It had been a year and six months since he last saw her. She meant everything to him and now she was just gone, she went and never came back and instead got married to that stupid boyfriend of hers.

It look 6 months for his bullet wound to heal leaving its mark with a scar that constantly reminded him of her, his leg had never felt the same since but he was able to do training and combat still.

But now he was sat at home because of preset events that had happened.

He'd been training the latest set of recruits which was going well for the first 2 weeks, they were all showing great promise of passing only four of them had ended their training but the ringing of the bell.

During the SERE training Jack was beating and torturing the men like he did before when one man had anger issues which Jack decided to test which ended up with Jack taking it too far a per usual and the man breaking his good leg, meaning now Jack was sat at home for the next 7 weeks doing nothing but laying around on his own and doing nothing and seeing no one.

But now it was just torture for him he was left with his thoughts of Jordan O'Neil constantly on his mind.

He didn't mean to fall for her, the last time he loved someone his heart felt as if it had been stomped on. Ever since then he vowed he would never allow another woman to have the chance to do that to him, but he'd fallen for her throughout the training and he knew that he had when she saved him after he was shot.

He never meant to and he could never have her. He couldn't understand why she didn't come back she was a brilliant marine and a beautiful woman, instead she left and got married which is the full reason why he couldn't have her, because he knew she was in love with someone else. He felt like a total pussy for being so hung up on a woman for a year and a half and knowing she didn't feel the same.

As he was lost him his thoughts he didn't realise that someone was knocking or should he say banging on his door.

He wanted just for another moment when he heard the door go once more, he hopped towards the door seeing no point of getting his crutches as it would only take him longer to get to the door.

Whoever was behind the door was clearly getting impatient as they continued to knock more and louder pissing him off a little.

"Alright! Alright! Give me a chance to get to the damn door will you" He shouted as he got the keys and opened the door to be greeted with the last person he expected to be there standing at his door.

"Well if you answered quicker instead of leaving me here rattling on your door for 5 minutes I wouldn't be trying to break it down Chief" she said smirking up at him.

He couldn't believe she was here, standing on his door step smiling up at him.

"Jordan?" He said in disbelief.