By: Theodore 'Blitz' Leung

Author's Note: Um…well…due to the rather chaotic situation I am going to write this as, you probably will see a massive change in writing style right off the bat. I'll try my best to not get everyone confused, but this is rather huge, so…cut me a bit of slack please. Thank you!

Secondary Note: Keep an eye on the time slots, you'll notice the changes, trust me, it helps to keep track of chronological order. I would write it in full chrono-order, but I decided it may be more interesting otherwise.

Day: 0, Time: 1626, Location: West TR Research Facility, 2nd Floor, Laboratory C

Tim groaned, his body aching all over. He could still feel the vibration of his explosives ripping through the facility through the steel cold floor of the chamber. Slowly, he got up, watching Carter and Des guarding the door, waiting for Tim to regain consciousness.

"R-Report…" Tim ordered meekly, gripping his rib tightly. He was thankful the room was empty, or else the explosion may have thrown the contents of the room around and really have killed them.

"Guards are swarming the place, scientists are being evacuated, we were basically waiting for you to get up before moving out," Des answered, his rifle now assembled and in the hacker's hands. Tim glanced around the room.

"Alken…?" he asked aloud, not seeing the fourth of their party at all. Carter glanced back towards Tim.

"Said he had to do something," the 'leader' answered, kneeling down and watching the corridor outside. "Don't know what, and Des won't talk. Alken said to on without him, he'll catch up outside."

"Alright…we might as well grant his wish…" Tim answered, standing up before basically falling over again, clutching his ribs. Slowly, he removed his hand, seeing the blood squirt out.

"Crap, we have to wrap up that wound again," Des cursed, quickly by Tim's side and motioning him to relax and apply pressure to the wound while the hacker got out another roll of bandages. Slowly, he wrapped the bandages around and secured it, getting a nod from Tim.

"Thanks…" Tim replied meekly, slowly getting up. Des nodded to Carter, who then nodded to Tim as the trio was ready to move out. Tim drew his Heartbeat pistol. "Let's move."

* * * * * *

Day: 0, Time: 1614, Location: West TR Research Facility, 1st Floor, Corridor AG

"Abetos, Faint Attack!" Alken ordered, Alken's Houndoom leaping forward, fading from existence, then reappearing as it knocked the Psychic Pokémon down onto the ground. The Psychic's trainer cursed, about to draw, but was promptly disabled by a dart Alken donated to him. "Good job Abetos, you know where you have to go, I'll get the others, meet up at the entrance, alright?"

The Houndoom nodded his acknowledgement, the pair running off towards the next fork in the maze before splitting off.

* * * * * *

Day: 0, Time: 1617, Location: West TR Research Facility, Rear Service Entrance

Ice and Sarpal halted in the tracks, staring up above towards the towering facility they were hoisted in front of. They glanced back at the massive hole in the ground they came from, then towards the 2nd floor of the facility, part of it blown open by some sort of explosion.

"Someone made a mess…" Ice remarked under his breath, glancing towards many entrances of the rear, all sealed with sliding shutters. The location was obviously for trucks to pick up or drop off their goods. Beside the shutters was a door at the top of a few metal steps. Sarpal noticed the door as well. "Probably locked, but I can change that," Ice commented, drawing out his energy and preparing a blade for use.

"No…save your energy, allow me," Sarpal answered, lightly touching his shoulder with her hand. Ice glanced back to protest for a moment, but was a little late, as Sarpal crushed the locking mechanism for the door with one Psychic. "Dissecting doesn't always require an edge," Sarpal commented, before collapsing into Ice's arms.

"Hey!" Ice exclaimed, surprised at the turn of event as he held onto Sarpal. Slowly, her eyes fluttered open, forcing a smile from her.

"I-I'm sorry…guess that last battle with Grix tired me out…" she replied softly, trying to right herself and get to her feet, though barely able to support herself. Ice, without much more encouragement, placed Sarpal's arm over his shoulder. The pair walked into the facility, trying to find the friends they so needed to help.

* * * * * *

Day: 0, Time: 1558, Location: Between West and East Trilands, In The Sky

Kystel quickly dived down below, breaking through the clouds. His action was mimicked by Karrion, the female Pidgeot followed close behind as the Fearow raced through the sky to find his partner.

"Why are we going to the west island?!" Karrion shouted to her partner in front. Kystel glanced back, silent, with a strange glint of determination in his eyes. The Fearow grew silent since they departed, unexpectedly for the west island. Karrion suspected it had something to do with that necklace the Fearow currently wore, though she never got a good look at it, let alone figure out where it came from. All the older of the pair of Flying types could do is pursue and wait, having full confidence in Kystel's ability to lead them to where they needed to be.

