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Lakota's point of view:

"Lakota…? Lakota?" There was a loud knocking sound ringing through my ears, making me groan into my many pillows and press up against something hard, and incredibly warm. A good warm though, very, very good warm

"Come in," Jacob called, making me groan again at the volume of his voice. It was like he was right next to me…ugh. Nightmare come true. The last thing I need is Jacob's face staring at mine when I open my eyes. Don't I talk to him enough already? The last thing I need is to live in the same house as him. Now that would be horrible.

"Jacob," a voice sighed, seeming to get closer and closer, "I get that you and my daughter are…together, but must I come in here to find you two spooning?" My eyes shot open at that, practically hurtling myself off the bed and away from Jacob to the floor as I stared at two equally shocked faces of my dad and Jake. But, be serious, spooning? We were so not! …Jacob only wishes. I laughed, shaking my head frantically.

"No, no, no, I and…him-" I pointed over to Jacob, "were not spooning. There was no spooning!" I yelled, making Jacob smile at me amusingly. How could he find this funny? I don't find it very funny. No, no, not funny at all. And who said we were together, hmmm? Yeah, I'd like to see you answer that.

"Lakota, hun, breakfast is on the table," my dad said, twitching his head to the side towards the door, "and…Jacob, feel free to whatever you want," he added, eyeing Jake suspiciously before leaving the room, humming some random tune that old people probably…hum. I frowned as I stared after him, before looking over to Jacob who was still in a very cozy position on my bed. Was he there the whole night? I frowned, glaring at him.

"You are such a nugget," I mumbled, glancing down to see that I was in the same clothes I wore yesterday. Eck. Frowning I moved over to my closet, pulling out a pair of bright blue skinny jeans and a solid colored black shirt before turning around to glare at Jacob, who, coincidently was paying very close attention to me at the moment. I scoffed, rolling my eyes.

"You wish I'd change in front of you – out," I ordered, pointing to the door. Jacob pouted, giving me the puppy dog eyes.

"Jacob Ephraim Black, I am not changing in front of you. Especially with your little confession of likeness towards me. I mean, I get it, I'm pretty hardcore hott…plus I'm a very loveable person to begin with. Overall, I'm the whole package – but, alas, I don't do free shows. So…out you go," I waved my hands towards the door again as Jacob clicked his tongue, shaking his head and smiling.

"I'll leave – but only if you ask nicely," I put my hands on my hips, narrowing my eyes.

"Why would I ask nicely when I can just kick your ass out?" I raised an eyebrow as Jacob bounced off the bed, smiling and opting to lean up against the bedroom wall, never once breaking eye contact.

"Because…if you don't ask nicely, than I just might not let you come with me and help out with a fun mission." This was intriguing. I eyed Jacob carefully, knowing fairly well that he knew I could never pass something like this up. Jacob smiled as I bit the inside of my cheek, contemplating whether or not I should give into Jacob's request.

"Can you at least tell me?" I asked, only to have Jacob shake his head, a sly smirk on his face, "Than how do I know if it's a fun mission?" I questioned, giving him the stink eye. He better tell me, because, so help him, if this mission turns out to be not…fun, I'll gut him.

"Trust me, Kota, you are going to love this. Think of it as…payback." The possibilities…I mean, there are so many people I haven't pulled revenge on. There was Quil for that time he nearly upright refused to give me ice cream…Embry for being a lady skirt – and not the usual 'oh you lady skirt' but a real…you know, lady skirt. Then there's Bella for being…Bella. Then there's that one kid from the grocery store who took the last chocolate bar. And that 20 year old lady who called me a 'kid'. Pfft, really? Do I look like a kid. Do I act like a kid. I'm, like, a total adult! Mature and…stuff.

I huffed, "fine," I mumbled, making Jacob grin widely.

"Jacob Black-"

"Yes?" I threw him an irritated glare, one of which he returned with a smart ass smile.

"Could you please leave so I can get dressed?" I muttered, making him wink.

"Sure thing." And with that he left. Ugh.

"Nugget," I grumbled under my breath.

"I heard that!"

"No you didn't!" I shot back, rolling my eyes and yanking on my new, fresh, clean clothes.

Still mumbling I made my way downstairs, greeting Jacob, my dad, Quil, and…I glared over at Embry. Making him blink at me innocently, a shy little smile playing on his lips.

"what's up, Kota?"

"Trying not to bite your head off, that's what's up," I grounded out, plopping down in a very unlady like position in a kitchen chair.

"Wow, guess you are hungry," Quil mumbled through a mouthful of food, only to have Jacob slap him on the back of the head. I smiled at Quil when he whined out in pain.

"Don't be like that Kota," Embry complained, dropping his fork to stare me down. I sniffed, putting a hand to my heart.

"Embry, I was truly hurt from your words, and all you can say is 'don't be like that'? What? No sorry?" Embry sighed, shaking his head as he sat upright, giving me a rueful smile.

