breakfast table.

"Is something wrong?" Kagami asked worriedly, handing him a cup of tea before sitting across from him.

Sojiro answered Kagami's question by posing his own. "You know how sickly Yu-chan is correct?" The older man took a small sip of tea; his face contorted, but he didn't spit it out… Kagami was improving.

"Yeah she catches colds really easy if she does a lot of physical stuff right?" Kagami said as more of a question than a statement; she had never really given the tiny girl's disposition much thought.

"Somewhat correct, if Yuki and Koji would have listened to me when I said she needed to be brought up doing a lot of physical activities, then Yu-chan wouldn't be nearly as sickly as she is now." Sojiro paused to take another sip of tea. Once again he made a face, although this one was more controlled.

"Granted she has been improving since high school, but since they 'protected' her for so long she isn't very strong in her body." Sojiro sighed as he sat the cup down.

Kagami was confused, didn't he want to talk about Konata not about Yutaka's childhood. "Why are you telling me this?"

"Because Konata is the same way…" Sojiro said bluntly as he let his statement sink in before continuing. "That's why I let her take karate and horseback riding as a child; not only did it get her mind off school and keep her out of the house, but it made her body a little stronger and more resistant." Sojiro explained with a slight smile. Those were the days…

"So Konata is the same as Yu-chan?" Kagami was having a hard time wrapping her mind around the fact that her exuberant little otaku could be as weak and frail as Yutaka.

"Most of the time she's the perfect picture of health, but sometimes she doesn't take care of herself like she knows she should and she reverts back to that weak little girl." Sojiro said as he stood and finished off the tea. "I told you this to ask that you make sure she keeps herself healthy. When she gets sick, it usually gets pretty bad."

Kagami remembered back after her birthday last year when Konata got sick. It was a pretty bad cold and Kagami was happy Konata got over it so quickly… But from the look in Sojiro's eyes, Kagami could tell that it could have been a lot worse.

"Don't worry Mr. Izumi I'll watch over her!" Kagami said with determination and a fist pump for added effect, making the older man smile.

"Good to hear, then I leave her in your care." Sojiro said with a nod as he turned and walked through the living room and outside the apartment, where his daughter was waiting.

"Don't worry I'll protect her!" Kagami thought as she glanced down at the empty teacup.

"So did you do it for me?" Konata asked.

"Yeah, but you owe me. It was terrib…" Sojiro started to say, but was cut off.

"YES! SOMEONE FINALLY DRANK A WHOLE CUP!" Kagami cheered as she began to dance around the kitchen.

"Thanks daddy." Konata smiled as she hugged her father.

"Anytime kiddo, well I'll see you later." The older otaku said as he made his way to his car.

"Kagami is so cute…" Konata thought as she reentered the apartment.

The next morning the girls woke up to their first day of college and needless to say Kagami was being… Well Kagami…

"Does everyone have their books?" Kagami asked as she rushed around the apartment checking to make sure nobody left something lying somewhere and forgot about it.

"Yes Kagami-sama…" The three girls replied in unison as they stood by the front door, which Kagami had instructed them to do, as they watched her run around in circles.

"You have your class list and timesheets?" Kagami asked, trying to forget about the nickname they pinned her with yet again.

"Yes Kagami-sama…" Both Konata and Tsukasa droned, but this time Misao crossed her arms and decided to make her stand.

"Since when did you become our mother Hiiragi?" Misao asked in an annoyed tone, still tired and not wanting to deal with all this stress first thing.

"Since I'm the only responsible one out of us four, now I need to focus." Kagami said with a glare, challenging any of the three to test her patience, which is exactly what the blunette did.

"Kagami-mama!" Konata shouted as she latched herself onto the taller girl's arm.

"Konata now is not the time; I am going to forget the mental list I made!" Kagami shouted as she tried to push the smaller girl off her person, but had very little success.

"It's fine Onee-chan, but if we don't hurry we're going to be late." Tsukasa said with a sympathetic smile as she pointed to her watch.

"Alright fine you win…" Kagami sighed in defeat, her planning the night before wasted…

Since it was the first day, they had orientation, which would take up all of the morning classes. It let out right about lunch time, giving the small group just enough time to make it to the huge cafeteria and see the massive lines… Apparently only freshmen had to go to orientation and only they got out late.

"I'm going to get a soda while we wait for the lines to die down." Tsukasa said cheerfully as she got up from their table and scampered off.

"So I have four classes by myself, three with Tsukasa, only one with Misao, and none with Kagami…" Konata mumbled sadly to herself.

"Hey don't make that face; we can still see each other at lunch." Kagami said trying to sound positive, but even she had to admit fate wasn't ever on their side when it came to class arrangement.

"You still have me too!" Misao said loudly as she wrapped her arms around Konata's neck, much to Kagami's annoyance.

"What a noisy bunch of freshmen who obviously don't know their place." A girl said from the table right behind theirs. It was evident from her tone of voice that she was sneering at them.

"What's your problem?" Misao asked in anger, which she soon found out to be a mistake as six other girls suddenly surrounded their table and none of them looked too pleased.

"Do you have something to say to me fresh-meat?" The ringleader asked through a snarl, her cold blue eyes piercing Misao like icy daggers.

"She is just a little hyper today sempai, nothing to worry about." Konata said in a cutesy tone as she looked up at the older girl with a smile. Luckily for Misao, her feint worked as the blue-eyed girl called off her lackeys and they returned to their table.

