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((Chapter Ten))

The first thing Danny became aware of, as the heavy reins of sleep fell away slowly, was that his head felt like he was trapped in a vice and it was getting tighter and tighter. Another was that his side burned with pain and his neck was tight and sore. His stomach made itself known with its upset churning and the threat of throwing up. Rolling onto his side and gagging, he became aware that he was lying on the floor, white tiles that were beyond bleach white blinding him with the white lights pounding down from the ceiling.

He breathed deeply; the air was sterile and smelt of chemicals. The rattling of a chain and the heavy sensation of his left ankle told him he was being held prisoner. And with great effort, Danny opened his eyes and blinked them a few times to adjust to the brightness. Once done, he noted that he was inside of a large glass-like prison cell that was elevated off the ground and surrounded by a ghost shield and computers.

He gasped as he saw K and O talking with an older man in a white suit, graying hair styled back and kept short. The man's hair was a darker blonde color and his face, though weathered from aging, was still handsome. The man noticed he was awake and moved over to a woman in a lab coat. She nodded when he spoke to her and she typed something into the computer before a speaker in the ceiling came online.

"Finally awake, Mr. Fenton… That's very good." The man drawled, his voice reminding Danny of Dash when he would try to talk all suave when no one was around to judge him. "I'm a bit amazed that I did not make the connections sooner, but at the same time I'm extremely happy that we have you in our grasp to study…"

"What do you mean?" Danny asked wary, as he moved himself away from the glass and looked at the room outside of his prison.

Large machines, various bottles and containers full of chemicals and samples, sharp needles, knives and lord knows what else laying around the room, waiting to be used. And then there were the people who all stood around and ogled him like some exotic pet on display.

"Well, Mr. Fenton, you see… I've been studying Ghosts for years, since the first time Plasmius appeared some 20 years ago or so… Also I would study your parents' notes and research to help further my own. And then I developed, InGene Corp… My legacy to my son, Dashel… but then Plasmius appeared again and destroyed out main building."

"D-Dashel? As in Dash Baxter?" Danny gasped.

The man nodded his head, smirking as an older man came to him whispering, Danny barely able to hear him.

"…. Heat cycle…"

"… Pregnancy…son…."

"… An army…"

Danny's eyes widened as he looked around his prison. There were many sections that could move away, but would not budge unless the computer gives them that command, he also noted the floor had panels that would move as well, one opening up to reveal a blanket and a pillow as another opened up with steaming hot food on a tray. He looked back at Mr. Baxter, who had finished talking to the older scientist. Said employee was eying Danny like a miner would eye the mother lode of gold.

"Well you had best eat, Mr. Fenton, you'll need all your strength… After all I learned something very interesting just now…"

Danny backed away as the blonde male stepped closer, eyes widening as he chuckled evilly at the prospect of endless possibilities. Suddenly a memory came unbidden to the forefront of his mind. When he first learned about his powers, the ghost who spoke about an evil director—

"It seems that Ghosts, much like animals have a mating season and are able to become pregnant during this point in time… I had a couple of ghosts, much like yourself, here some years ago, about 18 years ago if I remember correctly. One of them looked exactly like you, only his eyes were green."

Again a memory flashed in his mind, those kind green eyes that looked at him with a sad, but loving longing. The man's voice, deep and soothing; cooing him as he was frightened of the storm and scared because he lost his mother.

"Mon petite Coeur…"

"It turns out the two were mates, living among us for a few years. It seemed that they were trying to have a child together… Unfortunately the child they made before coming under our supervision, did not make it… Miscarried because of a few of our tests. All well, we didn't fret seeing as they could make another one-"

Danny's eyes flashed teal as he lunged at the glass, only to fall short of it from the chain and screamed in agony as painful electric shocks were fed into his body. When it stopped he was left sobbing and shivering on the floor as everyone muttered and began moving around typing at consuls as Mr. Baxter shook his head and laughed.

"My dear boy, you need to understand. I'm curious, how can something dead give birth, let alone impregnate a living being…"

"Wh-what are you-" Danny moaned in pain, curling up to try and stop his tremors.

"I'm saying, Mr. Fenton, that 16 years ago, your mother stopped by the hospital and had a few tests run. It turns out she was pregnant, nothing out of the ordinary. But then one of the doctors on staff, one of my employees, was taking a closer look at her blood. It seemed that the results came back with a little more than her being pregnant. Under closer examination he was shocked and awed to find out that you mother's blood stream was infused with GNA…"

Danny looked up at him confused, even as his body still trembled and twitched still. And then his eyes widened in shock as the man nodded to a technician and a see through screen appeared before him showing off the Human DNA strand VS the GNA strand and another that looked like a fused version of the two.

