Alright ~ Some are wondering; what happened to this story? Well I got reported for using a naughty word in the summary :\ So sad. But tis up for new readers or readers who just want to re-read. Overall; news is I'M BACK TO FANFICTION; and ready to update because I am in a very summer-y mood X)

Lakota's point of view:

My nose twitched uncomfortably. What is that? Another twitch. It tickles, and not the little tiny tickles, but the really, really, really intense tickle. I needed to scratch my nose. But that would require me to pick up my arm that was now currently limp and still asleep just to do so. And that thought didn't exactly appeal. So I'll just leave it be...just for a little while longer.



Ugh, this was getting annoying. Dear God I hope it's not some big bug finding a comfy home on my sniffer. What if it's a spider? And then eventually that spider crawls up my nose and lays eggs? I shivered, feeling another faint tickle. I really hope that doesn't happen.

That's when the tickle slowly stuck up my nose, making me literally spazz out and swat at my face in a panicked frenzy.


I smacked my nose with what seemed like a whole can of whip cream. My eyes widened in shock, unable to realize just how childish and overdone this whole thing was, all I could concentrate was pure heaven.

Just think, here I was, laying on the couch, with whip cream...everywhere. Talk about a snack. I grinned widely, ignoring the scoff of disappointment as I began to lick upwards to get a taste of the sugared cream. Hehe, someone's plan backfired. Them: 0, Me: 1. Score.

"Ugh, you are no fun," Jacob groaned, giving me an irritated look as I swiped a finger across my face before licking it clean. Mmmm. Nom, nom, nummy.

"I am noodles of fun. Your definition of fun just isn'," I concluded, shrugging my shoulders as innocently as I could while I continued to eat off of my face in the most casual manner possible. Jacob shrugged, taking a seat next to me before taking his own swipe at my face and licking the cream off of his finger. The nerve of the guy. Only I can eat substances off of my face. No one else.

"No Kota, you're just weird," I glared over at him, feeling the need to be angry at him. I really should be mad at him. What girl wouldn't? A guy calls her weird and she's suppose to dive into the girls locker room and cry her wee little heart out. But, alas, I couldn't find it in myself to be offended. The boy spoke the truth.

"But you love it," I insisted, getting bored out of continuously dragging my finger across my face to get my treat. So instead I was determined just to stick my tongue out and lick it all up. The plan just reeked of failure.

"I don't. Sometimes I feel the urge to drop you off at the insane asylum," I rolled my eyes. Please, been there, done that...can't say I don't want to go back was a very interesting experience. Hah, just kidding, I'm not that weird.

"You're over exaggerating again Jakey. I'm really starting to think you're a natural born drama-queen. And then next thing you know you go through a sex change! Jacob, be proud of who you are, you don't need to change for a guy. You'll know the right person when they come along, and you'll be happy. You don't have to change into a women just to capture a man's heart," I tried to keep my voice serious, my eyes staring intently into Jacob's while he watched me. Not seeming too amused. I stared even harder, knowing fairly well that I probably looked like one big eyed freak. Hell, if Jake and I haven't known each other since diapers the dude probably really would be considering dropping me off at an asylum.

"I'm over exaggerating? Kota, you look like I just told you that Embry and I were running off to get married," my eyes widened. Jacob was in love with Embry? Wow. I did not see that coming. I suppose Embry had been a little suspicious from time to time...but I would've never actually thought he'd be into Jake, let alone want to marry him. And Jacob? Jeesh, I knew he was hiding something, but this was just...all up in your face, catching my drift here?

"Really?" I gasped, clutching his shoulders in a death grip, completely ignoring the feel of whip cream on my face. That could wait.

"Really what?" I shook my head, giving him a tight hug that he returned without a second thought.

"You and Embry are getting married?" I asked, trying to hide my shock. What would he think? Me being all surprised - I'd probably hurt his fragile heart. He's insecure enough as it is you know. Being gay and everything...

"What! ?" he nearly roared, giving me his usual 'what the freak?' look. Not a very nice look that was. Hurts my feelings you know.

"You and Embry..." I said, giving him an equally confused look. Did he not just say that to me? Jeeeeesh, mixed signals here.

"You can't be serious," he sighed, shaking his head as if he was conversing with a 3 year old that kept repeating 'I know what you are, but what am I?' over and over again. Gosh knows I've been there before...children, I rolled my eyes at the thought. They hate me, all of them. They're all gonna start a revolution one day and I'm gonna end up being their first target. Force feed a kid a carrot and they all hate you. Over dramatic.

"You said-"

"I was being sarcastic," he put in gruffly, taking my hands off of his shoulder while I unconciously went back to eating whip cream off of my face.

"You'll understand one day, Jacob, that your future was right in front of you. And you'll regret not looking there before it was too late," nodding along with my wisdom I offered a finger full of whip cream as a peace offering. know, an apology for assuming him and Embry were going to get married. Apparently straight guys don't like to hear that. Oh well. What'cha going to do?

Jake gave me a weird look before just simply licking the cream off of my finger. And as awkward as that situation would've been to anyone else, this was just casual behavior. Well, okay, I guess feeling his tongue on my finger did spark some...interest. But not in the way you think. It just felt funny. Like a puppy licking your hand...cuz' it just...tingles. And it's warm and wet and stuff. But Jacob's not a dog...

I eyed him up. I'm pretty sure...

"You've been watching Oprah or something?" he asked, snapping me out of my confusion whether Jacob was a dog or not. You never know...

Those kind of details are pretty easy to miss in a town like La Push.

"No," I answered quickly, running my hand down my face to get the last of the whip cream before he tried to steal it away. He snorted, mumbling to himself quietly. Pfffft, rude.

"Mumbling is for socially deprived aliens," I retorted, liking my palm clean. Looking down at my hand and feeling around my face I could only frown. Damnit, where'd all the whip cream go?

"You mumble."

"But I have a reason to mumble Jacob Black!" I yelled, crossing my arms as his eye brows flew up at my loud tone.

"Jesus, women, who crammed a shovel up your butt?"


"Guess he got my wish list," he grinned cheekily, only making me want to hug him instead of being royally pissed at him for no reason whatsoever. It's just one of those days. It's the whole 'be mad at Jake for no reason until he finally snaps and begs why exactly I'm mad at him' bit. What a fantastic idea that turned out to be. I still can't get enough of it.

"You make wish lists to Santa?" I asked, trying to pretend to find that the most absurd and childish thing that I've ever heard. Truth be told; I still write to Santa. Not that I'd speak of that aloud...what Santa and I do is strictly for me and only me to know.

Jacob sighed, rolling his eyes, "no."

"Damn, I thought we could write ours together this year," I smiled sweetly, batting my eye lashes in the most stupid manner possible. Jacob grimaced, oh yes, I've got some mad skills. What now? Hmmm, afraid of me? Bet you are.

"You're so childish, Kota," he protested, trying to give me a scowl of disgust. He failed miserably. Instead we both just ended up grinning lazily at each other as he managed to randomly pull out a can of whip cream and squirting it directly into his mouth. Then pausing so he could do the same to me, then back to himself.

Ah, yes, the days where you could innocently share a can of cream that is whipped between a friend and yourself. Good days those are, very good days.