* * * * * *

Day: 0, Time: 1620, Location: West TR Reach Facility, Fire Containment Room

Abetos stopped his Flamethrower attack, the lock of the door melting with the great heat placed against it. Using his handiwork, the Houndoom knocked the door open with a strong tackle, sliding to a halt once inside. He glanced about the room: somewhat small, but taking up the whole centre of the room was what he could see as some sort of reactor of sorts. He trotted closer, wondering, remembering Alken's instructions clearly, but not knowing how to open that reactor. He knew what he had to get inside the reactor, but there didn't seem to be any clear way in. Cursing silently, the Houndoom unleashed a Fire Blast straight at the reactor. No effect.

"Crap…" the Houndoom muttered, though he expected as such, being a 'Fire Containment Room' after all meant something to his firepower.

"What…was…that…?" a voice asked outside the room. Abetos quickly spun around, seeing a pair of Humans at the door, a male and female, the blue haired female being supported by the male.

"It's a Houndoom trying to break into the reactor…I wonder why…?" the male wondered out loud, getting a growl from Abetos as he returned his attention back towards the reactor, seeing no threat from the pair of Humans.

"I'll get you out of there…Spark…don't worry…" Abetos muttered, loud enough for the pair to hear. The female gasped, recognizing the name.

"Spark is in there?!" she exclaimed, pulling herself away from Ice's arms and nearly falling to the ground in the process. "Spark, the Growlithe…?!" she spoke out, on her knees and arms as male went to collect her. Abetos glanced back again, wondering who the female was, but nodded, getting the information directly from Alken who got it from Des' hacking. "We have to get him out…" the female answered, tilting her head down, trying to regain her energy.

"I don't know who Spark is…but I guess I got to help…" the male replied, as the female pushed her counterpart away. Taking it as just a signal to help Abetos, the male nodded, letting the female rest. The male human knelt down beside Abetos. "I'm Ice," he introduced. "And that's Sarpal," he continued, pointing towards Sarpal, who only nodded, still weak from before.

"Abetos…" the Houndoom introduced, wondering how this pair understood him. However, he would take the help as an omen, returning his gaze towards the reactor.

"Cold and hot," Ice answered quickly, making the Houndoom wondered. "Work with contractions of metal," Ice continued, raising a hand and firing an Ice Beam at the reactor, much to the surprise of the Houndoom. However, he regained his compulsion, taking his turn at heating the metal through a small patch of metal not shielded by the ice. It was going to be a long process…

* * * * * *

Day: 0, Time: 1632, Location: West TR Research Facility, Main Lobby

Carter slid to a halt, quickly ejecting the clips for his Gangster SMGs behind the cover of the main receptions desk in the main lobby, thankfully made of stone and the what not for decoration sake. Tim and Des were hiding out behind it as well, listening to gun fire whiz by above.

"Any bright ideas?" Carter questioned, slamming another pair of extended clips into his Gangster SMGs. Des didn't have any bright ideas, but Tim came up with one. The soldier holstered his pair of pistols, wincing in pain a little about his wound, but not stopping him at all. He crawled towards the reception desk, focusing his energy.

With one punch, he shattered the reception desk into pieces. The rock shrapnel sprayed outwards as the Rockets did their best to protect themselves from the flying debris. The other two took the initiative.

"Void!" Carter called out, throwing the Pokéball forward as it burst open, revealing the Eevee from within. Without even waiting for the order, he initiated straight into an Agility, blasting head long into combat before disappearing from existence, beginning his favourite combination of Agility and Faint Attack.

"Blaster!" Des shouted, ready to order his Blastoise into combat as it was revealed to the stunned group. Blaster didn't wait for an order, firing off a pair of Hydro Pump attacks from his shoulder cannons. The damage was being dealt, and has been dealt, though it was no time to rest for them.

"Blaster, Void, cover rear and keep them down, we'll secure the outside!" Carter ordered, rushing towards the exit with guns blazing. Tim and Des followed behind, though Tim did covering fire as Des wasn't going to risk hitting his own comrades with such a cumbersome weapon to use on the go. However, a glint of light caught his eye outside, up top on the roof of the facility.

