This chapter is really... dark. So be prepared. T double plus just to be safe.

We came up behind the house. I looked to Keyla.

"Is this it?" I asked her, she looked at me from her GPS hand held unit, nodding. I saw lights on and I prayed that he was home. I walked into the house and heard the TV on. I was in the kitchen. There was a big black Rottweiler sitting in the kitchen. He looked at me, I looked around for something to distract him with, but when he didn't utter a growl. I relaxed, going over to pet the dog. He enjoyed it. I smiled and moved on. The dog followed me. I rolled my eyes. Oh well.

I crept into the living room, pulling out my bowie knife. I looked over the couch, ready to immobilize him if the monster was there. He wasn't I heard the sink go on somewhere in the house. I ducked back into the kitchen and knelt behind the island. Keyla was waiting outside; Jason's hulking form was against the tree line.

My murderer walked into the kitchen, he faced the stove. I stood up, making sure he could see the bowie knife. I scraped the blade along the surface of the island, marble. I cleared my throat. Mr. Kevord jumped like the little bitch he was and turned around.

All color drained from his face when he saw me. I smiled charmingly at him

"Hello, Mister Kevord. Miss me?" I asked him.

"Impossible, I killed you! I slit your throat open!" He whispered. I glared at him.

"You know what really pisses me off is that you say like you do it every day. Am I just one of many? Or am I the first?" I asked him, walking around the island towards him, the tip of the knife dragging across the marble.

"You're not Monica. You're a long lost twin, something, but you're not her." He told me, trying to convince him. I laughed, smiling a little bigger.

"I would still be dead. But you chose a really bad place to dump me at. You see, Crystal Lake is inhabited by a man named Jason Voorhees, he drowned in the lake when he was eleven. Came back about thirty years later after when his mother was killed. He heard me scream that night and came to see who it was. Unfortunately you were already leaving in your car by the time he got out to the scene. I was bleeding out, about to die when he saw me. Note, my pale skin, see watch." I told him, I brought the knife to my wrist and slit open my vein. I held my arm out.

"See not a drop." I told him. He made a run for it, into the living room, but there was an 'oof' and a thud. I calmly walked into the living room, Kevord was on the ground and Jason towered over him. I walked over to the giant and stood beside him.

"Back to my story, before I was so rudely interrupted. Mister Voorhees here saw that I was actually innocent, so instead of burning my remains like he did with the rest of the people who die at Crystal Lake, he put me in the lake. Unfortunately for you, that lake is cursed. Those who die by the hand of evil and are touched by the waters of the lake, come back from the dead! Now isn't that just grand!" I said, leaving Jason's side and leaning down over Kevord. I smiled, grabbing him by his collar and lifting him up with an impossible strength.

"I'm basically an unkillable, indestructible, angry, intelligent zombie that's come to torment you and kill you." I told him. I looked to Jason.

"Can you keep him still until I can find some rope?" I asked Jason, the giant nodded and took Kevord from me. I smiled at Kevord tauntingly.

"I takei t you have a shed." I told him and left through the kitchen door, Keyla stood there on the deck.

"You done?" She asked, I laughed, smiling.

"I haven't even gotten started yet." I told her. She took a small step back from me. I walked out to the shed and opened the door. There was a loud bang and a flash of light and I went flying backwards. I groaned.

"Oh my God! Are you okay Monica!" I stood up, realizing I had just been shot by a freaking shot gun, the bastard had the place booby trapped. I growled and stood up. My favorite shirt, ruined. Keyla came running. I looked at her.

"Stay where you are!" I told her. She froze about fifteen feet away from me.

"Go tell them I'm fine." I told her. She nodded and she went back to the house. I went in inside the shed, I slid my feet as I walked, trying not to set off any more traps. I felt a string with my ankle. I bent down and cut the string with the knife. I looked around the shed for the rope and saw some hanging up on the wall. I smiled, grabbed it and left the shed.

I walked back into the house, glaring at Greg. He saw the condition my shirt was in, he was basically panting. I looked to Jason and nodded. Jason grabbed Kevord's arm and bent it the wrong way. The snap made even me wince.

I went into the kitchen and grabbed a chair, I slammed it down on the floor in the living room, and motioned for Jason to sit him down. He followed and threw Kevord in the chair. I smiled and wrapped the rope around Kevord's hands and pulled it tight. I cut the rope and then bound his feet, I made sure his torso was left free. I sat up on the back of the leather brown couch, studying my knife. I looked to Jason.

