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"... and furthermore, this invention has been the most original idea as well as well made down to the last micro-cubic feet. We've always wondered about life after death and with this Portal Prototype, we shall be able to find out and study all the ghosts have to offer us! So please put your hands together for this year's winners: Jackson Fenton and Madeline Franklin!" Said the presenter as he and everyone present began clapping.

Two college students walked up on stage, both smiling and waving as they were present with trophies and medals. One was a tall hulking male with black hair styled into a mullet and dark blue eyes. He was dressed in a pale pink shirt with a red tie, a baby blue jacket on top with the sleeves bunched up and a set of jeans with scuffed up sneakers to complete his outfit.

The second student was a young woman; she was tall, barely reaching under the young man's jaw. She was slender and curved rather sensually with reddish brown curly hair piled up on her head in a messy bun as her pale blue eyes glittered with tears. She wore a nice rose colored blouse with a pencil skirt that was a dark red color and simple, but elegant flats.

Both of them stood on stage, shaking the hands of the Judges and the Presenter as a woman in an elegant cocktail dress brought out a massive check for nearly 2 million dollars to start funding their research and allowing them to buy whatever they needed as well as to live off of rather comfortably. Soon champagne corks were popped and everyone was mingling…

Hours later, Jack and Maddie were giggling stupidly as they staggered out of one of their friends' house after having a wild 'after party' to celebrate their success with their Ghost Portal Prototype 2. They staggered to an old beat up convertible that looked like it was on its last leg. Jack fumbled with his keys before finally managing to locate the right one and miss the lock a few times.

After adding a few more scratches into the fading blue paint, he managed to unlock the car as both of them got in. Maddie was still giggling over a joke that wasn't all that funny to begin with, but because of her drunken state it was the most hysterical thing she's heard, managed to buckle both hers and Jack's seatbelts as Jack stuck the key into the ignition and started the car. Loud 70s music blared out of the old speakers making them crackle in protest to the misuse, but otherwise went unheard by the drunken pair.

Maddie giggled as she leaned over and kissed Jack, her boyfriend of two years now. He had given her his class ring as a promise to marry her one day and she wore it with pride on a chain since his finger was far too big for her to wear it even on her big toe. Pulling away, Jack shifted into drive and waved to their friend who was leaning on his doorframe with a beer in hand and laughing stupidly.

If they weren't so wasted at the moment, they'd have remembered not to drive back to Jack's house so late at night, but as it was they were plastered and a bit high from the drugs that been smoked at the party, even if they hadn't been the ones smoking. Good thing was no one was out at 4 in the morning and there were no cops within sight. Jack was keeping a fairly level speed of 50 mph in 25 mph zone, blazing past red lights one after another as he laughed at Maddie telling some of the things he missed when he was drinking with his friends.

"She seriously started talking to the plant!" He asked loudly laughing as he stepped a bit harder on the gasp petal, thumping his hand on the steering wheel.

"Yes- JACK!" Maddie screamed, having looked up in time to see a boy running across the street and freezing like a deer in the headlights.

Jack seemed to sober up as his eyes shot wide and he slammed both feet on the breaks, but it seemed the car was too old and too under maintained to stop on a dime. It was like watching everything in slow motion, the young man tried to jump out of the way, after coming out of his state of shock as Jack twisted the wheel, trying to avoid the kid.

Maddie screamed, watching the boy jerk forward into the hood of the car with his body, his head smashing into the windshield, cracking the glass and leaving blood smeared across it before time sped back up once more. The car screeched angrily as it swerved to a stop, the boy's body rolling over the car, having been sent bouncing off the tarmac with a sickening wet THUMP, CRACK and then finally, laying there motionless like a broken doll. Maddie scrambled to get out of the car as Jack followed suit.

They had sobered up dramatically in those horrifying few seconds as they ran over to the young man's body. He was lying there, broken and bruised. Blood leaked slowly from various wounds, the worse being the cut on his temple. Maddie quickly dug out a wallet from the young man's jacket, his spilled groceries lying broken and unimportant around them. She pulled out an ID card that was soaked with blood and all she could make out was that the young man was 18 years old and a first year college student.

"Jack! We need to get him to a hospital!" She panicked as she felt for a pulse. She soon found one, though erratic as it was, it was beginning to grow faint.

