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Team 8 was currently rushing towards the land of waves. Anko had informed the three genin about the situation about team 7 and their client Tazuna. Aparrently the bridge builder was being targetted by Gato the owner of a major shipping company, and has been robbing the land of waves of all of its money. Tazuna had only gathered enough money for a c-ranked mission and was forced to lie so that he could get protection from any of the men Gato had hired to kill him. The group had managed to quickly reach the land of waves at the end of the day. Team 8 then located Tazuna's house and knocked on the door. It was answered by a woman wearing a pink dress and an apron.

"Can I help you" she asked

"Yes, we are the back-up that the Hokage has sent" Anko answered. The woman then welcomed her inside of the house. The first thing that team 8 spotted was that Sakura was clinging onto Sasuke and Kiba was playing with Akamaru.

"Kakashi is resting upstairs" Tsunami told them. The group thanked them as they started to settle in the house.

"NARUTO-BAKA WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!" the pink haired fangirl yelled as she finally spotted the genin team. Everyone winced at the volume. It was worse for Kiba and Akamaru because of their enhanced hearing.

"Well, if you must know Haruno." Naruto spat at the name "We are the back-up that you asked for"


Shut up!, the others thought

Meanwhile, Anko was going to check on Kakashi. When she opened the door, she found the one-eyed cyclops reading his beloved orange book.

"Hi Anko" Kakashi greeted and then returned to his book.

"Hey kakashi" Anko said as she sat beside him.

"So do you mind telling me what happened" the snake mistress asked

one long explation later

"Wow, you must be getting rusty if you ended up like this just after one fight with your sharingan" Anko commented

"Do you really have to comment about it" Kakashi replied

"Absolutely" anko replied causing Kakashi to sweatdrop

"Anyway I have to torture-I mean train my team" Anko exited the room with an evil aura surrounding her.

"I have a bad feeling about this" Kakashi muttered as he exited the room

Kakashi and Anko called their teams outside to train.

"Kakashi-sensei, what are we learning today" Kiba asked while Akamaru was perched on top of his head.

"We're going to learn how to climb trees" Kakashi replied while leaning on his crutch.

"That's easy" Kiba answered

"The mutt's right anybody can climb trees" Sasuke commented ignoring the angry look he received from his teammate.

"Yes, but can you do with it without using your hands" Kakashi said

"Huh?" team 7 replied, causing team 8 to wonder how far behind team 7 were.

"Like this" Kakashi then demonstrated by walking up the tree trunk and down, "Now you try.

Kiba went first and ran toward the tree, but he added to much chakra to his feet and ended up blasting off once his foot touched the tree. sasuke went after him but then slipped and quickly marked the tree with a kunai before landing on the ground.

"I forgot to mention, if you add to much chakra you blast off from the tree if you don't add enough chakra you will slip" Kakashi commented

"Hey this is easy" everyone looked up to see that Sakura was sitting on the branch of a tree.

"What do you know pinky has some talents afterall" anko commented

"It looks like the only girl of the group has the best control" Kakashi said

"Did you see me Sasuke-kun!" Sakura yelled

"Hn" Sasuke said while looking at the tree

"Sakura, you're going to be guarding Tazuna, today" Kakashi said

"But I want to be with Sasuke-kun!" she yelled causing everyone to wince from the volume.

"Sakura, now." Kakashi told her with a stern voice. Not having to be told twice, Sakura started to leave.

"Hey Sakura" the Inuzuka boy called

"What!" the pinkette replied

"Can you give me a hint on how to walk up the trees" he asked

"WHY WOULD I GIVE ADVICE TO A MUTT LIKE YOU!" She yelled leaving. Kiba sighed, Shikamaru patted his back.

"You're not a mutt" Naruto said

"Thanks Naruto" Kiba replied.

"Don't worry, I bet you'll be able to master the tree walking exercise before you know it" Kiba smiled at the comment.

"If you want we can give you a hint" the spikey blonde told Kiba.


"Sure, we're friends after all" Naruto answered

"Naruto" Kiba said with anime tears streaming down his face, akamaru also having the same expression.

"Hey, Sasuke, do you want a hint?" Naruto asked

"che. Uchiha's don't need hints" Sasuke said before running up the tree only to slip, causing him to mark his place again.

"suit yourself" the blonde muttered

"So what's the hint" Kiba asked

"The hint is" Naruto started

"The hint is?" Kiba said


"Naruto" Kiba asked

"Hey, Hinata, Shikamaru. what was the hint?" Naruto laughed causing the others to face fault.

"You mean you don't even remember!" Kiba yelled

"Not really, it just temporarily slipped my mind" Naruto grinned

"THAT MEANS YOU FORGOT!" the Inuzuka screamed

"Now, now, let's not get angry" Naruto waved his hand

"Now you're starting to sound like Kakashi-sensei" Kiba muttered, Akamaru barked in agreement.

"This is way too troublesome, I'm going to go watch clouds" Shikamaru said before leaving.

"I can't really help it, tree walking is just second nature to me" Naruto answered

"You just have to keep your chakra at a fixed point. All you have to do is walk up the tree using the same exact amount of chakra to stick to the tree" Hinata explained

"So I don't need to use more chakra when I go higher up the tree" Kiba asked

"No, you just need to use the same amount of chakra." she answered

"Thanks, that'll help me a lot" Kiba thanked

"No problem" Naruto said," We better get back to Anko-sensei, or she'll have our heads" then the two left.

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