"As you well know Human DNA is shaped like a Double Helix filled with trillions of blueprints that make up our complex being." Mr. Baxter began as the screen focused on the DNA strand that was interwoven with a single line in the middle that acted as the balance between the two strands swirling around it and meeting together at specific points.

"I don't understand…" Danny mumbled as the GNA strand came up next allowing him to see that it was very much like the DNA stand, but instead of the line in the middle it was like webbing of some kind pulled the two strands closer together and to meet more frequently than the Human DNA.

"When we die, our bodies decompose and during this process our blueprints begin to burn away. When this happens the atoms and even the subatomic ions that flow around them begin to reconstruct themselves into bridges and function like a synapses. But because by this time the important parts of the blueprints are destroyed and gone this allows the host to do things that they couldn't before like from being tangible to being intangible."

The last strand came up and it was hard to describe. The only thing that came to mid was the movie Fifth Element. It was like multiple DNA strands creating a cylinder that was connected to that single line in the middle with the webbing of the GNA, but there was something else about it.

His strand never met, but instead branched off, each branch branching off and so on and so forth and at the center was what looked like a diamond. He blinked and then gasped when he realized that the complex net working was forming his body and where his heart should be was his core.

"Ghosts have cores, usually made from whatever had been there in their last moment of life. It acts like a heart. And like a heart, if you remove the core… you kill the ghost. Ironic really, Ghosts are already dead, so I wonder… how can you die again?" Mr. Baxter laughed carelessly as he grinned at Danny.

Danny on the other hand, was looking sick to his stomach, his face paler than normal, his cheeks a bit green from the urge to vomit. And the smell of warm food wasn't calming his stomach either. Mr. Baxter was directly before Danny's prison and smiled coldly.

"But back to the first topic of why you need your strength. You see, one of my best employees discovered from the memory of one of our droids that had been sent into the ghost zone, that not only is it possible for ghosts to become pregnant, but also MALE ghosts… I believe this is him…"

An image appeared, the ghost was tall and broad compared to Danny, but smaller than Plasmius' musculature. His hair was wild and white, his eyes a clear red color and his skin a soft glacier blue. He was sitting somewhere in the Ghost Zone and he seemed to be sewing a baby.

"And since you, Mr. Fenton, are a new breed of Ghost and Human, I wonder if this particular trait has been passed on to you… Can you imagine the possibilities?" the man smiled widely as he looked at Danny like he found the perfect cash cow. "Of course so we don't get nosy people digging into our business, we'll tell them we found a medical miracle process that will allow gay couples to have their own babies without the help of a woman."

"You can't just say that!" Danny yelled, backing away to the center of the cage seeing as the others were now too close to the glass for his comfort. "What happens when they find out you lied?!"

"But that's the beauty of it, Mr. Fenton… We'll be running those tests and once we isolate that specific gene, we'll test it on a few of our test subjects and if they can successfully become impregnated, then the who's to say it's a lie? And you will be the poster boy for Male Pregnancy."

"What lesbians!? How will they have babies!?" Danny was trying to find some loophole he could work with, something to exploit so that way he could rip open a hole somewhere and when the opportunity presented itself, he'd get the hell out of wherever he was. "Infertile couples?! What about complications with the pregnancies!? What will the parents do if their find out their baby is actually a ghost!? How will the male give birth?!"

Mr. Baxter laughed, the poor boy was drowning and vainly grasping at straws. But when those problems came up, they would have a sure fire way to fix it, but by that time, he would have a nice little army of hybrids much like Danny and his own son would be helping him with that very soon…

The first thing that she became aware of was the bright lights and the fact that she was laying on something soft. Her fist instinct was to get up, which she did, only to collapse back onto the bed with a violent cough as her body was racked in painful convulsions before it settled down and she was able to get a better look around herself. It was a hospital room. The nurses were walking about outside the door, doctors rushing back and forth as the PA system paged them to and from one floor or another.

She jumped when her door opened, but relaxed seeing one of the adults that had found her at the construction site. The woman had red hair, though it looked more brown than red, and light purple-blue eyes. More came in and she grew a bit nervous until she saw a dog walk in and jump onto the bed. She giggled and pet his head as he whined at her, huffing softly as she pet his head.

"Glad you're awake now…" said a younger version of the woman with lighter hair and eyes. "My name is Jazz… I'm the older sister of the missing boy… Can you tell me why you took him?"

The girl looked at her with the same blue eyes and looked down.

"Will you send me back to them?"

"What?" Jazz gasped and then shook her head. "No! We won't send you back! But we can help you find your family-"


"Sorry, we didn't hear that?" Another girl spoke up, her hair was black and her eyes were a pale purple color, almost like amethyst.

