Heya...I've decided to end the long delay with this quick interlude. This is based on a scene I wanted to include in the upcoming chapter, but decided to remove it because it'd make the chapter bloated and even longer. Like what I did with the premise of 'Dragon Gaiden', this is basically a brief deleted scene extended by a lot, and added on. However, it's not pointless, as some parts of this interlude will tie into some of the next chapter's scenes later. Hope you'll enjoy, and expect the next update sooner rather than later.


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WARNING: This story will contain mature language, sexual themes, and graphic depictions of violence and gore.

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Interlude: What Dreams May Come

Somewhere in a forest

It caught them completely by surprise.

"C'mon! We gotta hurry!" a male voice spoke urgently.

All they could do now was to endure this relentless ambush until they found a way past it.

"Byakugan...there! I found something!" a female voice exclaimed.

"Let's go! You lead the way!"

A blinding flash of lightning flooded a small and empty cave as torrential rain raged unendingly outside the entrance, seemingly forming a curtain of water. An instant later, the loud rumble of thunder crashed through the area.

Two silhouettes came into existence through the 'curtain' for an instant before two completely soaked humans burst through into the cave's interior. The indigo-haired female of the duo stumbled deeper into the natural shelter toward the back, before bracing herself against the rocky wall to catch her breath. Meanwhile, the blond male stopped at the entrance to lean against one side, also catching his breath.

"Damn it...this storm came out of nowhere!" Naruto exclaimed in disbelief as he glanced back outside to observe the torrential rainfall continuing unendingly with no sign of ever letting up for the time being. He couldn't even see more than a meter outside now.

"It's a good thing we found this cave then, Naruto-kun." Hinata panted out as she steadied herself and allowed her Byakugan to deactivate, returning the bulging veins around her pale eyes to normal. Naruto grinned lopsidedly at her.

"No...you found this place, Hinata-chan. I'd be still running around like a chicken with its head cut off without you."

Hinata smiled beautifully at his praise; she loved it when he complimented her on anything, since she knew he was completely sincere. She then shivered violently since it was cold in her soaked clothes, and the cool gusts from the rainstorm outside were blowing into the cave occasionally. Naruto noticed this and frowned.

"You're freezing."

"It's o-o-ok. It's not t-too b-bad." Hinata's teeth was chattering even as she said this. She had the decency to blush under her beloved's disbelieving gaze.

"The hell it's not! I'm gonna fire these up." he retorted as he removed a small scroll from his utility belt to unroll it, unveiling many different storage seals along its length. He put chakra into one of them, revealing a pile of heating coals in a poof of smoke. He then rolled the scroll closed with a snap of his wrist and put it back, before shifting the coals around into a neat pile in preparation.

"Y-y-you c-certainly seem ready for a-a-anything, Naruto-kun." Hinata remarked with a smile, giving up all pretense of acting tough as she hugged herself tightly and huddled close to her boyfriend for any lingering body heat she could get.

"Anko-sensei would kill me if I ever leave home without every possible item that could be used for survival. I actually think there's a kitchen sink in one of these seals." Naruto joked with that grin that made her feel warm, despite the cold and soaked clothes on her. A moment later, his preparation was done so he stood up and gently pushed Hinata behind him in order to safely do this jutsu.

"Katon: Karyūdan (Fire Dragon Bullet)" he whispered as he went through several hand seals and used as little chakra as he could.

A small stream of fire came out of his mouth, quickly heating up the whole cave as he concentrated the stream on the pile of coals. Hinata moaned lowly in relief as she began to warm up just from the sight. A moment later, the firestream stopped leaving behind a pile of red-hot coals radiating comfortable heat and dim lighting throughout the dark cave now.

Naruto sighed as he sat down on his rear end to lean his back against the cave wall near the heat source, and glared in annoyance at the unending rain outside. Hinata quickly sat next to him and cuddled up against him tightly, prompting him to wrap an arm around her almost automatically. Despite the fact they were still in wet clothes, they felt nothing but warmth from each other and the coals.

