50 Shades Of Karkat

Karkat walked over to the computer that he was occupying, typing rapidly as someone tapped his shoulder. Instantly startled, he snapped his head to look at the owner of the long thin digit. He turned and saw Gamzee. "What do you want fucker?" He yelled. Gamzee walked over and was going to touch Karkat...there. "Hey motherfucker, I want to touch your kawaii as fuck tentabulge." "No, Gamzee, don't touch me there! Don't be a baka!" Karkat ran his long and voluptuous hands down Gamzee's palatable torso. Gamzee pinned Karkat against the bed, tugging at his pants. "You're my very own Karkat flavoured popsicle, motherfucker." Gamzee said as he put Karkat on the bed and ran sloppy, high kisses upon his luscious bulging body. "Oh Gamzee-chan, don't touch me thereeee~" He was going to get touched...there. Gamzee and Karkat have long, amazing, kawaii, bishie sex, while Terezi is there watching the whole time. Karkat orgasmed screaming in the name of his ancestor, and it was kawaii as fuck. THE END.