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Even when she's unconscious, he doesn't think he can do it.

Don't kiss her, don't kiss her, don't kiss her…

He's repeated his own quiet mantra far too many times, and the words have simply become a mishmash of sounds within his brain –things to be ignored and forgotten, pushed away so that they won't return and irritate him any longer.

Don't kiss her, don't kiss her, don't kiss her…

Mako can almost convince himself that he doesn't want to; her lips are chapped and swollen from the freezing cold, her cheeks bandaged with an overload of sticky gauze, her black eye has yet to fade and her nose is caked with the remnants of dried blood. She is the perfect image of someone who really ought not to be kissed while in such a painful state.

Don't kiss her, don't kiss her, don't kiss her…

So why does he do it? Why does he lean over Korra's slumbering form, slip two fingers under her fragile neck and lower his mouth to her cheek?

Why does he kiss her?

Even he doesn't know.

It's a quick kiss, nothing to sneeze at and yet nothing to wave away either. It's brusque and awkward and silent and full of the taste of purple bruises, but somehow it's something more… something vaguely resembling perfection. Not that Mako would admit that –he's too busy jerking away, lowering her head into the pillow again, ducking his head to his lap and frantically wondering if this counts as cheating. And the words come rushing back full force into the front of his mind as he panics, kicking the inside of his skull and chastising his recklessness with the mantra he's been so careful to obey until now.

Don't kiss her, don't kiss her, don't kiss her…

But they mean nothing now.


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