"Naruto-kun, thank you." she spoke after a long moment of comfortable silence between them.

"It's no problem. I just wish it didn't rain on our first real date in months. Now, it's all screwed up." Naruto grumbled with another glare outside at the torrential rain. They hadn't been able to go on an official date since their training and missions began to pick up lately. While they did see each other often enough and he still visited the Hyuuga clan compound at least a couple times per month, today was their first shot at being truly alone together away from others in a while.

Although she and Ino did go out together with Naruto often and had plenty of fun, there were times when the girls each wanted to be alone with their blond jinchuuriki for at least a short while. Hinata felt today was that day for her, and she had suggested a long hike into the forest just outside Konohagakure, intent on finding a out-of-the-way spot for a picnic when the powerful storm ambushed them a few minutes ago.

Hinata smiled as she rose a hand to brush back some wet hair sticking to her face and gazed up at him in a way that made him take notice.

"Who said this date is over? The way I see it, we still have our sealed picnic food with us that we can eat here, and we're still alone. In fact, I admit I'm pleased that the rain has truly cut us off from the rest of the world for the time being. There should be no interruption." she finished with an impish smirk that sent pleasant chills down Naruto's spine.

"W-we're still s-soaked." he wasn't going to admit he stuttered here.

"That can be easily remedied, my love." Hinata's reply came in an almost sultry whisper.

She then pushed off him gently to rise to her feet and stand over him with a shy smile and half-lidded eyes. Naruto couldn't help but stare up at her in awe. Reaching up with her right hand, she then unzipped her lavender and cream hooded jacket slowly from her collar all the way down, the sound being somehow heard in the cave over the rain beating down just outside.

As if on command when the zipper reached its bottom, the jacket fell wide open to reveal a tight black sleeveless training shirt underneath that did little to hide her mature curves. While her slender waist and wide hips were truly mouthwatering sights to behold, it was her perky pear-shaped high C-cup breasts that immediately captured his gaze completely. They, and the lacy bra enclosing them, were clearly defined even through the damp shirt clinging to every inch of her, and the only bit of information the blonde didn't know about her beautiful mounds at this point was the color of their surely tantalizing tips.

Naruto's mouth went dry as his eyes remained locked on to this wondrous sight, especially when he saw her hardening nipples trying their best to poke all the way through her bra and shirt. He had a good hunch it wasn't because of the cold at this point.

Hinata licked her lips hungrily as she watched her beloved drink all of her in as if he was a thirsty man at a cold oasis in the middle of a large desert. While she had quiet but strong confidence in her appearance now thanks to the man in front of her, she loved getting any physical confirmation that he did in fact truly believe she was one of the most desirable women in the world to him. She had to allow a needful whimper as she squeezed her thighs together when Naruto finally tore his intense gaze from her chest with great difficulty to lock with her flushed and half-lidded expression. She could easily tell he was barely pushing back his desires out of some gentlemanly respect for her.

She didn't want him to hold back this day.

Shrugging the jacket off her delicate shoulders to drop it to the cave's floor with a wet smack, she then rose her hands to her long hair so she could wring out the rainwater still remaining in it. She knew by raising both her arms high that she was pushing her lovely chest out on purpose. She smiled in satisfaction when she glimpsed his uncovered eye snap back seemingly of its own accord to her breasts that stuck out and jiggled slightly as she squeezed her hands down her long length of hair to finally wring out the last of the water.

Now only feeling damp but drying quickly in the coals' heat, she hummed happily as she moved to stand over Naruto's legs before sitting down to effectively straddle him. Her blond boyfriend was too poleaxed by her sexy display a moment ago to even realize her approach until he felt her weight settle comfortably on his lap and his hands automatically moved to grip her hips lightly. She cooed happily at this, fully snapping Naruto out of his shock to lock his intense gaze with her smoldering pale eyes.