"And tell them what? We were just driving home after drinking at a party in celebration to winning 2 million dollars to fund our research? They'll take away the grant and we'll never be able to make up for it! We'll lose everything! The house, the car; even our scholarships!" Jack shouted before calming down and asking, "He's alive, right?"


"So we'll take him back to my place and we'll fix him up! I have an idea that might work and no one will ever know!" Jack said as he quickly gathered the unconscious teen and hurried to the car.

Maddie opened the trunk when Jack asked her to and he set the young man inside, being careful not to cause any more damage than what was already done before closing the lid and both getting into the car. They drove off like the devil was after them and arrived at Jack's home in less than ten minutes.

Getting out of the car, Jack tossed Maddie the keys to his shed, where they had built a lab and a few high tech machines. He told her to get everything up and running while he got the kid out of the car. Turning to his trunk he opened it and pulled the black haired male out of the trunk, carrying him on his shoulder to the shed and down into the lab.

He set him down on a gurney he rescued from a junkyard and fixed up to work like new and set the young man down. They stripped him down as Maddie opened a fridge where they kept IV packets, given to them by the local clinic for one of their experiments that involved transferring Ghost ectoplasm to a dog. The project failed miserably and they never bothered to try again.

Getting it hooked up and carefully inserting the needle into the boy's arm, she grabbed the first aid kit and began to clean up his wounds, glad to see they were mostly superficial. As she did that Jack set about getting the machines up and running, the Ghost portal too. He then grabbed a prototype he had been tinkering on all week and opened the portal. The Ghost Grappling Hook was designed to snatch up a ghost super fast without their notice.

So he quickly fired it into the portal and when it snapped tight, he pulled it back and clasped tightly in its hooks was a small reddish pink will'o'wisp. The orb like Ghost was then shoved into an anti-ghost container and set up on a machine used for blood transfusions. Once he got that ready and needle into the other arm, he quickly checked over the monitors that were beeping with life, telling them that the boy was still alive.

Jack then grabbed another prototype he developed after getting attacked by a ghost that stole his box of Play Boy magazines and walked over to the gurney. Maddie was about to ask him what he was doing when he suddenly fired the high powered Ecto pistol into the young man's chest, the monitor going crazy as it lost all signs of life.

"JACK!" Maddie screeched, backing away from her boyfriend, eyes wide and horrified.

"Relax, Mads… it's gonna be fine." He assured her, walking over to the machine with the ghost attached to it and flicked a few switches watching the ghost be electrified and reduced to a pale green goo.

"Relax? Jack not only did we commit a crime by drinking and driving, we also hit someone and we ran with their body in the trunk of your care! Now you just shot them point blank and you want me to RELAX!" she screamed in hysterics.

Grabbing Maddie's arms, he made her watch as the ectoplasm was mixed in with O type blood and fed into the young man's body. At first nothing happened and then they watched in awe as the hole in the boy's chest began to heal itself and close tightly before Jack grabbed the shock pads to restart the young man's heart. When it started beating again, Jack sighed and he and Maddie began to clean up and shut off all the machines not being used.

"Okay Jack; I'll admit that, that was impressive, but let's not do this ever again…" she admitted, having calmed down now that the young man was lying dead on the table.

"Why not? You saw how quickly he healed! It's as if there was never a hole there to begin with and I'm sure all his other injuries have healed too-"

They jumped at the flatline tone blaring and they looked at the young man's body. He was as still as death, though his body had taken on a healthy glow, and yet his heart had stopped. Jack shook his head; there was no way this was happening. He tried to revive him, CPR and the pads once more, but when nothing seemed to work, he finally shut off the monitor and began to disconnect everything.

By now, Maddie was in full blown hysteria. She tried to run out of the shed to call the police, but Jack caught her in a tight hug and held her steady. She hadn't been this upset since her brother died and like then all she needed was a solid support to hold her up. When she stood still, leaning almost limply against him, silently crying and rambling about calling for help, he made her look up at him.

"Mads, I'm sorry… It's my fault this happened. I'll take him to the hospital and let the doctors deal with him, but first let's get you some tea and in bed. I think all the excitement and alcohol has done their damage for the week…" He said in a calming voice as Maddie nodded.

"Okay… But you have to take him in… I don't want this night weighing on me for the rest of my life…" She mumbled as he picked her up, seeing her become sleepy now that the adrenaline had run its course and with it was the devastating crash.

