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Walking down the halls of Yagami High School the young freshmen kept to herself. Everyone couldn't help but steal a glance at the beautiful Yakumo Tsukamoto. Everyone thought she was a goddess of the school. Thinking that she could do anything and do it will grace. Of course Yakumo herself didn't like this at all. That fact that her arm was in a cast didn't help. It gave her unwanted attention by many of the boys from almost all the classes in the school. That not only is she beautiful but that she could also kick someone ass. Of course Yakumo would never hurt someone nor did she even possess the strength to do so. Sure she could defend herself but not in the way everyone thinks. Thanks to the local news Yakumo was seen as a hero. The story was that she single handily took down a wanted murderer who was armed. But Yakumo didn't do any of that. She couldn't give the news the full story because the trouble it would get him in. The one person she grew feelings for.

His name was Kenji Harima and Yakumo Tsukamoto was in love with him. Normally Harima would steer clear of people like Harima. It was a surprise that he made his own year and got into classroom 2C. The rumor was that he forced himself into the teacher's room and forced them to pass him. But something was different about Harima. Her picture of Harima at the beginning of the school year was a nothing but a thug. But that wasn't until she saw a whole another side to him last month…

One Month ago

Yakumo was walking home from the store after school. It was getting late because she had fallen asleep again. Sarah was the person who normally woke her up but she wasn't there today. As she walked down the side walk she enjoyed the peace and quiet. No one thought's to read but her own. It gave her a heads up on why boys talk to her. It also caused her to be quieter and reserve. She didn't have anyone she really had feelings for at the moment. A lot of the guys that ask her out are really handsome guys. But Yakumo didn't feel anything for them nor did she want to. Seeing their true intentions really gave her the edge. But the thoughts of others really did wear on Yakumo. It made her very tried and by the days end she was drained. Once Yakumo sat down or rest her head she was out. Before Sarah came it was a really a big problem.

Then suddenly something catches Yakumo's attention. There is someone following her, she looks over her shoulder and sees no one. She could feel someone's thoughts and they weren't very clean. Not wasting time she walks faster. But this person was still following her and to protect her sister she didn't go straight home. Hopefully she could find a police officer on patrol. "Where do I go? If I don't find someone soon…" Yakumo felt someone's hand on her shoulder.

"Why don't you come with me little girl haha!" the man said. Yakumo slaps his hand away and jumps forward. She turns around to see a man in a black hoodie and stood at least 5.10ft tall. "Oh we got fighter here…I like that." He says moving forward.

Yakumo saw his thoughts and dodged a grab. She did this for a couple of seconds and she then realizes she running out of room. The man removed his hood "Damn it! You're making me angry!" he says this time throwing a punch. No time to dodge, Yakumo puts up her hands and blokes the punch. But it sends her into the air and she hits the ground hard. She looked up and saw his face, and she had seen his face before! Once she knew it send a chilling fear down her spine. He was a wanted criminal for murdering some family out of town.

Yakumo began sliding towards the wall, her arm seem to be broken. The tears begin to flow, and the thought of dying now was too much for Yakumo.

"I'm going to enjoy…" He was cut off when a foot met his face. It sends the man into the wall.

"Damn it! How many perverts live in this town!"

Yakumo opened her eyes to see a Police officer standing in front of her.

"I'll come quietly officer!" The other man says getting back up. He puts his hands up.

The Police officer seems somewhat thrown off "Oh really…uhhh alright…" the officer says.

Yakumo looked closer at the officer and notice he didn't have anything on him. No Gun, No baton, not even handcuffs. Which begged the question "Is this guy really a police?" she thought. Her eyes fell on the other man. What she saw made her heart stop.

"That's it Officer Come a little closer so I could slice your neck open and have my way with the girl." His thought said.

The officer moved closer "HE HAS A KNIFE!" Yakumo yells.

This catches both of them off guard, but the officer kicks him in the head again. The kick seems to of knock out the man. The officer kicks the knife away and double checks to see if he's really out. After giving him a couple kicks he turns to Yakumo "He's out this time…" he says.

The Office was very tall about 6ft. She then notices something about him. He was wearing sunglasses and that really rings a bell. He leans next to Yakumo "If you didn't say something about the knife I would of got it really good haha are you alright?" he asks. His voice was firm but caring. It Send the message that he was really concern.

"No…my arm it really hurts." She says holding up her right hand. It was the one that took more of the impact from the punch. He lifts his hat a bit more and takes a look.

"Looks broken…" He says.

Then Yakumo knew who he was "Your Harima right?" She says.

Harima jumps back "Uhhh…No…I'm…I'm a normal Police officer on patrol!" he says starting to sweat. Harima had just save Tenma from another perv just a couple of minutes ago so he was still in the Police disguise. He just happened to be in the area when he saw Yakumo in trouble. Harima wasn't the kind of man to sit back and watch a woman in danger.

