Chapter 2: Sickness

Sakura woke up with a high fever. She stayed home, asleep for the majority of the time while her parents sent Yuui to get some medicine. Touya had been sent to get a doctor while Yukito went to Sakura's school to tell the teacher she wouldn't be attending for a while. The 19 year old blonde headed back home when he bumped into a rather tall man.
"Hey! Watch where you're going!" The man said. Yuui looked up to find red eyes staring at him. He blinked in surprise.
"Eh hehehe... Sorry..." After taking in the man's full appearance, he found that he had spiky black hair and was extremely muscular. They had a glare contest for a little while until a young girl about Sakura's age ran up.
"Kurogane! Wait up!" Yuui blinked and took a step back. The girl blinked and stared at him for a few moments.
"Oh! It's you from... How long ago?" Yuui laughed and scratched the back of his head in nervousness.
"I-I don't know... 7 years?" Kurogane widened his eyes and grabbed his neck and thrust him on a wall. "Waiiiiiii! Kuro-puu is mad!" Kurogane narrowed his eyes and yelled in his face.
"What did you say?! It's Kurogane!" He let go when he heard Tomoyo chuckling and glanced back. Tomoyo smiled and turned to face Yuui.
"So, what are you doing?" The blonde gave a start, checked the medicine and sucked in. He pushed past both startled people and rushed home.

She was in worse shape than before. The doctor said that if they couldn't get a certain medicine, Sakura would die. The young 14 year old girl breath came out short and raspy. Yuui sat at her side, worried for her life. A few seconds later there was a knock on the went to see. From Yuui's point of view, his adoptive brother screamed like a little girl for no particular reason. From Touya's point of view, he was greeted by a giant. That's what caused him to scream. Yukito checked the door and blinked.
"Uhm...Hi... Who might you be?" He said. Touya moved aside, still stuttering, allowing Yuui to see who was at the door. It was Kurogane and Tomoyo. The blonde stood up and came to the front.
"What's up..." He asked slowly, hoping they had a good reason. Kurogane was the one to speak.
"Tomoyo was worried. So we followed you." Yuui smiled a fake smile.
"Everything's fine." Tomoyo frowned and shoved him aside. She ran to the bed that Sakura was on.
"She went to my school. I guess you could say we're friends." The black haired girl said. Kurogane shoved his way through, passing Touya and Yuui. He entered the living room and saw Sakura lying on the couch.
"She's sick." He said bluntly. Then his eyes widened as Tomoyo started crying. "It-It's not that!?" Tomoyo nodded sadly.
"Marburg virus." She said. Yuui narrowed his eyes in confusion.
"What's that?" He asked hesitantly, not really wanting to know. Tomoyo put her head on the couch next to Sakura.
"A disease that lasts three weeks before the person either dies of symptoms, or goes delirious, and kills themselves." A silence spread throughout the room. Yukito was the one to break it.
"I-Is there a cure?" He managed to choke out. A collective nod was seen by everyone of the Kinomoto family. Kurogane shook his head.
"So far, it's incurable. No one really knows too much about it." He said. Sakura's eyes fluttered open for a second.
"Tomoyo?" She whispered. Tha named ravenette patted her hand gently. "Oh... Hello there..." She mumbled as she drifted back to sleep. Tomoyo bit her lip.
"It's okay Sakura-chan. Everything will be fine..." She said. Yuui had stayed silent until now. He walked into the kitchen. No one noted his absence till large clanging sounds started sounding. Nadeshiko and Fujitaka ran over to the area. Yuui had thrown everything off the counters, angered at the thought of Sakura dieing. After waiting for him to calm down, Tomoyo stepped into the room. She stared at the angered blonde as he started to cry.
"There is a possible way to save her." Tomoyo said. A silence followed. Yuui grabbed Tomoyo's shoulders and started shaking her.
"WHAT IS IT! I BEG YOU! TELL ME!" It took 3 people to pry him off of her. Including Kurogane. Tomoyo's eyes were red with tears.
"There's a witch. She lives far into the forest. It's rumored that she can cure any disease. But few have found her. And those that have, have come back scarred, never to be the same again." Yuui started hyperventilating. He stepped back, releasing himself from the grip of his parents.
"I'll do whatever it takes to save Sakura..." He said. Kurogane grunted.
"It's suicide to go out there alone. You know that there are monsters in that forest." He said, putting a pessimistic twist to everything. Yuui frowned and glared at him.
"But I have to do something!" He yelled. Kurogane frowned.
"I never said I'd stop you. I'm coming with, you idiot." Yuui blinked up at him.
"Shut up. I'm not saying it again." A sigh of relief was heard throughout the house. Yuui smiled gratefully. He turned to Tomoyo.
"How long will the journey take?" He asked. Tomoyo looked down.
"No one really knows. Those who came out of the forest never really talked to anyone. So it's unknown how long they've been in there." Yuui nodded. He turned to Kurogane.
"We should start packing." He said. The tall man nodded. It was confirmed. And now Yuui knew: Fate would decide what came next.

A/N: Sorry it's shorter. And the long wait for it. So I promise the next one will be better. And yes. Syao will join the journey.