As they left, they didn't see the body twitch nor did they see the wisp of red wisp slither out of his mouth when he gasped inaudibly. Jack made a fresh pot of tea and coffee, a slice of toast with cinnamon and butter to settle Maddie down more as she sat on his sofa with the throw back wrapped around her. He watched her nibble on the toast and drink her tea before she yawned and got comfy on the sofa. Once he was sure she was fine, he kissed her temple and left with his thermos filled with fresh black coffee.

He went to his cellar first, digging out a shovel and a tarp before he went into the shed. Jack stood by the gurney looking at the black haired male, he looked like he was asleep rather than dead and even his chest was still moving, maybe his brain hasn't registered that the heart had stopped beating. He has heard of people who were still alive even if their lungs had stopped or their brain died and they heart and lungs kept going.

He shook his head; now was not the time to be marveling at the few scientific anomalies that occurred every other decade or two. Grabbing the still warm 'corpse' of the gurney he laid him down on the tarp and dug out his wallet once more. There wasn't much, just his bloodied ID, a library card that had seen better days and about 100 or so in cash. Nothing to identify him with and he hoped he didn't have anyone who would be looking for him any time soon.

Pocketing the cash, he began to roll him up into the tarp before carrying him back up the stairs and to his car. Tossing him into the trunk with the shovel, he got behind the wheel and began to drive away from the city and into the country. He knows he told Maddie that he was taking him to the hospital, but what excuse could he have given that wouldn't compromise their grant? He couldn't very well say he was there at the party and that the corpse was drinking while he and Maddie stayed sober.

It would've been obvious that he was drunk and still had the alcohol count to prove it while John Doe back there was as sober as a monk. Not to mention even if they did believe him, how would he explain him just suddenly dying on them. Sighing, he shook his head; there was no point in trying to justify anything. He and Maddie committed a few crimes in less than two hours and no one would ever know…

He stopped in the middle of nowhere; the sun was starting to come up, the grey dawn light making the clearing look rather sinister as he dug a pretty deep grave, not the standard 6ft. He then tossed John Doe into his new home and stared at him.

"It's nothing personal, kid… I just don't want to lose my girl or the money… Sorry Maddie and I killed you, but maybe if you become a ghost we could study you…" He said chuckling humorlessly as began to fill in the grave and trekked back to the car. He stopped by the junk yard to chuck the shovel into the incinerator before continuing home…

~Time Skip ~ Scene Change~

"Madeline Regina Franklin… Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?"

"Oh yes! YES!"

The room was pitch dark; on the table across from the king size bed sat a bottle of Rose Champagne, a very expensive bottle, about 5,000 a bottle. Two glasses sat half drunk as two figures withered in pure carnal pleasure on the bed.

"Do you Jackson Phillip Fenton take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do."

They moaned, clutching one another desperately as their passions burned and fused into a blinding climax leaving them gasping for air.

"Do you Madeline Regina Franklin take this man to be you lawfully wedded husband?"

"I do."

They laid their tangled together as they cooled down from their passionate dance. She looked at him with love filled eyes as he smiled down at her. She ran her hands through his long black hair, their eyes locked together, hers the ever pale blue while his were an electric green, and their skin tones contrasting almost perfectly. She was a healthy tan while his was as pale as the moon outside.

"Jack… Jack I'm pregnant…"

"Really! This is wonderful! How far along? Are we having a boy or a girl!"

"Mon amour… You are so beautiful." He said kissing her full lips, making her swoon and flutter her eyes shut as the fire was reignited. "I wish this was not our last night..."

"Shh, please…" she whimpered as he shifted inside her, letting her feel his hardened length within her core. "Let's not let tonight die young… I am yours until dawn, my dear heart…"

"Jack! Jack! The baby's coming!"

"Oh god! Hold on Maddie!"

He pulled back and thrust into her hard, making her cry out in pleasure, her body was tingling and her hands gripped him tightly, leaving angry marks on his otherwise unblemished skin. She was always curious as to why her paramour was always so cold to the touch, even his erection that was held prisoner within her folds felt like ice, but at the same time her body felt as if she were on fire and the contrast was heavenly.

She moaned and cried, clawing at his back as he hissed and grunted, slamming into her roughly as her walls caressed him like satin. They met up like this twice a month for a year now. He knew she was married, he knew she had a three year old daughter, and he knew she still loved her husband. But he overlooked these facts as he thought of only what they had together.

