Greetings! Thanks to all the reviewers/alerters/favoriters! Apologies for the delay! But today you'll probably get lots of new chapters, and without further ado, I give you, Pro-bending part three. In this chapter they actually you know… pro-bend. Someone please tell me if the title is proper English
"In Which is Pro-bended"

Kya, Lin and Ursa were on Air Temple Island, their first pro-bending match would begin in an hour and they were all set, there was just the matter of lying to their parents. They'd agreed that Ursa would do the lying seeing as though Toph was there, Lin was a horrible liar and Kya just wasn't as good as Ursa.
"We're gonna go into town for a little while okay?" Ursa said simply.

"Hold on, just what are you three going to do there?" Zuko asked.

"Teenage stuff daddy, you wouldn't understand" The other adults laughed while Zuko fumed.

"I was once a teenager too you know!" He yelled. The girls were already half way to the ferry when Tenzin, Bumi and Iroh stopped them.

"Where are you guys going?" Tenzin asked.

"Out" Kya said.

"To do what?" Bumi inquired.

"Girl stuff!" Kya replied angrily.

"I think you're lying!" Iroh said.

"Let's just tell them the truth, they're not gonna tell out parents" Lin said while eying Tenzin "Right Tenzin?"

"Depends on what it is you're doing!"

"Quiet baldy! 'Course we won't tell, now where are you going?" Bumi insisted.

"We're gonna go pro-bend" Ursa told them.

"Mom and dad said that wasn't allowed!" Tenzin said.

"Yeah, but they're not gonna find out" Kya spoke trough clenched teeth.

"Relax, we won't tell. We are, however, gonna see this match" Bumi said.

"You guys are so gonna get your butts kicked" Iroh laughed, Lin slapped the back of his head. Soon, the six of them were on the ferry, arriving at Republic City. Bumi jumped out before the boat reached the deck which got Tenzin yelling and Lin laughing, Kya shut them up and dragged Lin and Ursa to the arena with the boys walking behind them. When they arrived Kya turned to them.

"Alright, you three go find seats and try to act normal, we're going to change"

"No promises on the acting normal" Bumi said. Ursa giggled and kissed him on the lips.

"Bye Boom-Boom"

"Bye babe, good luck" Tenzin walked up to Lin and cleared his throat.

"I'd um… like to wish you good luck as well… Lin" He said while blushing.

"Right, you gonna kiss me or not?" Tenzin was as red as a tomato now.

"Uh, I well… I um…"

"I'll take that as a yes" She grabbed his collar and pulled him down to her height, then planted her lips on his. Kya wiggled her eyebrows at Ursa and Bumi whistled whilst Iroh looked grossed out.

"Bye bye" Lin said and walked inside with Ursa and Kya behind her. Kya was about to say something before Lin muttered; 'Not a word' the other two giggled and continued down the hall.


When inside the boys looked for a place to sit, the place was packed but Bumi spotted a few seats.
"And look at that, right next to cute girls!"

"…Don't you have a girlfriend?" Tenzin asked.

"Oh yeah…"

"Let's still go sit by them!" Iroh said. Once there Bumi wiggled his eyebrows at the girls, they looked at him with a disgusted face and walked away.

"Nice going Bumi" Iroh muttered.


"I still think we should have helmets!" Kya said.

"Ugh no way, I can't risk getting helmet hair on this beautiful piece of art!" Ursa said while flipping her hair.

"So your hair is art now?" Lin asked.

"My hair has always been art!" Lin and Kya laughed while Ursa stared at herself in the mirror.

"My parents did a good job, a really good job" She said, this only made Kya and Lin laugh harder.

"Guys let's go!" Kya said. They walked onto the platform and it started to rise.

"Presenting; the Flying Lemurs!" The announcer said, the crowd cheered, Bumi could be heard over all of the other people "Versus, the Armadillo Bears!" again the crowd cheered, this time Bumi could be heard booing. The girls got into their fighting stances and the referee blew his whistle.

"Ladies and gentlemen what a turnout! Seems like people are really going crazy for this new all girls pro-bending team!" The crowd cheered more.

The earth bender threw a few discs to all three of the girls, Lin and Ursa dodged them but it hit Kya in her stomach and sent her to the second zone. This time, Lin shot discs at the fire bender, who was attacking Ursa, and the earth bender, he noticed it and dodged but the fire bender had been too busy to notice and had gotten knocked all the way to the third zone.

"Ha!" Bumi yelled. "Take that loser! That's my Linny!"

Ursa and the water bender were going head to head now, Ursa kept dodging his attacks but he didn't stop, which was just what she needed. Soon, he'd tire himself out and Ursa would have the perfect opportunity to knock him out. Kya had managed to knock the fire bender out of the ring. By now the water bender had gotten tired of attacking and Ursa made her move, throwing him off of the ring.

