Author's Note: First crossover fic, woo hoo! A long time ago I read another Coldfire fanfic which proposed that after the events of CoS Damien might have become a cop: I liked the thought of Damien going into law enforcement, and CM is my favorite TV show, so it was only a matter of time before this odd little plot was born. Certain portions of canon from both universes are ignored: most obviously, Gerald keeps his original looks, simply because I think he's way hotter with blond hair and grey eyes. Also, in this fic, Strauss is still a total you-know-what. That all said, I've done my utmost to stay in character; if Gerald seems a little off, that's because he never actually tried to seduce Damien, so there's no canon to reference there. Romance figures largely here, but there is actually a lot of plot as well (and a good one, if I dare say so myself). Small warning for huge CM fans: most of the focus is probably going to land on the Coldfire aspect here. Apologies, but I'm so totally in love with Gerald that I just can't help myself. However, I will do my best to give the CM characters a turn at bat as well, because I do love them dearly. Especially Reid! He's just so sweet! A last plea: reviews are my bread and butter - please, feed me!

Pairings: (Main)Damien/Gerald, (Secondary)Hotch/Reid

Warnings: Slash, violence. Also some Ciani-bashing, severe Strauss-bashing.

Disclaimer: I have no claim to Criminal Minds or the Coldfire Trilogy.

A.N.2: I freely admit, I am shamelessly fishing for more reviews and readers by doing a CM crossover. The Coldfire fandom is in danger of suffocating from a lack of fans, and if I can bring new prey- ahem, new audience members into the fandom I will do anything to accomplish that. Including beg shamelessly for readers. Please, give it a shot, it's a wonderful, fantastic storyline!

A.N.3: First chapter's a bit angsty, next ones will be more light-hearted and humorous.

First Bunch of Idiots, Damien thought wryly. That's what a lot of people said was the real expanded form of FBI, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, headquartered in Jaggonath City. It made him wonder what they said of his division in particular - the Behavioural Analysis Unit, or BAU. After a moment's consideration, he decided he was probably better off not knowing.

He stared down at his desk, covered in a foot-thick layer of paperwork, and sighed heavily. Apparently, idiots liked paperwork. As a Knight of the Flame, Damien was used to chopping the heads off demons and continuing on his way - he'd never had to fill out a six-page form just to say he'd killed yet another damn vampire. That had changed when he'd been asked to join the BAU on the basis of his demon-killing skills, and when he'd taken over as Unit Chief, he'd wound up with an even bigger share of paperwork. At this point, he usually had to distribute at least half of his reports among his team to have any shot at getting them done on time. That wasn't technically allowed, but their resident genius Spencer Reid was good enough at imitating Damien's language patterns that they had never been suspected, much less caught.

Damien smiled at the thought of the young agent. He reminded Damien a little of another genius he'd traveled with, some time ago: this one was a hell of a lot more innocent, though. Besides, Reid was spoken for: there was an unwritten rule about not being in a relationship with a coworker, but that hadn't stopped him and Aaron Hotchner. Of course, the woman who was one link higher on the food chain around here, Erin Strauss, had suspected them for some time - it was part of why Aaron Hotchner had stepped down from Supervisory Special Agent to the rank of Agent again, leaving Damien to take over his position.

All in all, Damien's life was definitely looking up. He was collecting commendations like horse chestnuts, and even Strauss couldn't find anything really bad to say about him. He'd made his peace with the Church, he had a steady job doing good in the world, there were no more sadistic demons trying to take over the world... and yet, sometimes, he couldn't quite shake the feeling that there was something missing. Beneath all the layers of satisfaction and determination and pride, there was a hole in his heart that refused to mend.

Laying down his pen, Damien stared out the window for a moment, watching the crowds of people filing by in the street below. He knew, deep down, what had caused that hole. He knew what was missing.

Gerald Tarrant.

Having risked his life to destroy the demon Calesta, Gerald had been restored to his mortal life. Surrendering his immortality and status as the Hunter had bought them the leeway they needed to win the war, but Damien thought that in the end it really wasn't that terrible a price. Far harder than knowing Gerald was no longer the Hunter was knowing that after all that they had been through, the adept had still walked away.

Damien knew he didn't really have any right to be hurt. After all, there had never been the slightest hint of anything more than friendship between them, had there? The friendship alone had been a miracle; to hope for more was just too much. Yet, seeing Gerald Tarrant restored to mortality, shining like an angel in the light of the morning sun... Damien had almost given in. He'd come so close to breaking the unwritten rule that kept them from speaking of what might or might not be between them, had almost broken down and begged the adept not to go. It would undoubtedly have been futile, though: Gerald was a scientist, an explorer, he wouldn't have stood for being tied down. Alone in his office, though, watching the sun just settling to the horizon, Damien couldn't help but wonder what might have been.

There was a knock at the door. Firmly pushing all thoughts of Core-golden hair and sparkling silver eyes out of his head, Damien looked away from the window. "Come in."

It was Derek Morgan. The dark-skinned man gave Damien an easy grin as he lounged against the doorframe. "Hey, D. We're going out to have a few drinks and see if we can find Emily a guy for the dance night Garcia's hosting this weekend. You wanna come? We might even be able to find you a girl!"

Damien forced a smile, but shook his head. Ever since he'd started work here, the team had been trying to set him up with some girl or another. He wasn't exactly sure what his tastes were anymore: he'd once believed himself to be perfectly straight, then he'd met Gerald. Now, anyone he met, man or woman, got compared to the fastidiously arrogant adept - and promptly shot down. There wasn't anyone in the world who could truly compete with Gerald, and so Damien had spent the last five years alone, pining for a man who had probably forgotten all about him.

"Thank's for the offer, Derek, but I'm not really in the mood."

"Aw, come on man, you need to get out more." the younger agent said, shaking his head. "You spend all day in here with a face like your dog just died: you need a girlfriend to liven things up!"

No woman could ever liven my life up as much as Gerald did just by existing. Aloud, Damien said only, "Maybe next time."

"Okay, man, if that's what you want." Morgan said, lifting his hands in defeat and walking back to the bullpen where the others were waiting. "No luck." he told them, shaking his head again. "D's just not budging."

Jennifer Jareau, their press liaison, looked concerned. "I wonder if something's wrong?" she murmured, glancing up toward Damien's office.

"I don't normally pry into coworker's lives," Aaron Hotchner said with a frown, "but if I had to guess I'd say that there was someone in his heart before he came here. Might have ended badly, might have never started, but he's pining for someone. Until he can move past that person, there's no hope of setting him up with anyone to last."

In his office, Damien stared out the window and daydreamed of the adept who, in spite of all odds, had managed to win his heart.

Elsewhere in the city, a loremaster named Ciani was returning home after a very long day. She'd only recently arrived back from her sojourn in the rakhlands, studying the feline rakh and their customs. She had rebuilt the Fae Shoppe from the rubble, and was currently trying to set up trade relations between humans and the rakh. So far, it looked promising. Deep in thought, she was distracted when she walked into the shop, so it was a few moment before she turned the light on and looked around properly.

Once she did, she screamed fit to wake the dead.

The body of a young woman lay in the middle of the shop, in the center of a huge pool of blood. The corpse was brutally mangled, crisscrossed by deep gashes and gaping wounds. On the wall, in blood-red letters three feet high, was a single word.


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