She looked at them then the adults before staying quiet. Jazz seemed to understand and told the adults to step out of the room. There was a moment of heated words before the adults left when the dog got up snarling as green foam began to bubble up in his mouth. Once it was only the kids, she seemed to relax then and said clearly:

"I don't have a family… I was made." She said, showing them her arms where the tubes had been in her to feed her the necessary DNA and chemicals to help her form and grow. "I'm the only 'successful' clone of Phantom… I was told to capture him and they would give me the serum to keep me from melting back into a puddle of chemicals and ectoplasm…"

Tucker nodded before stating, "But what they gave you wasn't the serum but some potent heroine. They wanted you to OD on it and die so that no one would know they took Danny… But the question is who are 'They'?"

"Guys in White…" She mumbled. "I'm very sorry… I didn't want to do it, but they said they would hurt me and the others more if I didn't! I really didn't want to, but they would have killed the others and experimented on me until I melted!"

"Jazz?" Sam spoke up.

"Kwan and Valerie, you two are gonna help me. Tucker and Sam, go to the GZ and I need you to find someone named Technus. He's a bit of a mad scientist, but he might be able to come up with a formula to help her. If he gives you a hard time tell him Danny's gone. That'll give him a reason to do it because Danny won't be here to 'stop' him." Jazz told them.

Sam nodded as she stood and pulled out her beret and goggles and smirked at Tucker as he nodded his head and they walked out the room. Outside they told the parents the news and the plan before heading off to Fenton Works. Jazz told Kwan what she needed from her house and where to find everything exactly before turning to Valerie and asking her to get some clothes for the girl and to see if she can find Dex, he might know a few things.

As soon as they were alone, the girl bowed her head lower and turned invisible, though she didn't try to move from the bed.

"I'm not angry… I'm sure if I was in you place, I'd have done the same thing. But still why we need your help… Danny's my baby brother and in a really wrong and twisted way, he's your mother. And one thing I know for sure is that the bond between mother and child is a very powerful thing, very powerful. So please, help us find your mom, okay? Tell me anything you think is important or even silly, it might be vital for us to find Danny. And until Sam and Tucker get back, I'll give you a shot that I made years ago when Danny's core began to flare with his puberty. It'll act as a temporary Band-Aid if you will."

The girl looked nervous, having learned that needles meant pain and drugs, which she gathered from the memories in her… mother's DNA. But so far Jazz hasn't tried to hurt her and they wanted to help her and in return they asked her to help them back. Thinking it over, she had nowhere to go, not family, unless she counted the evil doctors as her family. She was nobody, completely inhuman, no ID, no social security number, birth certificate; nothing. A clone, a test tube baby made from chemicals and the DNA of a boy that she helped to capture and subject to the same hell she had been in since she developed conscious thought.

But then a thought struck her, why was she not helping Jazz? She owes no loyalty to the GiW, they hunted down and killed ghosts and humans alike! They were probably doing that right now to Danny! Her mother! Feeling a strange rage boiling inside of her, she became visible once more and she transformed right then and there, dressed in a black and white suit similar to Danny's old Hazmat suit, only the while and black swirled around her like a Yin Yang symbol. Her loose hair was white and fanned about like a wild flame as her eyes glowed a bright green color.

Cujo jumped up and barked, spinning in a circle before sitting and panting happily to see that the girl would help! But he suddenly stiffened and growled low, eyes flashing red as he took off.

"CUJO!" Jazz yelled, running to open the window only to find the dog was gone. "DAMN!"


"Cujo's gone! He took off and the tracker's not gonna work to find him, we'll have to do this without him…" She sighed, turning to the girl who floated in mid air while the adults stared in awe of her ghost form.

"Jazz?" The girl called.


"I'll help you find my mom." She nodded and dropped to stand on her own two feet, ripping the wires and needles out of her and ignoring the protests of the adults.

"She has rapid healing, she'll be fine as long as she stays in ghost form until all her wounds heal." Jazz cut in as the girl nodded and they somehow got comfy in the room and listened to everything she had to say, from her first conscious thoughts, up to Danny's kidnapping, trying her best not to leave out any details…

Cujo raced through the Ghost Zone and Living World, popping in and out of rips that formed until he was standing where Danny had vanished from. He sat down and whined pathetically when a hand pet his head.

"It's okay, Cerberus, we'll find him…" the person reassured, his tall god like build was covered in a deep brown tunic with dark green leggings, an autumn leaves colored cape draped over his shoulders as his long wild main dark green hair was littered in vines, thrones and a few fruits and seeds. "After all he did help me. Let's go. I know where they are."