"I really, really like this knife Jason, is this just a loaner or do I have the pleasure of keeping it?" I asked him.

You can keep it. His voice whispered in my mind, I found that because we were alike we had a mental connection. I looked back at Kevord, smiling maniacally.

"I get to keep this and remember all the lovely times we're going to have together! That makes me so happy! Hey Jason, do you mind going into the kitchen, look for some syringes and glass. When you find them, come get me." I told him. Tears fell down Kevord's face. Rage made my blood boil, I stepped off the couch and back handed him across the face.

"You don't have the right to cry you disgusting low life. I cried, I pleaded, and I begged. I even screamed for you to stop to leave me alone, to take me home. You never did. Yes you did drug me, I didn't feel a thing, but you're still going to die for what you did for me. And you're going to scream like a bitch until you take your last breathe. I had that girl that came in here look for rape homicides that had the same details as my own death. There were thirty all along the east coast. You've been a busy man." I said low and quiet.

I looked up as Jason came back in. He gestured for me to follow him. I smiled at Kevord and I reared back and put a cut on his cheek.

"I'll be back, bitch." I said, following Jason into the kitchen. I saw crystal glasses and the syringes I had asked for I smiled, grabbing one and throwing it on the ground. I picked up the shattered pieces and took my own knife, breaking the glasses more. I took the blade of the knife and ground the crystal shards into a powder. I took another glass and gathered the powder into the glass using my knife. I turned on the water and filled the glass up. I took the syringe and pulled some of the crystal water into the syringe.

I walked back into the living room and stopped in front of Kevord. He looked up at me. I smiled evilly, pressing on the plunger a little, making the concoction squirt out some.

"What's the point of drugging me if you're going to torment me you stupid bitch." He spat, jerking in his chair, only to cry out when his broken arm moved. I laughed, tossing my head back.

"This isn't a pain killer. This is a pain enhancer. I took one of your crystal glasses, broke it, took the shards and grinded them up into a very fine powder. I then took it and mixed it with water so I could inject it into your blood stream! Isn't that wonderful! You really choose a sick puppy this time. And this sick puppy remembered your name and face! Damn! You're luck sucks. What, did you lose a rabbit's foot?*" I asked him, bending down and injecting the 'pain enhancer' into his neck. He started screaming again in about two minutes.

"Yeah it hurts doesn't it?" I said louder than his screaming.

"It's going to put you through hell and tear the fuck out of your organs! So even if you manage to survive my torture, you aren't going to live. You'll die of organ failure!" I told him. He glared at me through his pain and tears. I smiled, laughing.

"What do you prefer, wine or bourbon?" I asked him.,

"Go to hell bitch!" He yelled. I knit my eye brows.

"Oh come now, just tell me. I might agree with you!" I replied. He glared and panted in pain, giving miniscule screams through his teeth. I looked to Jason.

"Looks like we'll just have to search the house." I told him. Keyla perked up from petting the dog.

"Ooh! Can I help Jason!?" She asked I smiled, looking to Kevord smiling. I cut his forehead and ripped his shirt open, cutting his chest and stomach. He fought more screams. I smiled deviously. I left the room, going into the kitchen, opening his cabinets, throwing everything out one by one. I loved the sharp breaking noises. I looked around and saw a door on the ground. I smiled.

"I found a cellar!" I called and went over to it, I jumped down and turned on the light. I was surrounded by wine bottles.

"So they say that the older a wine is the better. Hmm, interesting." I called out again. I pulled out a few wine bottles, looking for a good year.

"Ah! 1776 The year America declared independence from the crown . Here's to treason!" I said walking up the steps. I opened the bottle and took a quick swig, it might piss Jason off, but I had never had good wine before. Coming into the living room I smiled at Kevord again. He glared at me.

"You're a psycho bitch." He hissed. I smiled, pressing my hand to my chest in flattery.

"Why thank you! That's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me! Here have some wine." I told him, dumping the contents of the bottle on his exposed and bleeding chest. He screamed terribly. I smiled. I pulled the bottle over my head and broke it on his own, knocking him out momentarily.

*It's said in lore that if you have a rabbit's foot, you'll have good luck, but if you lose it, you'll have bad luck, so much that it'll kill you.

More torture to come!