"H-hinata-chan…" he growled softly, torn between his instincts and respect for her purity. Hinata smiled assuredly, before leaning forward to press her large chest tightly up against his and wrap her arms around his neck. She then kissed the corner of his lip lingeringly, before moving her head to whisper into his right ear.

"Naruto-kun...I love you, and I need you."

He let out a passionate exhale against her own ear, and his hands possessively squeezed her hips tightly. Hinata gasped and shuddered blissfully at the hot air blowing over her sensitive earlobe.

"I love you too, Hinata-chan." he whispered back, his tone dripping with desire.

Hinata pulled back to lock her intense gaze with his own. Slowly, she moved her left hand up to run it through his damp hair, turning it into a sexy mess that nearly made her lose all coherent thoughts at the sight. Meanwhile, her right hand moved up to his covered left eye and delicately peeled off his eyepatch, revealing the ice-blue Sharingan underneath. She gasped in an intake of breath as she watched this beautiful eye, glowing slightly in the dim lighting, scan every inch of her before focusing on her pale eyes unflinchingly. She knew he would forever burn whatever happened now into his memory, never to be forgotten for the rest of his life. She bit her bottom lip sensually at that thought.

This visage of perfection was too much for Naruto to take so he quickly leaned forward to capture her lips in a fiery kiss as he wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her in tightly against him.

She moaned loudly while running both hands through his wet hair, and began to uncontrollably grind her pelvis firmly against what felt like a growing steel rod in her lover's pants. He let out a rumbling groan into their liplock at her movement, turning her on even more with her hands now repeatedly clutching and clawing wildly all over his upper back in sheer bliss while their tongues re-familiarized themselves with each other once more.

They had no idea how long the heated liplock went on, but they had to break apart only because they needed air. Hinata touched her forehead to his, panting heavily as she slowed her rolling pelvis down to a crawl, making for a pleasant torture for both.

"You're overdressed and still soaked, Naruto-kun." she observed hotly as she leaned back from him to hurriedly undo his jacket's collar clasp, and pulled down the zipper hiding behind it. Inch by glorious inch, Naruto's firm muscles were revealed to her, covered only by a tight muscle shirt and mesh armor. Naruto was smirking as he watched his girlfriend take in all of her treasure with unbridled delight in her lavender-tinted eyes, before gasping slightly upon feeling her delicate fingers sneak in under the hem of his shirt to work their way up his abs.

"I've been wanting to kiss and rub all over you for so long." Hinata whispered reverently as she continued to feel all over his torso, raising his shirt the higher her hands moved. Naruto decided to help her out by getting out of his jacket and lifting his arms to allow her to pull his shirt and mesh armor all the way off, fully exposing his entire torso to her.

She grinned wide as she leaned forward to begin kissing, licking, and rubbing excitedly all over his exposed skin. The blonde leaned back against the wall with a low moan as he allowed her full access to his torso for a few long minutes. The needful whimpers and moans she emitted and the burning lust in her eyes as she licked enticingly around his nipples at one point were almost enough for him to just roll her onto her back and take her now, but he barely held back. The way her frantic ministrations left what felt like trails of tingling heat all over wasn't helping, though.

He had to let out a surprised gasp as she seemed to finish her intimate exploration of his torso with a hard nip on his left collarbone that sent jolts of pleasure throughout his entire body. He finally responded by sliding his hands around her hips to grab two handfuls of her delectable rear end. She snapped her head up toward the cave's ceiling to squeal joyously at the sudden sensation, before her lips immediately slammed against his in a bruising kiss with their tongues battling, with Naruto winning easily and eliciting happy moans from her. Finally after a few minutes, she stopped and leaned back to stare at him with a completely flushed face as he continued to squeeze and knead her firm globes of flesh. She desperately needed more.

"You're not the only one who's been waiting." he finally spoke in a husky voice with a lopsided smirk that would've made Hinata's knees buckle if she wasn't already straddling him. For the first time so far in this session, she blushed heatedly. She was now realizing she had shown so much of herself to him in such a short amount of time, and was more than ready to go even further in a moment. However, she couldn't help but tremble in happiness and anticipation now, instead of nervousness.