"Yeah!" Bumi cheered. "Go Ursa!"

"That's my sister!" Iroh yelled. Tenzin just sat next to them looking bored out of his mind, not that he was really paying attention to what was happening.

The referee blew his whistle, time was up.

"Flying Lemurs win the first round!" He yelled. The earth bender, who was the only one still in the ring, threw his helmet on the ground and cursed at his team mates who returned.

"Ladies and gentlemen that was amazing! The first round goes to the Flying Lemus, will they win the next round? Or will they be brutally defeated?"

The second round begun and the earth bender was mad, I mean he was seriously angry, he threw discs as hard as he could towards all three of the girls, Lin punched all the ones that came her way except for one that her leg, knocking her to the second zone, Kya dodged most of them but one managed to hit her in the stomach and nearly knocked her to the second zone but she kept her stance, Ursa couldn't block them as well as the others, she got hit in the shoulder twice and landed in the third zone. She'd definitely need a healing session with Kya later.

"The Armadillo Bears' Sut" The earth bender "is on a rampage! He's managed to hit all three of the Flying Lemurs!" The announcer exclaimed.

From the third zone Ursa tried attacking the other fire bender (Lee, what an original name) but the pain in her shoulder was too much.

"Are you okay?" Kya yelled while trying to fight off both Sut and the water bender (Taro)

"Yeah, I'm fine!" Ursa yelled back. Lin threw four discs at Lee and he could only dodge one of them, he attacked her and she avoided it, she shot more discs at him and he was knocked out of the ring. Ursa tried to fire bend again and succeeded, she caught Taro by surprise and knocked him to the third zone. Taro made a water whip and knocked Lin out of the ring. Sut attacked Ursa again, she was knocked out of the ring. Bumi could be heard booing loudly. The referee blew his whistle again, signaling that the second round was over.

"The Armadillo Bears win round two! This next round will be exciting folks!"

Now the girls were angry too. They mentally agreed to take Sut out first. At the same time the three of them attacked Sut, but he was fast, only being hit once by Kya, he was knocked to the second zone. Lee and Taro both aimed for Kya. A water whip hit her left side and fire hit her other. She was knocked to the third zone. Ursa bended at Taro and knocked him out of the ring. Lin and Sut were attacking each other like crazy, neither showing mercy for the other while Kya and Ursa attacked Lee. He soon joined Taro in the water. Now it was just Sut and the girls.

Sut growled. He threw discs at each of them but they knew it was coming and dodged. He glared at them. Lin threw discs at him, he broke them. This time he only attacked Kya and Ursa.

"Huh? Why isn't he attacking Lin?" Bumi asked. From the look on Lin's face she was wondering the same thing. Suddenly, Sut stopped attacking Kya and Ursa, then as hard as he could he threw a disc towards Lin. Towards her head. Lin was nearly knocked out of the ring. Her head was bleeding and her arm was dangling off the side of the ring.

"LIN!" Tenzin, who had suddenly started paying attention, yelled. Kya was at Lin's side immediately. Ursa turned to look at them and got hit in her back by Sut, also bringing her to the third zone. The referee blew his whistle.

"FOUL!" He yelled. Sut was disqualified for hitting Lin's head. The girls won by default.

"Now see, if we had helmets…"

"Really Kya? Now? Really?" Lin muttered.


"We are so getting helmets" Lin said, grabbing the bleeding side of her face. "Ow…"

"But helmet hair!" Ursa yelled.

"But brain damage!" Lin yelled back.

"…Good point" The girls went to the changing room and Ursa started cleaning up Lin's wound with her good arm while Kya worked on the other. The boys rushed in, all of them yelling.

"That was so cool! You were all like fwoosh and he was all like ahh-" Iroh said.

"Are you okay how's your head oh spirits I told you this wasn't a good idea! You're bleeding and you're probably in so much pain-" Tenzin.

"And then you were all like bam and they were like nooo!" Iroh continued.

"How's your arm?" Bumi asked Ursa. "And your head?" He asked Lin, he turned to Kya "And your… Uh… I don't think you really got that hurt" Kya hmpfd continued working on Ursa's arm.

Their next match would be in a week. During that time Lin was treated like a princess by Tenzin. He refused to let her walk, always carrying her everywhere, he fed her, he did everything for her and at first it made her angry but later she didn't mind so much, he was being really sweet afterall. It was a bit hard to explain to their parents where all the injuries had come from. ("We uh… got in a fight?) Toph of course knew right away that they were lying, but she chose not to say anything until this blew up in their faces.

Now, I'm still contemplating whether Iroh should be renamed to Hakoda and be Sokka and Suki's (Who are not together anymore) son, he'd the same age as Tenzin and Lin's step brother… So tell me what you think about that. Hope it was worth the wait.