Greetings Korra fandom! Welcome to a fanfiction about the second generation Gaang! So, some of these might be au (For example if Tenzin had stayed with Lin) most of them will be when they're kids/teens some might be when they're adults. Most will be funny, some sad others romantic. The Gaang will be featured in them too. Sometimes they're ages won't be important but I just want you to know Kya is the oldest, she's two years older than Bumi and Ursa (Zuko's daughter) three years older than Tenzin, four years older than Lin and six years older than Iroh (Zuko's son) Lin, Kya and Ursa are best friends, as are Bumi, Tenzin and Iroh. Hope you like them :D
"In which we find Tenzin's first kiss"

"I dare you to kiss Tenzin!" Twelve year old Kya yelled at Lin. Lin was blushing slightly and Ursa laughed.

"No!" She yelled. Don't get her wrong, she wanted too. She'd had a crush on Tenzin for as long as she could remember but that didn't mean she wanted to kiss him on a dare. Ursa raised her eyebrows.

"I thought a Beifong never backed down from a challenge?" Lin glared at her. She stood up and stomped out of the room. Kya and Ursa followed.

"I hate you both" She muttered. They went to the dining room where Tenzin sat. Unfortunately for Lin, he wasn't alone. He was discussing something with Aang, Katara, Sokka and Toph. Great, just great. She thought. Lin walked up to them, bent down to Tenzin's level and planted her lips on his for less than a second. The adults eyes widened, Kya and Ursa laughed, Tenzin was blushing uncontrollably and Lin just walked away.

"…Did my feet just feel what they think they felt?" Toph asked.

"Well, I know my eyes saw what they think they saw" Aang said while chuckling. Tenzin attempted to say something but Sokka cut him off.

"Tenzin's got a girlfriend!" Katara slapped him.

"Sokka! Don't make fun of him, I think it's sweet" Kya and Ursa laughed at Tenzin's discomfort and followed Lin outside.

"I hate you both!" She said again, but she smiled while she said it.

Little Linzin feels :D So, this was freaking short, but others will be longer! I hope… :P