The Fifth Guardian

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There is a legend.

There is a legend among the Digital World.

When the guardians were created, they decided to pick a digidestined for another one to protect the world.

The first one was perfect, nice and caring enough to watch and interfere when needed, but no other time. He was the only digidestined.

He failed.

The responsibility was too much for him and with no help to turn to he died.

The guardians were ashamed for not interfering, and brought him back, not as a human, or a digimon, but as a part of both.

His name: Gennai.

The guardians chose yet digidestined, to become guardian with four others, the original team. They came and defeated the evil that threatened the digital world. At the end, they choose who they thought who was going to be the best guardian.

Once again, they failed.

This one was too greedy, and after only a short time was banished from the digital world forever.

The guardians were ashamed now, two have failed, they decided to try one more time, this time choosing the group, and then the destined to be left behind, but only when there's a threat to both the real world and the digital world.

Now there's a new evil threatening the digital world and the real world, and it's time to choose a new group of digidestined.

And a new guardian…

To be continued…


Pretty short, I plan to try to make it longer in later chapters, depends on how many reviews I get to continue on with the series. It's going to be a lot like the 01 and 02 seasons storyline, but with different twists in it. So, please read and review.