"Oh dear heart!" she gasped, feeling another climax coming, this one shaking her to the core as she screamed his name to the heavens as he roared hers, spilling within her for the 4th time that night.

"It's a healthy baby girl!"

"Mads did you hear that! We've got a daughter! Ohh she's so beautiful and precious…"

They fell to the bed, shivering and too tired to go again. He rolled off of her, pulling her to him as he got them comfortable under the soiled sheets. They were silent, her head resting on his arm, he didn't like her resting on his chest and she was fine with that. They stared at each other lovingly before he pulled away and cuddled her to him.

"Mon amour… Mon Amour…" He sighed, kissing her temple as she buried her face into his chest sobbing. His eyes stared out onto the balcony of their hotel room, glowing in the moonlight, though she did not see them as he smiled in her hair at a figure only he could see. "I'm sorry, my sweet Madeline… But I wish we had more time together… more time to love one another, but I fear I will not make our date next month nor any that follow… I love you, never forget that…"

"What shall we name her, Maddie?"

"Jasmine… Jasmine Bethany Fenton…"

"Perfect! Hi Jazzy, I'm your daddy…"

She sobbed in his arms as he held her close, his eyes never straying from the figure, who smiled at them and then vanished as they laid their together until dawn. The next morning, Maddie awoke with a start, the room was as it had been the night before, but her lover was gone. In his place was a single black rose with a small note telling her he loves her and that he deeply wished they could meet again in another lifetime.

"…. Evan…" she sobbed into her hands, knowing that she would never see him again in this lifetime.

~1 month later~

Maddie was sitting in the living room, folding laundry as she watched the news, trying to stay ahead of all the other competition in the advancements of science when breaking news come on. She gasped, watching avidly as a picture of a handsome young man came onto the screen, his long black hair and green eyes too painfully familiar to her as she raised the volume and stared, horrorstruck at the screen.

"This just in! Up and rising musician Dante E. Phantom's body was just found in his dressing room. It seems the young man had suffered a fatal heart attack. Key witnesses say that he had not been feeling himself and was coming down with a cold when he asked to take a break for lunch. He had laid down for a nap and when his manager, Carlos Wesley, came to check on him, Mr. Phantom would not-"

The rest went unheard as she watched, tears gathering in her eyes as she saw the gurney with a body covered in a white sheet was moved out of the building to a waiting ambulance, the wind stirring the cloth to reveal his handsome face. She choked; he looked as if he were only sleeping. Yes, that was a wonderful way to put it; he was only asleep… sleeping forever.

She watched and listened, for a moment longer, quickly becoming sick as she watched Mr. Wesley suddenly start to twitch and finally collapse. She felt bile rising as he began to foam at the mouth, the paramedics scrambling to help the man suffering from a seizure only to have him fall still a few heart shattering moments later. Everyone was stunned and silent, the paramedics trying in vain to revive the man only to shake their heads sullenly.

And finally she couldn't hold it down anymore, she ran to the bathroom on the main floor and began to wretch into the toilet, but because she had nothing in her stomach, all that came out was bile and spit. When the moment of sickness passed, she curled up into a corner to sob. She couldn't believe it, Evan was dead…

A week passed and still she was vomiting every morning, she finally had enough and went to the doctors. They saw she looked miserable and with the vomiting they were scared to think she was slowly dying. She sat in the office with a nurse while the doctor was off getting the results back. The nurse had made her some tea to sooth her stomach and to try and make her feel better. The doctor came in and smiled brightly.

"Congratulations, Mrs. Fenton… You're pregnant!" he said cheerily as she stared at him gob smacked before her eyes widened and her hands flew to her stomach, tears of bittersweet joy coming to her eyes.

She hadn't slept with Jack since two months back, the only possible person who could have fathered her baby just recently passed away, but she smiled, she had a piece of Evan with her to love and cherish always…

~8 months and half later~

Jazz sat on the bed with her mommy, smiling as she listened to the baby move in her large and round belly. Jack was downstairs tinkering on a new invention, trying to keep himself busy so he wasn't causing Maddie unnecessary stress with his constant fretting. They didn't know the gender of the baby because Maddie wanted to be surprised when she finally gave birth, the nursery was set up in unisex colors all bright and cheery with mountains of baby toys, clothes and diapers to spare.

"Mommy, when's the baby coming?" Jazz asked, lifting her head a moment to look at her mother more clearly.

