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Emilia P.O.V (10 years old)

I swing on the swing set of my neighborhood playground. I was the only one there, but with my best friend, Bodie. We have been best friends since last year and I love to be next to him. He plays in the sand box, with all the sand all over his knees and arms, which are out of his camouflage shorts and green shirt. I keep watching him until I stop the swinging because of the wind blow that's blowing on my face. It feels like a bug touching my face all the time. I turn my head back to Bodie who is taking sand and putting it into his mini shovel.

He fills it up and pours it into his red bucket. I get off of the old swing and sit down next to him. "Hi Bodie. What are you doing?" I ask with a friendly tone.

"I'm making a sand castle." He says with his regular happy voice.

"Cool. Can I help you?" I start reaching for the bucket, but he takes it away. "What's the big deal?" I ask.

"I don't want to be rude, but you always get frustrated whenever it falls down."

"I won't mess it up this time." I grab the bucket and head for the hose at the door of the clubhouse. I am about to turn the faucet but then I hear a women crying of hurt. I turn around to see a women on the ground being beaten by this man. "Not in front of kids!" she's yelling. I walk up to Bodie, who seems to have found out about the commotion too. "Bodie, I need to go help her." I say going up to the man. I am stopped by Bodie pulling on my arm. I turn my head to see a worried look on his face.

"No, Emilia. I don't want to see you get hurt."

"It's okay, Bodie. Even though I'm young, I will never let a man think he can overpower a woman. I yank my arm out of his strength and I walk up to the man who is still beating the woman. I stand right in front of his face so he won't touch the woman. "Stop hitting her." I say confidently.

"Get out of my way, little girl!" he yells with an angry tone. He tries to walk over her, but I get in front of him. "You will not touch her!" I yell.

"Or what? You want to get hurt too?" he says putting his hands into fists.

"No. I will hurt you myself!" I don't give him a chance to say anything. I knee him in the groin, which is followed by a loud noise he makes. He falls to the ground and holds on to my ankle. "You're gonna get it now little girl!" he yells.

I try to get his hand off of my ankle, but he wouldn't budge. I keep kicking him in the face and he starts to bleed. He then makes me fall to the ground. I turn my head around to see the woman dialing a number on her phone. She must be dialing the police. I turn my head back to the man who is still holding on to my left ankle. I get upset and kick him in the face with my right foot. He then blacks out and I escape from his hold. I walk over to the woman to comfort her. "I just called the police. Thank you for helping, what is your name?" she asks me with a smile.

"Emilia." I say confident

"Emilia… are you in karate?"

"Yep, top of my class."

"I remember you! You are the one who won the championships. I see something big in your future with you helping others."

"Thank you. And I hope you have fun without that jerk in your life." I stop when I hear police sirens. They were coming my way. "Bye now. And have fun." I say while I go back to Bodie.

"Emilia what just happened back there?" Bodie says with a confused face. I guess he ran inside.

"Nothing Bodie. Now let's go, I think our parents would like to know what's going on" Bodie and I walk out of the playground and off to the sidewalk. We walk in a silence until he breaks it. "But… what happened!" he says confused as always.

"Nothing! Like I said I can't see a women get hurt." I turn my head back to the sidewalk. I look at the sun which is going down into the sunset. It feels good to be strong at a young age and knowing that I can be confident. I think about my future as I look into the sunset and ask Bodie one more question. "Yo Bodie."


"What do you feel about dancing?"

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