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It was 1:24 AM when the Avengers got back. Loki was still awake, but the videos were over. He frowned when he saw everyone walk back in.

"Why were you guys gone for so long? It doesn't take 10 hours to eat!" Loki shouted angrily.

"We didn't eat the whole time stupid! We went to a party at my place after we were done," Tony explained.

"For 10 hours?" Loki asked in disbelief.

"Well yeah! You think we wanna stay here while Fred and The Annoying Orange are playing?" Tony laughed. "I think not."

"Man, that was some good pizza," Natasha commented.

"Did you bring me any?" Loki asked sarcastically, knowing the answer was no.

"Actually, we did!" Steve answered.

Loki brightened up and said, "Really?"

"No," Thor replied.

Loki glared at them as they all laughed.

"You bitches! You'll be sorry for this someday!" Loki threatened.

"Ooh, we're really scared," Clint joked.

"So... what's the next punishment for Loki?" Thor asked.

"Hm, I'm not sure yet. I don't think any of us really planned anything after this," Tony stated.

"Haven't you already punished me enough? You made my so called "brother" tickle me and then you forced me to watch those dreaded videos! I can't even sleep now! Every time I start to dose off I get plagued by nightmares!" Loki snapped. Everyone could tell he was tired because of how red his eyes were. Thor even felt a little sympathy for him.

"Hey, that gives me an idea!" Natasha suddenly said with a snap of her fingers.

"What?" Bruce asked.

Natasha grinned as she began to explain. "We'll do things to make him really sleepy, like playing soft music and stuff like that. Then once he's asleep, maybe Thor can use some of his magic to make Loki stay asleep for several hours. That way he'll be forced to have nightmares because he won't be able to wake up when he wants to!" Everyone agreed on that plan.

"No! You can't do that to me!" Loki yelled in a panicky tone.

They ignored him and devised their plan further. "Okay, I'll get my iPod and play some music for him," Natasha volunteered.

"And I'll go in the cell and wait for Loki to fall asleep so I can use my magic on him," Thor said.

"Great! Let's get started!" Tony said eagerly.

Thor and Natasha opened the cell and went in. Natasha went to the songs on her iPod and chose one called "Roxanne (Love Theme)". She turned the volume up and put it by Loki's ear.

Beautiful soft music started playing and Loki freaked out. "No! Turn this off! It's too pretty..." He complained as he yawned and started to close his eyes.

"Yes! It's working!" Steve cheered.

"Shut up you dumbass!" Clint whisper-yelled as he elbowed Steve.

"Oh right. Sorry," Steve whispered.

The music continued as Loki got sleepier and sleepier. "No. I must... stay..." He yawned a final time before saying, "Awake." He closed his eyes all the way and started snoring lightly.

"He's asleep! Use your magic now Thor!" Natasha whispered as she turned the music off.

Thor waved his hands over Loki and a bunch of sparkles appeared. They landed on Loki's face and then disappeared.

"Okay it's done! He'll stay asleep until 11:00 AM no matter how much he tries to wake himself up," Thor explained.

"Awesome! Now we can all get some sleep too since we don't have to hear him yelling all night," Natasha added as she and Thor exited the cell.

"Well goodnight everyone," Bruce called out as he headed to his room.

"Yep. See you all in the morning," Steve said as he started to leave.

Loki was already starting to have nightmares. He moved around in his sleep murmuring, "No Fred! I don't want you to cut my beautiful hair! NO!"

Everyone laughed before going to their rooms.

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The song that Natasha played for Loki is called "Roxanne (Love Theme)". Stupid FanFiction won't let me post links even without spaces, but if you go to YouTube and type in "megamind soundtrack roxanne love theme" it'll be one of the first options. The thumbnail has a sunset on it. It's a really beautiful song!

And the video Loki is referring to in his nightmare is "Fred Gets a Haircut". This one is also on YouTube. Watch it if you can stand the annoying-ness. lol

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