Disclaimer: I do not own anything pertaining to The Avengers or any of its associations.

I hope I did not get any hopes up with this posting, but perhaps I will make up for it by what I have to say next.

I have decided to write another story, but I need some help deciding what to do. I have two options, and I would love for some feedback from those of you that have followed this story in order to help me decide.

The first option is that I write a sequel to this story.

The second option is that I write a new story altogether.

Please review with which you would like to see more. I already have ideas for both, but they are too similar for me to write two separate stories. Personally, I am leaning more towards the second option (only because writing the road to them falling in love is so much fun).

I also want to know whether or not I should up the rating and add a little more... maturity, to the story. So if you end up reviewing with which option you would like to see me execute, please include an opinion on that as well.

Hope to hear from you so I can get started ^_^.