"I'm sorry I yelled at you, Kota. Jacob's just been giving us some annoying crap through our mind link and I-"

"Urm, mind what?" I asked, making Jacob slam his head down on the table. Not that Embry noticed.

"When we're wolves…we share thoughts. Don't you know this?" I choked back a gasp, shaking my head in shock.

"You're a wolf too?" I squeaked, making Quil frown and Embry blink, a look of panic crossing his face.


"Awesome, awesome," I nodded, taking a single piece of bacon off of Jacob's plate before gnawing at it aggressively, my eyes shifting to every face around the table. Jacob snorted, a little laugh coming out. Quil looked skeptical for a second before he shrugged, returning his attention back to his food. Embry, however, just glanced between Jacob and I, raising an eyebrow at Jacob. Jake shook his head, answering Embry's unasked question as Embry nodded, forking his eggs before returning to his eating. I pouted, looking over at Jacob for help.

I got none.

"Fine – be all secretive," I grumbled, poking his bicep, "but can we do that mission now?"

"Mission?" Quil quirked up, looking at me, then at Jacob.

"Just Kota and I," he said gruffly, standing up from his chair. Quil groaned unhappily, sluggishly slumping against his chair. Pfft, what a baby.

"Oh suck it up, Quil," I laughed, throwing him my half eaten bacon that he happily caught, only to completely forget what he was so unhappy about as he started a conversation with my dad about…something. Hell, I don't know.

"Come on, they'll be back soon."

"Who?" Jacob ignored my question, leading me out of the house and towards his rabbit, a sly smile skittering across his face as he held the door open for me. I glared at him.

"Don't think I can open a door now, Black?"

"Just get in, cranky pants," he grumbled, slamming the door closed when I was safely inside the piece of crap he wasted half his life building. But, hey, it looked…decent. Well, for a piece of crap anyways. Glancing around the cozy little car my eyes spotted two bikes in the backseat, two bikes of which looked very famil-

"Aren't those the bikes you and that bitch worked on?" I asked, only to have Jacob snorted, putting the car into reverse.

"The bitch's name is Isabella Marie Swan and-" I let out a snort of laughter before I started to giggle. Her real name was Isabella? Hah! Okay, okay…sorry, but, come on…you gotta admit; it was pretty funny. It was such a boring name, not that I have anything against people named Isabella but – let's be honest…this new information just made my day.

"What? What's so funny?"

"Isabella," I giggled, covering my mouth and looking over at Jacob as he shook his head, a smile in place.

"Anyways, yes, these are the bikes. And you want to know what we're gonna do with said bikes?"

"Throw them off a cliff?" I asked, only to have Jacob shoot me an amused smile.

"So not funny."

"I don't know, my tummy tickled at the thought," I shrugged, grinning impishly up at him as I turned the dial to the radio, skipping a bunch of pop shit before going to some rap song that I know, for a fact, Jacob couldn't stand. He groaned as the chorus rang out, me singing very much off key along with it.

I bobbed my head along to the beat, still grinning widely as Jacob made his complains quite known with several groans, snorts, mumbles, and attempts to grab the radio dial before I'd slap his hand away. Best. Car. Ride. EVER. Just so you know.

Sighing I leaned back in the leather chair, giving Jacob a curious look when we parked in the…Swan's driveway.

"So…we're returning the bikes?" I asked, feeling thoroughly disappointed. Jacob shook his head, grinning.

"Bella's dad, Charlie, doesn't like Bella being reckless-"

"Bikes are reckless?" I asked. Well…this was stupid. The girl obviously didn't know how to live. I mean, if the most dangerous things she's every going to do includes cliff diving and bike riding then…well…I can only guess the rest of her life gets more boring from there.

"To Bella, yeah. She's…fragile," I scowled, leave it to her to give us girls a bad name. I swear, people like…ahem, Isabella are the reason writers get this wacky idea we're some damsel in distress' that don't know a lick of fun even if it came around and punched us in the face. But, good thing for the world that people like me exist. I can set a record straight. I smiled, feeling the purpose of me being brought into this world slowly coming together.

"Okay…so, Charlie thinks bikes are a no, no…and we're returning them…why?"

"To get Bella grounded of course," my eyebrows flew up as I blinked. Grounded? What were we…7? Then again…

"I like it," I nodded. Jacob smiled but stopped short, settling on just staring at me with this weird dopy look. Yeah, because that wasn't uncomfortable at all.

"Jacob would you stop staring at-" Jacob leaned in so quickly that I barely registered what happened until his lips were on mine. Again, I've kissed many, many, many boys before – and not in the hussy way –ahem- but just…I've been kissed. But nothing like this. And this was…this was…wow. Pulling away he nervously cleared his throat as I stared at him, my mouth propped open and my eyes wide.


"Wow," I giggled slightly, making Jacob smile sheepishly.

"Good wow?...or bad wow?"

"Good wow, definitely good wow," I decided, laughing breathlessly. Who knew Jacob could kiss?

"Can I kiss you again?" He asked, smiling suggestively. I rolled my eyes.

"You got lucky enough for one day, Black."