"Sniper, get down!" Des shouted, leaping backwards and taking aim with the rifle while in the air. He took one quickly look through the scope, finding the target and firing. The shot hit home, right through the opposing sniper's shoulder as the sniper fell back. Des rolled backwards and onto his knees, raising the scope of the Zombie sniper rifle to his eye and taking aim. One clean shot later ended it…

"Release you're Pokémon, we got an area to secure!" Carter ordered, dropping Ripper's and Psy's Pokéballs. They appeared onto the street, ready and waiting. Tim dropped his Pokéballs for Slasher and Rocky, while Des dropped Klik's ball.

"Carter!" "Tim!"

All three turned their attention towards the source of the voice, some recognizing the pair of voices, though others remained clueless. They were approached by another group of three.

"Alex!" Carter exclaimed, surprised to see the Chimera here at this time. "But..."

"Save it," Alex answered quickly, glancing towards the roof, and not towards the fallen sniper, no, something else was on his mind.

"Guile…what the hell are you doing here?!" Tim questioned quickly, surprised to find one of the Pallet Town residents in the area. The tall and lanky boy only nodded, not surprised at the reaction.

"This is Ryu," Guile quickly introduced. He motioned towards the rather well built boy by his side, wearing a white T-shirt and blue jeans. Ryu nodded, glancing at the mess made.

"Nice mess…" he commented softly, glancing towards Des. Carter glanced around at the ensemble of trainers and Pokémon.

"I'm going to help the inside," Des spoke, heading back in with Klik on his flank. Carter made a quick introduction of the sniper for the remaining trio, before introducing the rest to everyone.

"Oh, and before I forget…" Guile remarked, wiping away the jacket he wore for a moment and grabbed a Pokéball attached to the belt around his blue jeans. He released the ball for Tim.

"TIM!" Lin shouted out, the Pikachu leaping into the arms of the soldier, so happy to see the trainer again. She snuggled up close to him as Tim just hugged her, glad to see the Pikachu again. However, the moment was cut short when Lin quickly jumped out of Tim's arms. "Where's Ryna? And who kidnapped her? I need to burn them…badly…"

"I can answer that…" Alex spoke softly, still gazing towards the roof. Eyes fell on him for a brief moment. "But I must do it alone..." he added, teleporting away.

"Hey, wait!" Guile exclaimed, preparing to teleport as well, he made it a foot into the air before falling onto the ground. "Ooooww…" he grunted, scratching his aching head. "There…was some sort of field…I couldn't use my Psychic powers…"

"Wait…YOU are a Chimera?!" Tim shouted out, glancing towards Carter, who only shrugged. Guile grinned a little, getting to his feet.

"We both are," Ryu spoke, pointing towards Guile and himself.

* * * * * *

Day: 0, Time: 1549, Location: West TR Research Facility, Duelling Arena - Water, Observation Chamber

Admits all the chaos and frenzy the explosions made throughout the base, the Totodile and Umbreon quickly overcame the guard, too late though to help their friend on the ground, lying in a pool of blood.

"…those bastards…" Umbre cursed, closing his eyes, before glancing out towards his sister, Espe. She had a paw against the glass, staring out towards the arena where their parents were held, their father, unmoving on the ground. "…those bastards…" Umbre cursed again, rushing towards the glass. "Espe, get back!" he shouted, slamming into the shatter proof glass. Espe fell backwards, not moving at all, startled by Umbre's impact against it. The Umbreon fell to the ground, twitching, in pain, but not giving up.

"Umbre…" the Espeon sobbed, tears in her eyes as she watched her brother fling himself against the glass over and over again, trying to break it down. "Umbre…" she repeated, trying to get his attention. "UMBRE!" she screamed out, halting the Umbreon's defiant attacks against the glass. The Espeon slowly moved towards her brother, nuzzling his neck lightly, crying. "Please…don't…I don't want to see you hurt…my brother…" Umbre stood, stunned by her words, eyes wide. It took a while for it to sink in, before he finally nuzzled back gently, trying to comfort his sister.

"I'll protect you Espe…and I'll protect mom…" he whispered into her ear, closing his eyes. "I'll make them pay…for what they did to all of us…" Umbre added in his mind, seeking vengeance for the pain caused…

* * * * * *

Day: 0, Time: 1623, Location: West TR Research Facility, Surgery Room A3

Samantha struggled to break through her binds without using her fire power. The recent explosion alerted her of something going down, and she didn't want to be caught in it without a fighting chance of escaping. However, the restraints proved more difficult to break then she thought, wishing for someone to just let her go, though she knew that wouldn't happen anytime soon…

"At least the explosions seemed to have subsided for now…" she whispered, closing her eyes and waiting, listening for anything that may come, whether it be friend or foe. Silently, waiting…listening…

She gasped in surprise as whatever door this place may have was ripped open. The gym leader was introduced to a voice unfamiliar to her at all.

