Ok, So I had this idea for a Green Lantern/ Warhammer crossover, set is a sort of Blackest Day scenery. I want to know if it's a good idea before I really get started, but I do have the first chapter written for when I get enough positive reviews (a number which I will not disclose, as several people have told me that begging for reviews is undignified), I will post chapter one.

To help draw you in though, here is an exerpt from chapter one.


"In Darkest Day, In Darkness' Fight, No Heretic Shall Escape My Sight! Let Those Who Worship Chaos Might, Beware Our Power, By Lantern's Light!" The voices rose over the hill, echoing towards the berserkers, who turned, and stopped flinging their blood around, focusing instead on the new, fresh, still warm blood in the Lantern Marines.

The resonating response from the much larger quantity of berserkers, "BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD, SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE!" echoed out, but a smaller group, with stronger voices, pulled forward, wielding blood formed into weapons, "WITH BLOOD AND RAGE OF CRIMSON RED, RIPPED FROM A CORPSE SO FRESHLY DEAD, TOGETHER WITH CHAOS' WARP DRAWN HATE, WE"LL KILL YOU ALL, THAT IS YOUR FATE!"


Lemme know what you think.