Okay, so, I am graduating from high school (finally) which means I'm finally back for good, and I will do my best to recreate my old stories and such on my new account. I can be found under the new author name AddyBear97

I really hope not everyone has given up hope on me and I really apologize for the trouble I have caused your feels!

So far on my new account, I have Static in the remaking and a few stories from the more recent fandom I have gotten into- Hetalia! I probably wont be reposting or recreating my more unpopular or complete fics though XD but I wont delete this profile for good so you guys can still read what I have up. I LOVE YOU GUYS I SWEAR QAQ AND I FEEL UNBELIEVABLY BAD FOR VANISHING but if I'm completely honest, I was having a real tought time, but I recently got a therapist, and thanks to her, I felt motivated to come back to you all. 3

so please, feel free to come find me on my new account