Drabble: LET'S DO THIS!

Disclaimer: Hanna is Not a Boy's Name belongs to Tessa Stone, not me. I just miss her dearly and wish she'd return.

A.N.: This was written AGES ago for a hilarious video on YouTube, called "LET'S DO THIS" by HannaFalkCrossplay. She's an awesome crossplayer and I love her to death. I only WISH I was as epic as her! ;-; Also, this used to be on my old DeviantART account, but I'm getting rid of everything on there so I can organize myself. However, since this is a gift to HannaFalkCrossplay (a.k.a. DingyNinja on DeviantART), I figured that I'd just post it here on FFN.

Pairing: None.

Trying to read a book uninterrupted while Hanna isn't sleeping but is still in the same room as you is a very impossible thing to do. I don't really mind it, though; he always provides something to mull over every time he opens his mouth. However, interruptions are still what they are, and when they come from Hanna, they are not things to easily to be ignored. His voice can cut through the air like a butcher knife can through flimsy, wet paper.

Tonight proves to be no different.

Previously, he was vividly frowning at his laptop, waiting for something to finish downloading, and, for once, he was being quiet about it.

The silence was very short-lived.

"Yanno what we should do?" he said suddenly, his face spontaneously clearing of its dramatized expression. I looked up at the question, and he flashed a wide, open-mouthed smile at his screen for a second, then practically, madly sang, "We should sing a DISNEY SOOONNNG!" The almost frightening smile was returned as he giddily began to jump up and down on his mattress, his violently colored shirt making my eyes burn as it clashed with his too-red hair.

As soon as he'd said those words, Aladdin's "A Whole New World" struck itself up into my mind. It then refused to leave it.

I slammed my head into my open book with a resounding THUNK. Trust Hanna to break the sanity of a dead man...with eleven words flat.