She reached down to grip the front hem of her tight training shirt with both hands. Naruto's calloused hands leaving her rear end to sneak under her shirt and come to rest on the curves of her waist stopped her for the moment; she couldn't help being blissfully distracted by the two sources of heat on her sides.

"Here...let me help." he whispered seductively with his gaze burning into her pale eyes. Hinata moaned as her pelvis gave one more uncontrollable lurch against that hot steel rod still stubbornly hiding in his pants, and she squeezed her thighs against his legs even tighter.

"Naruto-kun, you're making me feel so good..." she cooed, unable to comprehend just how much better she was going to feel in a short while. He gave her that confident foxy smirk that she loved so much, before leaning forward to kiss her lovingly and softly for what seemed like eternity, completely unlike the last two passion-filled liplocks. She thought she loved him with all she had before this moment, but she was proven quite wrong as the raw emotions roaring within her reached unbelievable new heights.

He then broke off the kiss and nuzzled his whiskered cheek against her own.

"You're ready?" he whispered gently into her ear, making her shudder violently with a whimper. She felt like she was going to go over the edge any minute.

"Yes...oh god, yes!" she squealed lowly as she began to shakily lift her shirt up with help from her boyfriend's hands.

Inch by tantalizing inch, her smooth and toned stomach with its perfectly formed navel came into view, eliciting a sharp exhale from Naruto as he stared down at her beautiful unblemished skin still being unveiled agonizingly slow. Hinata's breathing refused to stop hitching the more Naruto's scorching hot hands moved up her sides with her shirt's rising hem. She was already sweating from the coals and the delicious heat building up inside her entire body, and the damp fabric was clinging desperately to her skin especially around her breasts. She almost came right there when the very tips of his thumbs brushed lightly against the extremely sensitive undersides of her large mounds.

Naruto could now see the bottom of her damp violet-colored lacy bra peeking out from under the shirt, and felt like he was going to drool any second now.

At this point, Hinata stopped; not because of hesitation, but because she wanted to make sure her attention was completely focused on Naruto's hungry expression for his reaction. After a brief exchange of eager gazes and one second of pause, she closed her eyes, yanked her shirt the rest of the way off, and opened them wide.

A loud exhale of surprise was heard.

But it didn't belong to Naruto.

For she found herself staring up at a wooden ceiling, not a cave's, and her beloved was nowhere to be found.

One morning at the Hyuuga family home

Hinata's bedroom

A young woman's panting filled her bedroom as she stared up disbelievingly at the familiar ceiling that she had woken up to nearly every morning of her life so far. She had no idea how long she laid still in her bed, desperately wishing for this to not be true. That she was actually back in that cave cuddling up with her Naruto in blissful post-coitus mood, and had merely fallen asleep to find herself dreaming of this dreadful existence.

But Hinata knew. This was reality, and she was going to have to once again wait just a while longer for the day she would finally get with her beloved in every single aspect.

Slowly, she forced herself to sit up in bed and stare unblinkingly ahead at the wall in front of her for what felt like eternity. She finally noted the hot dampness inside her pajama bottoms, her panties sticking to her like glue, and she was throbbing dully, feeling completely unfulfilled. She bent her head down slightly so her eyes were shadowed by her bangs, and began to tremble as she gripped her blanket tightly in her hands.

Her cruel subconscious didn't have the grace to at least let her come even just once before waking up!

Flashes of what Naruto was doing to her in the dream went through her mind with total clarity, and the unsatisfied throbbing in her hot core increased. She began to growl, her red-hot rage bubbling within.


In the house's common area


The demonic shriek of utter fury and frustration from Hinata's room sent both Tomoe and Hanabi scrambling under the kitchen table with twin yelps of fear, their breakfast completely forgotten and strewn about. Hiashi was sitting at the head of the table reading a newspaper, seemingly unfazed by his eldest daughter's loud curse. However, closer observation would have revealed that the paper in his hands flickered a slight bit. He cleared his throat.