Cujo barked and followed after the other ghost as they took off…

Dashel Baxter was an only child, spoiled rotten and rich. He was the captain and quarterback of the football team and the apple of his father's eye. He'd do anything his father asked of him and his father in return gave him cool gifts and presents. So when he brought home an A on his math test, he knew his father would have an awesome gift for him. Now he never really knew what his dad did for a living.

He only knew that it was a Government job and it paid a nice 6 figure sum bi-monthly. Next to his girlfriend Paulina, he was the second richest kid in all of Amity Park. So he was surprised when his dad called him out of school and said he would be joining him at his job, that he had a wonder surprise in store for him for bringing home such a wonderful grade and for winning the game the night before.

Dash couldn't wait to see what his old man had gotten him this time! He was forced into a white lab suit much like his fathers, but didn't complain seeing as they needed everything to be clean and his normal clothes were full of outside germs that could be dangerous to their work. He trailed behind his father, ignoring all the sciency chatter going on, pausing to check out some of the test subjects through the windows.

He was in awe of the ghost kid that was dressed like a pirate and was multiplying himself and attacking the walls and himself in what looked like a mock pirate battle. Another room had a young man, about mid 20s, curled up into a ball as his body was racked with shivers and his breath left him in long white wisps.

"… boy is ready. The drugs have been introduced to his system and we've put him in the chamber. He's completely harmless and even then we've tied him down in the event he can fight the administered drugs."

Dash blinked and looked at the doctor that had spoken and his father smiled wickedly.

"Excellent. Come along, Dashel. It's time for your present." Mr. Baxter stated.

Dash jogged behind his dad, watching techies test out new weapons and gadgets, experiments on other ghost like creature until they were in a hall that had a single door at the end. He began to bounce with eagerness as his father chuckled and kept walking. Once in front of the door, Samuel Baxter presented his ID badge, his retina scan, and his thumb print before the door opened and they stepped into a small room, about 6x6.

The door shut and there was a hiss as funny smelling air pushed down on them before a blue light glowed and then shut off and a second door opened and they stepped through. Dash coughed softly into his sleeve, the smell of the bacteria killer was overly sweet, like rotten fruit. Once he was sure he could breath normally he looked up and gasped.

The room was plain, that was easy to see, only a trunk that was opened to show sex toys in side and bed being the only furniture, but it wasn't either that had his attention. No, it was his classmate, his missing classmate laying naked and chained to the large bed. Just a few days ago it was announced that Danny had suddenly gone missing and the whole Town went into Amber Alert. He remembered how everyone was talking, saying ghosts did it, or may that Danny was taken away by some cult freaks or the government.

Well some of them were right, the government got him, but why?

"This is your gift, son… I know that you've got a girlfriend and I know that you are not gay, but I do know that you sometimes fantasize about doing certain deviant things to Mr. Fenton here. So I thought I'd let you do so. Don't worry, he's only sleeping from the drugs we gave him, but he'll be more than complaint."

"But dad, there's a City wide Amber Alert out for him!" Dash breathed, his brain fried from the fact that Danny was here the whole time, just a helicopter's three hour trip away from the city, in the middle of nowhere pretty much.


He ducked his head and muttered a quick, but sincere apology to his father. He didn't mean to sound ungrateful for his gift, but he had panicked, what if word got out that his father kidnapped Danny? Not only would his father be arrested, he'd lose his job, his reputation and they would lose their house and their easy money was well! He did not want to end up like Valerie and her dad! Living paycheck to paycheck!

But then again, no one had to know and knowing his dad, he'd let him come back and fuck Danny as many times as he wants until he no longer felt that homo urge anymore! He could keep his girlfriend and his friends and no one had to know that he had those urges for the School Faggot. Smirking evilly, he thanked his father, who nodded and told him to have fun while handing him a large tube of lube before turning to walk out of the room.

Dash walked up to the bed and eyed Danny's naked body. Mile long legs, toned to perfection, a nice hourglass figure that model killed for and flawless, petal soft white skin. His hair was long, falling to about mid back and left loose to form a black halo around his head. A collar and shackles chained him to the bed and wall, allowing enough space and mobility to change positions, but other than that, Danny couldn't set a single foot out of bed.

He sat down beside the sleeping boy and trailed hand down his cheek, smirking as Danny moaned in his sleep, turning his head away from his touch. But the smirk fell quickly when he heard Danny moan another's name.


He growled in anger, that new faggot that started school about a week or so ago. He lost every fight with him so far and it seems he's been fucking Danny! Well fine, he'll just have to make Danny forget about Vlad and think only about him and his dick!

"What's you boyfriend going to think when I turn you into my personal ass-slut, hmm, Daneilla?" Dash laughed cruelly, leaning down to start trailing kisses down Danny's neck and shoulders all the while imagining the things he was about to do to the boy sleeping on the bed…