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Love of the Yakuza

Epilogue – One year later

Sasuke sat in front of the computer moving the mouse he looked at the screen "teme" Naruto said walking behind him and slid his arms round Sasuke's neck "why are you still awake?" he asked.

Sasuke shrugged "couldn't sleep" he replied.

Kissing his neck Naruto leaned his chin on his shoulder "you excited?"

"For what?"

Naruto kissed behind Sasuke's ear and moved his hand on Sasuke's chest "come back to bed I need my Sasuke to tuck me in" he whispered.

Sasuke smirked Naruto stepped back standing up Sasuke turned the computer off and pushed Naruto back by his chest "get on the bed" he said.

Naruto moved back and hit the back of his legs on the bed "how?"

Sasuke stepped closer "get on all fours" Sasuke demanded Naruto grinned and crawled on top of the bed giving a small wiggle with his bum Naruto looked over his shoulder. Kneeling on the bed Sasuke pressed his body to Naruto's as they crouched in the middle of the bed.

Naruto leaned against Sasuke "love you"

Sasuke kissed Naruto's head "love you too Kitsune" Naruto looked up and kissed him on the lips rolling them both over Naruto wrapped his legs round his waist "Fuck me" he moaned.


Tobi put the flowers down on the three graves in a line. Madara and Izuna was next to each other as Obito was in front "Master Tobi" a man with short blonde hair walked behind him "Are you ready to leave?" he asked.

Tobi clutched a ring in his hand "Yes" he said.

The man opened the car door and Tobi got in and the man shut the door behind him Tobi sighed 'now it's finally over' he looked out the window "Tobi is a good boy" a voice said.

Tobi looked over at him "Shisui" he said.

Shisui slid his hand behind Tobi's neck "were the only ones left"


Itachi opened the door as Deidara looked up "Policeman Uchiha" he said. Deidara smiled and stood up from the bench and walked up to him sliding his arms round Itachi's neck and kissed him "so the last test is done right and you'll be an official man of the law"

Deidara tilted his head to the side so Itachi could kiss down his neck "an Uchiha in the force I don't think that's ever been heard of" Itachi kissed him.

Deidara slid one of his arms down the back of his body "yeah no naughty business Mr Uchiha or I might have to use force" he said grinding his body against him and tapped his husbands nose.

Itachi sucked his finger into his mouth releasing it with a pop "I don't think that would necessary" he grinned inhaling in Deidara's scent and kissed him.


"I've never been on a Yakuza man on man wedding before" Haku held onto Hidan's arm.

"Course you haven't" Hidan said.

Kakazu walked behind them with Zabusa next to him "it's definitely packed" Zabusa said looking around. Kakazu snorted "they're the Uchiha remember"

"You're walking to fast" Kiba walked with Akamaru as Shino held his hand.

"Haku looked over his shoulder "if you wasn't walking so slow" Haku answered.

"Guys" Naruto called waving.

Haku smiled "Naru-chan" he waved letting go of Hidan's arm and walked over towards him and hugged him.

"I can't believe you made it" Naruto said pulling away.

"I told you we would" Haku said.

Naruto looked behind him "I see your date is Hidan" he chuckled.

"Hey I am a perfect gentleman" Hidan said.

Naruto giggled and covered his mouth "come on lets go"


The garden was packed the flowery archway was at the end of the makeshift aisle at the side of the garden where a red carpet lead up to the house. Sasuke, Naruto, Sai, Deanna, Deidara and Itachi sat in the first row. Kakashi, Iruka, Tsunade and Jiraiya sat in the second and the rest of the guests sat behind them.

Fugaku and Minato stood at the front they both wore dress Kimono's they were both black with different designs on them.

"Welcome everybody" the guy at the front said.

Minato and Fugaku have shared the joys, blessings, and yes, the challenges, of married life for 20 years. And, today you wish to reconfirm your commitment to working together to make your marriage grow and blossom in the years to come. May this ceremony, renewing the vows you took to become committed on your wedding day, remind you that despite the stresses inevitable in every life, your love, respect, trust and understanding of each other will continue to increase your contentment and heighten your joy in living"

"Please join hands" Minato and Fugaku did as they were told looking at each other in the eyes.

"Fugaku will you continue to have Minato as your husband and continue to live in this marriage?" he asked.

"I will" Fugaku replied

"Do you reaffirm your love for him, and will you love, honour and cherish him in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, for better for worse, and forsaking all others, be faithful to him as long as you both shall live?"

"I do"

They exchanged their wedding rings again and repeated the actions the guy in front of continued "Fugaku and Minato, today you have renewed the promises and vows you made to each other on your wedding day. You have symbolized the renewal of the marriage union by the joining of hands, the taking of vows, and by the wearing of your wedding rings" he explained.

Minato hugged Naruto "I think 20 years is a good time to renew my vowels" Naruto smiled up at Minato.

Minato kissed his cheek "you'll be next"

Naruto rolled his eyes "I'm only 20 Dad I got another few years yet" he smiled.

Sasuke stood behind him and pulled him against his body kissing the back of his head "love you" he whispered Naruto grinned leaning his head on Sasuke's shoulder "turn around" he said letting him go and kneeled in front of him.

Minato licked his lips as Naruto turned round his eyes widened "Naruto marry me" he said.

Naruto bit his lip "I'm flattered Sasuke but no" Minato's eye brows raised.

Sasuke gulped "what?" he asked standing up.

"I don't want to get married" Naruto stated.

"Ever" Sasuke asked.

Naruto giggled "maybe in few years"

Sasuke frowned licking his bottom lip.

Naruto smiled his sunshine smile "I'm sorry I busted your ego" he laughed.

The rest of the guests laughed along with him.

Sasuke sighed kissing him.

The End

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