A small blonde boy about 12 sat in the corner of the alleyway, shivering. His once brilliant blue eyes were dull from vivid memories. He looked at his hands, shaking, unsure what to do. He had traveled down from the cliffs with bloody hands, staggering and cold. Scarred at what he had seen. This boy was weak and small. He was an orphan. Once, he had a brother, a twin. But like all of the others he knew, his brother had passed on.

3 years earlier...
"FAI!" The boy screamed, he scrambled up the rocks. His hands were covered in sticky red, his knees were scraped from stumbling along the rough terrain. He let out a cry when he twisted his ankle, but still, the boy did not stop. His brother, a mirror of him, was only a few yards away, screaming for help.
"YUUI!" Both twins scrambled to the other, a man in a dark cloak advancing on Fai. "YUUI!" The victim once again yelled. The man held a scythe over his head, threatening to bring it down. Yuui ran towards his brother. Before he could call out to him, a splatter of blood went across his face. He stopped in his tracks. The man disappeared. Yuui stood shocked, seeing his brother lying limp on the ground. After only a moment, the young boy screamed and ran down the cliff, before he knew it, he was falling, falling down into the depths...

Present day...
Yuui crouched, huddling when he was lifted off his feet by an older boy. This boy had fiery red hair and piercing green eyes. Behind the redhead was a black haired boy about Yuui's age and a blue haired boy with gray eyes. Both looked angry at Yuui. The redhead was now speaking.
"Get outta here you idiot." He yelled. Yuui scowled and spit in the other boys face.
"No." He said simply. The red headed boy frowned and raised his fist to the blonde's face.
"Unless you want a knuckle sandwich, MOVE!" He dropped the poor twelve year old. Yuui ran away from the alleyway. The last thing he saw was the black haired boy watching him with curious eyes. Yuui ran until he stopped at an old building. He collapsed on the corner. A few people looked at him with suspicious looks but Yuui didn't care. The young blonde leaned against the wall, exhausted from running. Pretty soon, the 12 year old's vision began to dim and he entered into a restless sleep.

Yuui was in a dark and empty... void, for lack of better word. He shifted uncomfortably, glancing around for any sign of anything except for blackness. He was not disappointed. There was a small light at the end of his vision and he slowly walked to it.
"Hello?" He called. "Is anyone there?" Again, he took a few steps toward the light. When he arrived at the source, a 7 year old girl with strawberry blonde hair sat, threading flowers together and smiling. Yuui looked at her curiously. "Excuse me... But who are you?" He asked. The girl looked up. She tilted her head and looked at him with innocent jade green eyes. She smiled happily and replied
"I'm Sakura!" She stood. "Who are you?" Yuui stood for a moment, confused by her reaction. Most people would be frightened by a dirty boy such as he. After a few seconds he spoke.
"I-I'm Yuui..." Sakura launched into a series of questions.
"Where are you from? How old are you? Why are you so dirty? Do you like flowers? Why don't you smile? Smiling is good for you you know. I love to smile. You should start smiling too! Why are you in my dream a-" She broke off as Yuui interrupted.
"I'm in a dream?" He asked. Sakura nodded furiously.
"Yeah! Mine! I think." Yuui shook his head.
"But. What?" He was confused. Sakura tilted her head and bit her lip.
"I'm actually not sure. Maybe we can meet again in dreams!" Yuui narrowed his eyes.
"Again?" Then he looked around. The dark void was getting darker and was closing in. The young girl, Sakura, was slowly starting to fade. "Wait! Don't go!" The twelve year old cried out as he reached his hand to grab hold of her. Soon, Yuui was engulfed in darkness.

Yuui sat up quickly from his dream turned nightmare. He shook his head to clear any remaining horrific thoughts. People passed him with silent smiles of pity. He hated that. Eventually, he wandered off and arrived in a sweet little meadow. People thought that it was haunted by a mysterious boy. Little did they know, Yuui was that boy. The young blonde visited this meadow often, and scared off the children with soft music. He took a breath and started to sing, softly.