"It might do us well to stay out of her way this morning." he stated calmly as he carefully folded the newspaper and set it down on the table. He then rose to his feet to stride purposefully into his private study, and closed the door behind him. Tomoe and Hanabi thought they heard the lock click rather loudly.

Meanwhile, the two females rose their heads from under the table to exchange unnerved gazes with each other.

"Um..I-I'll just leave some breakfast here for her. How about a long trip to the park today, sweetie?" Tomoe asked nervously. Hanabi nodded frantically, happy to find any reason to escape her older sister's ire.

Ino's bedroom

Yamanaka Ino gasped loudly and moaned as she was flung onto a large bed, landing sprawled out on her back. She shuddered in pleasure from this slightly rough treatment as she propped herself up on her elbows and stared heatedly up at a shirtless Naruto standing over her with a cocksure grin. Her breath hitched in excitement as she watched both his eyes deliberately search all over her entire body. Only thing preventing her from being completely nude under his exploring gaze was the bandage wrapping up her body from bust to thighs. He had torn the rest of her outfit off while they were making out furiously all the way to her bedroom from the front door, with her legs wrapped tightly around his waist the entire trip.

As he stood at the edge of her bed and continued to stare down at her gorgeous sprawled out body, she whimpered needfully as she reached out with her right foot to rub it up and down against his inner thigh sensually, trying to entice him into further action. He did react when he grabbed her calf suddenly, and yanked her bodily across the bed up to the edge so her pelvis would sit completely flush against his own as he bent forward to hover over her from between her legs, still with that smirk as if he was going to just take whatever he wanted from her. She licked her lips just as greedily.

This was seriously turning her on, having realized she carried some light submissive tendencies and loved it whenever Naruto was assertive with her occasionally.

"You're breathtaking, Ino-chan." Naruto's low growl, filled with amazement and desire, was heavenly music to the blond mind-walker's ears, and she shuddered pleasantly.

"God...you have no idea what you're doing to meee~!" she cried out happily as she squirmed deliciously against his scorching hot body pressing down on her when he leaned down and began to nibble and lick all over her delicate neck and jawline. She squealed, moaned, and clawed at his back frantically as he kept up his ministrations, especially when he slowly ground his hips against her several times. She thought she was going to pass out from the pleasure overload for a minute there.

Finally, he backed off enough to stare at her heaving and flushed face, before suddenly closing in to deliver a soul-searing kiss that made her toes curl, and her legs automatically wrapped tightly around his waist as if they were meant to be there. She secretly cursed the bandage wrapping her hips and the pants still on Naruto for getting in between them.

Just when she was going to lose herself completely to the kiss, he broke off long enough to glance down at the bandage still obscuring her beautiful body from his deserving eyes. As the dazed Ino watched, he brought his right index finger up in front of her face, and her pale blue eyes widened as she noted its fingernail sharpening slightly into a short claw.

"Oh yes...just take whatever you want, Naruto-kun! All of my body belongs to only you!" she squealed as she arched up against his chest, trying to urge him into unwrapping his 'gift' as soon as possible so he could begin making her feel even better than this.

Naruto was only too happy to comply as he kept his intense gaze locked with Ino's while slowly bringing his clawed fingertip down to snag against the top of the bandage covering her chest, ready to cut it open. A flick of his wrist, and her perky high B-cup mounds would be completely exposed for him to do whatever he wanted with them. The rest of the bandage covering her most sacred spot that was currently radiating unbearable heat from between her legs would follow soon after.

Ino almost orgasmed at that thought.

Which was why she was utterly befuddled and unsatisfied when she blinked, and found herself in the same bedroom, but no Naruto over her. Instead, she had been tightly hugging and humping her body pillow rather amorously.

She immediately threw the suspiciously damp pillow across the room with a yell.

The Yamanaka family's kitchen


A sexually-frustrated teenage girl's angry shriek ripped through the house, making Inoichi jolt in his chair and drop his toast to the plate with a plop. Kana took a sip of her coffee with a raised eyebrow.