"I don't know. Soon I hope. I'm as excited as you are to meet you baby sister or maybe a baby brother…" Maddie said, smiling.

Jazz giggled as she rubbed her mother's belly, feeling the baby kick her hand. But then her mother gasped in pain, clutching her stomach.

"Mommy? Are you getting a tummy ache?" Jazz asked, worrying if her mommy was sick. She got tummy aches and they were never fun.

"No Jazzy… Mom- Mommy thinks… that—AAAAAAAAAH! " She let out a pained scream that could wake the dead as water soaked the bed.

Jack heard the scream and was in the room in a heartbeat grabbing the bag they set up to take her to the hospital for the delivery. He got Jazz in her coat seeing as it was a chilly night even if it was the middle of May, and got her into the car before he came back for Maddie and carried her out to the car. Once he locked the house and got his wife and daughter secured, he drove off like his life depended on it.

They arrived at the Hospital in record time, Jazz holding the bag as she worried for her mommy who was crying in pain holding her stomach. Jack carried Maddie into the hospital shouting for a doctor. Several ran over and upon seeing her in labor, they got her into a wheel chair as they shouted orders and ran off to prepare the room. Within three short minutes Maddie was in a hospital gown, set up in the delivery room with a team working on her.

Jack was also in the room in scrubs as little Jazz watched from the wind outside of the room. Hours ticked by from when her water broke and just as dawn was approaching, she finally pushed the baby out of her. The doctor slapped the baby's bottom and nothing happened. Maddie was instantly trying to get up to see what was wrong, but Jack held her down. He was a worried as she was, but he didn't want her hurting herself more than she already was.

The doctor began to examine the infant and breathed a sigh of relief when said baby began to wail his head off, having been born asleep and just now registering the stinging in his bottom. Upon hearing her baby's indignant screaming, Maddie collapsed back, laughing through her sobs as Jack relaxed and smiled at both her and Jazz, who was pressing her face into the glass, eyes wide trying to see her newborn sibling.

It wasn't until twenty minutes later that she got to see her new baby brother in her mother's room as her dad sat with her on his lap both starting in awe at the tiny adorable infant suckling at Maddie's breast. A nurse stood to the side, writing down notes and filling out the birth certificate.

"And what is your son's name?" She asked.

"Jack… I want to name him Daniel… Yes Daniel Evan Fenton." She said smiling at her son, seeing so much of his biological father in his tiny innocent face.

"Once again, you come up with a brilliant name for our child!" Jack smiled broadly, agreeing with the name as the nurse wrote it out and then took the certificate to be signed by the doctor and to have a copy made so they can keep a copy and give the original to the parents.

Jazz smiled as Danny was burped and held so he was facing his sister and she giggled.

"Hi Danny, I'm you big sister, Jazzy…" She whispered, not wanting to scare him with talking loud.

He only yawned, too content to respond, but Jazz didn't care, she was happy to finally see the baby that her mother carried for almost nine months…

~A few days later~

Maddie smiled as she put Danny into his crib, Jazzy standing beside her as Jack watched from the doorframe. Danny was sound asleep, wrapped in a fluffy baby purple blanket. They watched him for a moment more before Maddie took the baby monitor, turning the other on as they left the room. Jack tucked Jazz in to bed before joining his wife in their bed, both barely got to kiss each other before they were down and out for a few hours of sleep before Danny would wake up, demanding food.

Once the house was silent, all occupants sleeping, two figures appeared from the darkness and walked over to the crib. One of them dressed in a white dress shirt and black slacks with long white flame like hair picked up the infant, his blood red eyes softening to a rosy magenta as the other man clad in purple, also with long white hair and red eyes smiled at them.

"So beautiful… He's perfect, Mon Bien-aimé…" the white haired man said.

"That he is, Mo Bláth Bán…" The purple clad man agreed, running a gloved hand over a round cheek. "He's a rare breed… he'll be beautiful when he gets older…"

"Too beautiful… I wish we could take him now…" Whined the other; kissing the infant's forehead softly, breathing in his sweet scent and basically burning this moment into his core to be forever preserved. "Daniel Evan Fenton… Mon petit Coeur."

"Ár Bláth Oighir…" The purple clad male agreed, kissing his son. "We must go, our time is short."

The other whimpered, not wanting to part with his child, but never the less laid him back in his crib and kissed his forehead once more. They stepped away fading into the darkness, only the soft ticking of clock could be heard before nothing…