"Samantha, Star City Gym Leader, I presume," the male voice spoke, his foot steps quickly approaching the table. "I'm Alken, and I'm here to get you out."

* * * * * *

Day: 0, Time: 1637, Location: West TR Research Facility, In the Sky

Kystel watched the smoke pour out of the facility, blasted by something that he suspected was the same as the previous facility they saw. Karrion just hovered overhead, gazing down at the facility as Kystel circled it.

"What are we doing?!" Karrion shouted to her partner below, still only getting the silent treatment from her partner in crime. "Kystel?! What's wrong?!" Still no reply, but only an action, as the Fearow dived straight down towards the facility. "Kystel?!" Karrion screamed, giving chase to the diving flyer.

* * * * * *

Day: 0, Time: 1635, Location: West TR Research Facility, Rooftop

Alex materialized onto the roof, arms crossed, not showing anyway signs of fatigue, though he mentally had to admit that last teleport he tried was really tiring. He focused his gaze directly in front of him, ignoring the corpse of a sniper on the edge of the roof.

"So…you are Angel…" the female voice remarked without malice or compassion. Alex glanced up.

"Syria…" he remarked softly, not making a move or action. The female giggled softly, taking her visor lightly.

"Even with a Psychic Dampener, you can still read my mind partially, I am impressed," she commented, giving praise towards the Chimera. She raised a hand, preparing to attack. "It is a shame that I will have to crush you," she commented, throwing a Psychic attack full forward at Alex. The Angel Chimera raised a hand, trying to repel the attack, but the Psychic Dampener even proved to be a strain for him as the recoil threw him backwards a little, but not off his feet. Once again, Syria was impressed.

"They were not exaggerating about Angel's psychic potential," the ebony haired psychic spoke aloud. "I will enjoy this match…" With those words, she threw another Psychic attack towards Alex, more powerful then the last. Once more, Alex stood his ground, getting pushed backwards more, nearly toppling, but not. Gritting his teeth, he lunged forward, drawing forth a sword of Psychic energy into his hand. However, Syria wouldn't let Alex have the chance to strike, throwing as much Psychic energy into her next attack as possible, blasting straight into Alex. The Angel Chimera gasped in pain as he was thrown backwards and flat onto the ground, clutching his chest.

"Even the mighty Angel will fall without his Psychic powers…" Syria whispered, preparing another Psychic attack.

"Alex!" a voice screamed from above, getting both Psychic's attention. Diving down from the sky was a Fearow, driving down towards Syria.

"Kystel…? How…?" Alex wondered, remembering the Fearow from his stay on the TR cruise ship. The Fearow made no response, lunging straight for the female Psychic.

"Fool!" she yelled, pushing the Fearow away with her Psychic strength. Kystel cried out defiantly, but to no avail, getting thrown into the roof a few feet away. From that moment, he was bombed with Psy Beam attack upon Psy Beam attack unleashed by Syria.

"Leave him out of this!" Alex shouted out, not wanting to see an old friend hurt at all. Syria quickly returned his gaze, before blasting him away with another Psychic attack. Alex cursed visibly as he fell to the ground, wondering how he could let all this happen to him.

"Now…as for you…" Syria muttered, turning her attention back towards the fallen Fearow. She raised her hand, preparing to complete the job with one more Psy Beam.

Syria cried out in surprise as she was thrown backwards by strong winds. She quickly planted her feet on the ground, seeing Vyren in the distance, hand raised and pointed towards her.

"Don't you hurt him anymore…" he muttered, recalling the Pokémon into a Pokéball. Syria gritted her teeth, before shrugging it off.

"Until next time then…boys…" she spoke, teleporting away much to the dismay of Alex. He glanced towards Vyren, who returned the gesture and gaze.

"Vyren!!" a female voice shouted from above as a Pidgeot landed. She huffed slowly. "I tried to come as soon as possible, but after Kystel dived down, I was stopped by something…"

"Syria set up a large Barrier around the battlefield, preventing any more interruptions," Alex answered, raising his hand to his eye. "Though Vyren here seemed to have gotten in anyway," the psychic continued, not adding his own theory about the thing. He got a good idea, considering his past with Dr. Sapphire after all. "Come on, the others are waiting, we got to get out of here."