"Jeez Misao can't you learn to think?" Kagami snapped at her for calling out someone older than them and on their first day no less. Misao was about to reply when a girl suddenly shouted from across the room.

"It's Mikeru-sama!"

The three freshmen were astounded at the uproar one male could make. All he did was walk into the cafeteria, no fanfare or special entrance, but as soon as the girls caught sight of him… The brown haired male wore black jeans that were a bit faded at the knees and a black tee shirt; he wore a red button up dress shirt over that, with its sleeves rolled up.

Kagami was even more shocked to see the girls fighting over his attention, even going as far to flash their personal goods at him. Kagami was disgusted at this person and all the women in the room; did no one have any self-respect? She just wished someone would run up and throw some water or something on all of them… And who better to do it than Tsukasa…

"Onee-chan they have vanilla here!" Tsukasa said happily as she rounded the corner and soon found herself on her tush.

"That little wench how dare she!" A random girl shouted angrily as most of the other girls began to curse out the younger twin for dousing their idol with coke.

"That girl is asking for terrible things." The ring leader chuckled from behind Kagami, making the older girl worry for Tsukasa's safety.

"Oh, I'm so sorry I was just so happy they had my favorite flavor and I wanted to tell my sis and I'm so sorry." Tsukasa repeated her apology over and over as tears stung at the corner of her eyes.

Mikeru just stared at her eyes wide with shock.

The whole room caught its breath as everyone waited to see how the boy would react. He was so surprised he never expected to see someone with such resemblance to her… He mutter something softly that Tsukasa made out as 'Kira'.

"What's your name cutie?" Mikeru asked with a soft smile as he regained his composure, standing and helping her up as well.

"Tsukasa, Tsukasa Hiiragi." The airhead said with a small smile of her own as she tried to fight back her tears.

"Hey now don't cry, wait here and don't move from that spot." The brunette commanded with a light chuckle as he dashed around the corner she had come from, moving faster at that moment than he had in weeks.

After a few minutes Mikeru came back around the corner holding a vanilla coke in his hands. "Here you go, now no more tears okay?" The male said with a good hearted smile as he handed the drink to the smaller girl.

"You didn't have to…" Tsukasa mumbled, her face getting flushed as she looked up into his deep green eyes.

"You still have a little soda on your face Tsu-chan…" The brunette said lightly as he pulled out his handkerchief and wiped the sticky goo off her left cheek, making her face explode just as the room gasped and broke into whispers.

Mikeru looked over and caught a glance of a long haired girl with the same hair color as Tsukasa's and it didn't take him long to put two and two together. "Hey me and a friend are going to the mall after classes get out, would you and your twin like to join us? We could show you around?" Mikeru offered politely.

"Yeah, um I mean sure!" Tsukasa piped embarrassedly as she clutched her soda tightly.

"Then I'll see you later today, don't stop being cute you hear?" Mikeru laughed as he turned to leave the room. Tsukasa's mind was in knots, how did he know she had a twin? Why did he want to hang out with her? Did she seriously just agree to a hypothetical date?

Out of all those questions she could have asked… "What's your name?"

"Mikeru, Mikeru Wakase." The brunette said with another soft smile, a smile that seemed to be far too caring for a person she just met.

"Mikeru-sempai…" Tsukasa mumbled under her breath and watched him shake a finger at her. "… Mikeru… Kun?" The younger twin asked sheepishly and was rewarded with a dazzling grin and a thumbs up.

"That will do, see you later Tsu-chan…" And with that he was gone.

"Why is my heart beating so fast?" Tsukasa thought as she rubbed the place where he had wiped the soda off.

Tsukasa didn't have long to ponder her thoughts as she was suddenly rushed from all directions by Mikeru's fan girls; they kept asking question like what he smelled liked, was his breath minty, did she feel blessed since this was her first day and all, and more and more…

"Well she's popular now." Misao laughed as she watched the amusing scene of Tsukasa trying her best to answer such embarrassing questions and not melt into a very red puddle of humiliation.

"She also just made a lot of new enemies." It was that same mean girl from before and Kagami had had it up to here with her attitude.

"Oh, why don't you just shut it?" Kagami snapped.

"Calm down spit fire or things will happen to your sister that you never wanted." The girl warned venomously and Kagami was just about to act on her instinct to shut the girl up when Konata wrapped her arm around the tsundere's waist and whispered.

"Don't fight… Please…"

Kagami looked down at her girlfriend and then back at the other girl, but she was already long gone. "Dammit…" Kagami cursed under her breath.

Meanwhile on the roof

"You are gonna send mixed signals man." Sanjo warned; he had been Mikeru's friend for a while now and only wanted what was best for the guy.

"I know, but she looked just like… And she hadn't been corrupted yet." Mikeru said, justifying things in his mind.

"Yeah where did the rumor 'you were an American special ops' come from?" Sanjo laughed; they had heard a few crazy rumors, but that one so far was taking the cake.

"Oh no, now I am a green beret apparently." Mikeru sighed as a smile formed on his face.

"I heard somewhere that you are using a false name and your real one is something American, Tony I think." Sanjo laughed as he wiped tears from his eyes. "I swear they come up with the dumbest things." The black haired boy sighed as he regained control of his breathing.

"I know that's why I want to get to this girl first…" Mikeru said leaning back against the wall. "Kira…" He whispered under his breath.

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