Hey. I'm writing a series of drabbles for some of my favorite Big Nate couples, starting with this one.

He, Teddy Ortiz, was Nate Wright's best friend. Well, best friend 1A if you asked Nate personally. He was a bit moreā€¦popular than Nate. Though it was still known he was friends with him.

Maybe it was just because Teddy didn't get into detention as much, or that he was more likeable. Or maybe it was the fact that he didn't obsess over a girl who already had a boyfriend, Jenny Jenkins. More commonly known as just Jenny, for who else would anyone be talking about?

Yeah, well, they thought he didn't obsess over her. He was always calm, cool, collected around her. Nate always directly flirted and bragged about himself to her. That usually ended with him getting slapped in the face.

Her Golden blond hair made him smile inside. She even looked cute when she was mad, usually at Nate.

One day Artur just moved away. Apparently he was moving back to his home country, wherever that was.

Jenny had an emotional breakdown, not even her friends could help her feel better.

So when Teddy saw her sitting on a lunch table in the cafeteria, some friends sitting across from her, he knew this was his chance. If he could make her feel better, maybe she could take interest in him. Low tactic, he knew, but it was still worth a shot.

He took a deep breath, and started to walk over there. Here we go,Teddy thought.

Good? Bad? Remember, it's just a drabble.