Gentle water come to me
Flowing like the fish in the sea
Silent prayer of the moonlight
Say goodbye, wrong or right.

Tiny feathers near and far
Scattered round no one sees the star
The night brings a whispering wind
Say goodbye, the green trees limb

Say goodbye to the worlds goodnight.

At the final word, Yuui shed a tear. His mother had sung that song to him before he went to sleep with his brother. His mother had died of a sickness that befell on her. That song had been his comfort other than his brother. Now, he only had memories and the song. Yuui stared into the sky. It had gotten quite dark and the blue eyed boy was quite tired. He climbed into the tree he was leaning against and wished as hard as he could that someone, he didn't care who, would think of him as not a ghost, or a filthy scum, or even a poor orphan boy that needs a home. But instead, a person. A shooting star flashed by and Yuui smiled. A delicate one, but a smile none the less.

The next day, he woke up on the ground. He probably fell out of the tree. Oh well. That was okay. He got up and walked around on the field, picking little blue bell shaped flowers. They were called blue hearts. His brother and him always picked them for his mother when she was sick. He closed his eyes and let the petals drop. He had to stop remembering things like that. He walked down the hill to the village. Most people shunned him away, especially the other boys. He continued down the road with his head down to hide his face. It was well known, and wanted. Yuui had stolen a good share of food in order to survive. It's not like he was naturally bad or anything, he just didn't feel guilty taking what he needed, even if it was by trickery. He suddenly fell forward, pushed from behind. The young blonde turned around. It was one of the boys from before, the black haired and crimson eyed one. The boy was scowling at Yuui.

"What was that for!" Yuui yelled. The boy frowned.

"You don't belong in the city! You're a poor lonely boy who wants to tug at the sympathy of everyone else."

"I don't want to do that!"

"Oh yeah!" The red eyed boy put his foot on Yuui's chest to stop him from getting up. "Then why did you beg at my doorstep? Now all my guardians talk about is helping someone they don't know and taking away my stuff."

"So you have a grudge against me?"

"No Duh idiot."

"I didn't mean to!"

"Who cares? You're going to pay!" Yuui flinched when the boy raised his fist and braced for impact. It never came. When the blonde boy next looked up, a girl about 7 was holding the boy's fist up.

"Kurogane. You should learn to control your anger." She said calmly. Kurogane frowned.
"I-I'm sorry Tomoyo..." The girl smiled sweetly at him.
"No need." Yuui could see the faintest blush on Kurogane's face. Strange. Seizing the chance, the blue eyed boy grabbed the black haired boy's leg and twisted it to get out. Kurogane yelped in pain as Tomoyo stared in surprise. Yuui ran as fast as he could to get out of there. He stuck around the town for a little while longer before he headed back to the hill. It was dark by that time so he climbed into the peach blossom tree as always and attempted at getting comfortable.

Before he fell asleep, he heard a faint crunching sound. Looking down from the tree, he saw a 7 year old girl with short hair and green eyes. She was wearing a white dress with pink feather patterns along the rim. Yuui studied her curiously. He smirked. Time to have fun. Pulling out a little flute he had made from the tree branches long ago, he played a quiet melody. It was haunting and very intriguing he liked to think. The girl stopped and looked around.

"Hello?" She asked to no one in particular. Her voice sounded sing-songy. "Hello?" She repeated. Then she smiled and said "I know this song..." And she started to sing.

Quiet, gentle, flowing breeze
Silent, steady, silly bees
Go to sleep my little dear
Fly away from danger here

Simple, rushing waterfalls
Glowing, shining all in all
Go to sleep my little dear
Fly away from danger here

Yuui paused. Her voice was melodic and sounded like a little stream, calm and playful. The girl smiled and looked up into the trees.
"I can see you, you know." She smiled. Yuui gave a start and frowned. "Come down! I won't hurt you." The boy hesitated, then slowly climbed down the tree. The girl gasped and exclaimed "You're the one from my dream!" Yuui stared.
"Y-Yeah... I guess." the girl smiled.
"Well. If you forgot already, My name's Sakura! What's yours?"
"Erm...Yuui." The girl smiled.
"Um. If you don't mind me asking, Do you know the rest of that song? I'd really like to sing it." She blushed a little. Yuui nodded and raised the flute to his lips. He continued and she sang.