The parents sat in silence at the breakfast table for a moment to see if there was going to be any follow-up from Ino. When nothing more came, Inoichi put on a concerned expression as he picked his toast back up to chomp on it.

"Should we check on her?"

Kana shook her head in amusement. "I know that sound, and it's best to leave her alone for the moment, darling. That was the angry screech of a young woman still unable to get any from her man who's being too excessively 'respectful' to her purity. I should know, since I remember being that frustrated when you've also been too ignorant to pick up on my obvious signals back then."

Inoichi groaned with a grimace. "I do accept Naruto-kun as our future son-in-law, but I still don't want to know about their sex life, or even the lack of it so far."

Kana smirked. "I figured you'd be happy to know that our daughter's yell of rage just now seems to prove that they most likely haven't done it."

"I'm hearing a very loud 'YET' at the end, hime." her husband muttered, fixing her with a disapproving expression. She grinned wickedly behind her coffee mug.

"It is implied, yes."

"In any case, it's hard to be happy when I'm torn between admiring Naruto-kun for his impressive willpower in the face of what Ino-hime is apparently deciding to be a foregone conclusion in the near future, or wanting to scramble his mind for eventually deflowering my little princess, even if he'd be dragged into that kicking and screaming." he growled with an annoyed sigh.

His lovely wife giggled mischievously.

In Anko's bedroom


An enraged scream shook the room as a beautiful purple-haired woman shot up in her bed after a long night of deep slumber. Anko's reason for waking up so suddenly and yelling like that became obvious when she growled upon realizing she was back in reality.

"Damn that panda bitch...coming out of nowhere and snatching him at the last minute!"

She sighed and whimpered dejectedly, before dropping her head into her hands as she rubbed her thighs together to deal with an uncomfortably damp feeling at the juncture of her legs.

Yugao, in a hastily tied silk robe, slammed the bedroom's door open and barged in, having heard Anko's angry yell. She halted upon seeing her despondent-looking surrogate sister staring back with comicial tear streaks going down her cheeks.

"We were so close with the whipped cream and chocolate fondue! And he was feeding me dango like a queen! My perfect dream...it's not fair!"

Naturally, the still-sleepy older woman was utterly baffled.

Naruto's apartment

A blond man shot up into sitting on his bed, blinking his eyes as he slowly glanced around his room to fully understand the fact he was now back in reality.

"Oh damn it...why did I dream about all of them at the same time?"

He lifted his blanket and scowled down at the throbbing tent in his boxers.

"At least it didn't go too far this time. Damn fox still isn't letting me live down the last time that happened."

As if speaking of a devil, a presence made herself known in his mind, and he certainly could feel a sadistic grin forming on Kurama's beautiful face.

Oh my...another one of these 'dreams', huh? Think I'll have a look now. her gleeful voice spoke in his mind, as if she was ready to pounce on a delicious prey.

Now, now...nothing happened this time, ok? Gimme a break! Naruto exclaimed nervously, not wanting to deal with another round of teasing from his longtime friend. Her evil chuckling got him to groan loudly as he flopped back onto his bed in resignation, awaiting the onslaught.

How daring...you dreamt about all of them together this time! Who knew the little snake could make flower girl bend that way? And I wonder if big tits is actually a voyeur like in this dream? No way anyone could have the Byakugan without some peeping habits to go with it.

Oi...these are my girlfriends and sensei you're talking about. Naruto thought tiredly, knowing there was no stopping her.

That aside… she completely ignored his complaint. These three females I was expecting, but that's quite an interesting twist.

Naruto averted his eyes as she finally mentioned the fourth girl involved in his…dream.

The sand girl is a surprising but understandable addition, but I'm curious as to why you were dreaming about her being wrapped up in a long scarf that she apparently knit herself. Kurama had to chuckle as soon as she mentioned the scarf, and Naruto felt he couldn't blush any deeper than this moment.