"Your Harima we go to the same school." Yakumo says. So many questions were going through her head. Why was posing as a Police and why did he help her? Harima wasn't known for his kindness or caring nature. So this was a big surprise to Yakumo.

Harima would of turn and ran but he saw she was hurt. "Alright you got me! I just happened to be in the area. I couldn't sit back and let that man have his way with you. And don't ask me why I'm posing as a police officer because that's none of your business." He says picking her up. He tosses the police hat away along with the shirt.

They had never met before and the only reason she knew his name was because Tenma had mention him just the other day. She said that it was odd to see him around every day. They also sit next to each other. At first she only felt bad vibes from him. But now something was different but she couldn't put her finger on it.

"By the way you didn't see me in that police outfit. If that got out it would most likely get me arrested." Harima says as they came up on the Hospital.

"Why are you helping me?" Yakumo asks.

"Like I said I was in the area. Plus I don't think a woman should be treated like toys. So don't get the wrong idea. I don't know who you are nor do I care. But like I said…no women should be subjected to such disgrace by a man." Harima says.

"So you pose as a police to save people like some super hero?" Yakumo asks a bit confused.

Harima set her down in the waiting room of the hospital "Like I said that's none of your business. But no I don't go around posing as a police officer. It was just a onetime deal. I'm sure you'll be fine from here." He says heading for the door. Harima didn't want to stick around so the cops could question him and take him in.

"T-Thank you…" Yakumo says just as Harima left the room. She was left in confusion on what just happened. She was later seen by a doctor her arm was broken but it could have been worse. They gave her a sling to keep her arm in place. The cops found the murder knock out in the ally. The media was giving Yakumo the credit for knocking the man out.


Since that day Yakumo had kept a close eye on Harima. She notices that he was trying to change who he was. Everyone could tell that Harima was up to something but they were all too scared to ask. Yakumo wonders why he was making the change. But she could see something in him that no one else could. Maybe it was her odd mind reading powers. But Yakumo felt that somewhere deep inside of him there was a good man. Someone trying to find the right path. This was the man Yakumo was in love with. Not the thug but the person under in all. Yakumo knew in time he would show more of that person. But right now he was still getting in some fights and threatening some students. So he was still somewhat of a thug. But she was in love with him.

"You ready to go Yakumo?" Sarah asks.

Yakumo was snaps out of her daydreaming "Yes…" she says putting her books away. Sarah had been one of Yakumo's newest friends. She made sure that Yakumo didn't pass out anywhere like she did before. The two girls made their way out the campus but Yakumo kept an eye out. Seeing him would make her day complete. But this didn't go unnoticed by Sarah "You looking for someone Yakumo?" she asked.

Yakumo jumps a bit and blushes "Uhhh No…it's just…I thought I saw something?" she says looking back again.

"Really like what?"

What Yakumo saw next caused her to panic a bit. "Uhhh I wasn't here!" Yakumo says making a run for the women's restroom. It wasn't Harima but Hanai. The words "I love you" could be seen by Yakumo a mile away.

Sarah was going to call for Yakumo but Hanai came to a screeching stop next to Sarah. He quickly looks around then turns to Sarah "Hello Sarah! I thought I saw Yakumo! Do you know where she is? I can't have her leaving the school without some protection! Not after what happened last month! I Hanai will become Miss Tsukamoto's personal bodyguard!" He yells.

"Uhh she went to…see nurse." Before Sarah could finish Hanai took off back towards the main building.

"Thanks Sarah!" He yells back.

Sarah sighs and walks to the women's restroom. She opens the door "Alright Yakumo he's gone." She says. Yakumo nods and leaves the restroom with Sarah.

"So Yakumo…do you like Hanai or something?" Sarah asks. She was still new to Yagami and almost knew no one but Yakumo.

Yakumo is caught off guard by the question "What? No I don't feel that way about him! It's just he kind of scares me. I mean I don't hate him but I don't like him either." She says blushing.

"Oh ok…it's just I knew some friends back in the UK who would run away from the one they liked. I was just wondering…and since were on the subject do you like anyone?" Sarah asks. At that moment Yakumo's heart began to jump out her chest. There he was. Kenji Harima was riding his motorcycle out the school gates onto the street. "Uhhh Yakumo? Hello?" Sarah says snapping her fingers at Yakumo.

She snaps out of it "Oh…Well…there is one person." Yakumo says.

"Oh do tell!" Sarah says excitedly.

Yakumo only smiles "I'm sorry…but that's my secret." She said. Right now if people found out that Yakumo was in love with Harima. It would cause a lot of trouble from Harima. And right now Yakumo thought Harima didn't need trouble. For now she would watch him from a far.

Or at least that was the plan.