Fly, Fly the moon light
Shines on your beautiful face.
Fly, Fly listen on high
Here's a song to make you feel safe

Tiny, delicate butterfly
Amazing wonders that pass by
Go to sleep my little dear
Fly away from danger here

At the last verse, Sakura smiled at Yuui. He looked away. The strawberry blonde laughed. It sounded like little bells. The boy could feel his heart warm just by seeing her smile. It had been forever since he had felt like that...

Sakura and Yuui lay down beside the tree. They stared into the night sky watching the stars. The young girl was extremely curious, if not the slightest bit strange. Yuui found himself so happy that he had some type of company.
"So... I've never seen you around here before. Where're you from?" He asked. The 7 year old smiled.
"My family just moved here from another country. I'm going to be going to a school here soon. What's school like?"
"I've never been to school. All I know is that it's nice. I guess. And shouldn't you be going home soon then?"
"No, it's fine. I roam wherever I like. Usually my brother follows me. He's just down the hill actually."
"Yeah! I think he's your age. He's a bit stubborn. But that's okay. Do you have any siblings?" Yuui frowned. Sakura noticed. "Oh. Um. Sorry if it's something I shouldn't know."
"Oh. I suppose it's okay. You see, my brother died 3 years ago. My parents died a while before that. I'm an orphan." Sakura sat up and smiled.
"Maybe you could live with us! We have plenty of room in the new house! It might be fun!" The boy shook his head.
"I couldn't! It might trouble-"
"Don't mind that! The only person you should worry about is Touya-sama! He's annoying but he respects people at the very least!" The young child grabbed the blonde's hand. "Come on! It'll be fun!"
"I-I- All right. I guess." He followed the girl down the hill. On the bottom sat two other boys. One had dark black hair and brown eyes. The other had silvery hair and round glasses. They were talking softly. The silvery haired one was reading a book about something. Yuui couldn't quite comprehend what it was though. The black haired one was scowling as he tried to get the attention of his friend. Sakura called out.
"TOUYA-SAMA!" The black haired boy turned. "YUKITO-SAN!" That was the silver haired boy. Sakura waved. Touya tilted his head and frowned when he saw Yuui.
"Who do you have there?" He asked pointedly. Yuui stopped and frowned at the girl's brother. He was a bit rude. Yukito smiled.
"Now, now, Touya-san. That was a mean." He stood and offered his hand out to the blonde. "What's your name?" The blue eyed boy shook his hand.
"I'm Yuui."
"Well. I'm Yukito and this here is Touya-san. I see little Sakura here already introduced herself to you."
"Um...Yeah." Yuui smiled a little. He was making friends at least. He'd never met anyone so friendly. Well, other than Touya. That boy was plain rude. Sakura clapped her hands and announced to her brother.
"Yuui-kun is going to stay with us in our new house! Isn't that great?" She jumped up and down happily. Her brother frowned and simply stated
"No." Sakura frowned.
"You're such a meany!" Then she smiled again. "Oh well! Nothing you can do about it!" Touya sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose.
"Honestly, you have to ask mom and dad first too."
"Oh I'm sure they'll agree." Then she turned to Yuui and Yukito. "Come on! Let's head home!" She grabbed both of their hands and ran. Both boys tripped over themselves to catch up. Touya followed slowly behind, dreading the annoyance he would have to deal with. Sakura seemed pretty happy in all actually. If that was good, her brother was okay with it, he guessed. Yuui smiled as he followed Sakura to her house. It's time for a new life.

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