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The Safe House Chapter 5: The Only Exception

I wandered round the house a few times getting used to the feeling and such. It was nice, old yet beautifully kept even if some of the paint was chipped and the stairs a little creaky. It made me wonder if my parents started off in one of these before I was born. This was the town in which they met according to Alice.

I sighed; my parents. One I could hardly remember and the other a lair. I found myself asking the question why did she never tell either of us about her past in espionage? I'm sure my father would have understood in fact maybe he would have been proud of her.

Then again there was the worry factor; every time she left the house would he panic, think someone may be out to hurt her? On that thought I agreed with her somewhat. I guess if we were oblivious to her past no one could hurt us...well while she was breathing anyway.

As I stepped slower round the house I stared to notice things like pictures of my parents and then one of me as a baby in the hallway. I blinked a good few times and looked again; the child was definitely me...

A memory of me falling down a few steps and Dad picking me up and cuddling me and letting me have a cookie crossed through my mind as I stared down at the frayed and aged carpet. There was a small patch of blood where I'd cut my knee tumbling down those three steps. I gasped loudly.

This...was their house!

The house from one of the books; the house in the only book I'd ever been mentioned in. The family had to stay there so bad people didn't find them.

That's when it occurred to me; she had told me and dad about her past. She'd done it in her own special way, via the books. I smiled to myself and apologised mentally for the slander against mom I had thought earlier.
'Love you guys.' I whispered up towards the heavens.