While I'll admit that part was rather erotic with her looking like she'd been giftwrapped to you, I have to say I'm surprised at how possessive your subconscious apparently is. That phrase 'Property of Uzumaki Naruto' repeating down the entire length of her scarf...really?

I have no idea why it's there. It's just my mind fucking with me, ok? Nothing to take seriously. Now, please drop this? Naruto was desperately trying to get this topic over with. He could feel his tenant smirk from inside, and grimaced. Nothing good ever came of that expression.

I suppose I'll drop this and let you off … he blinked at her unusually kind gesture, only for his fledging hopes to be crushed in the next instant.

...at least till later tonight! Be ready for some in-depth discussions on the meaning of why each of these females appeared in your erotic dream! her sinister grin was growing wide across her face as she stated this, much to Naruto's growing despair.

Um...I'm a healthy red-blooded teenage male, that's why? he retorted weakly, hoping that was the correct answer to end the topic right there.

Nuh uh...I'm going to help analyze every detail of this using teachings from a certain famous psychologist... Sigmund Freud.

The unfortunate jinchuuriki had no idea why, but he had a good hunch upon hearing that name that he was in for a lot of mental scarring soon enough.


Why the hell did his mother suddenly come to mind out of nowhere just now?

(Not really an omake, but everyone loves omakes so I say this is an omake!)

Omake: Temari gets lucky

Early morning in Suna

"Mmmmh!" a beautiful young woman, with thick dirty blond hair sticking out everywhere from bedhead, moaned blissfully as she stretched sensually in her bed. Yawning and smacking her lips, Temari couldn't help but smile wide and sighed happily, despite the morning light intruding into her room now. She stretched one more time, before finally rolling out of her bed to stand in a somewhat revealing but tasteful light green babydoll that went down to her mid-thighs.

"I'm feeling great this morning! Must've been that dream I had." she exclaimed quietly as she did some light stretching to get herself nice and limber for the day. After finishing, a practically glowing Temari straightened up as she fiddled with her hands, and blushed deeply with a bashful smile growing across her face.

"And what a dream that was...I'm amazed I didn't wake up through all of that. Good thing I don't wear panties to bed often." she muttered to herself quietly, blushing deeper as she briefly reached a hand under her babydoll to feel some slight stickiness around her pleasantly thrumming core.

She glanced sideways at her dresser, its top literally overflowing with her still-growing collection of knitted dolls. She moved over so she could lean in closer to her most prized doll; a small orange-clad blond-haired human doll with dark blue knots for eyes and a black string for its smile. A simplistic imitation of a certain person that, even after only knowing him for a few hours, still left a very strong impression on her, even after many years later.

"You naughty, handsome, and rather skilled man...what were you doing in my dream just now? Not that I actually minded as long as no one else knows about this." she whispered with a smirk as she playfully poked the Naruto doll on its 'nose'. She then frowned lightly.

"Though why did I show up wrapped in a long scarf? You should also know I'm no one's property, too!" she continued frowning for a moment, before grinning wide and blushing stark red. "Though that didn't stop you in the dream, did it?"

Chuckling as she finished her little playtime, she collected several clothings from the dresser before going into her attached ensuite, sensually swaying her hips and humming a happy tune the whole way. It felt to her like today was going to be a great day.

Poor everyone, except for Temari. She apparently got to the 'finish line' just dandy while the others crashed and burned. :-)

What I did with Hinata and Ino's dreams were an experimentation in writing some semi-intimate scenes...I guess some would call them limes? So If anyone has an opinion about how I wrote these parts, or that I suck, please let me know.

I didn't go into as much details with Ino and Anko (actually almost nothing with her) as I did with Hinata's dream. I figured after the first 'revelation' that it was a dream, the others would be boring to read in details so I just skimmed on them.

Hope you enjoyed this little interlude. I'll say that this is not a total junk chapter...this will have a minor impact on some scenes in the next chapter that I'm still writing. I just wanted to give you something now, while I'm still writing and tweaking the actual chapter to be posted soon.