Hello everyone, yes I created a new story and this is about my Seekers bear Luka. Ok, yeah I sorta copied Lusa but I couldn't find any Native American names that fit her. So…yeah! Please no flaming! Otherwise, have a great day and R&R! :)


Luka blinked her eyes open, blinded by a thin line of sunlight trickling in from the entrance of the cave. The stream rushed between several rocks, the loud woosh hurting her ears. "Mother, when are we going to set off again?"

The black bear family was going to the annual black bears' meeting place for the Longest Day. "Be patient Luka," she soothed.

Igasho, Luka's brother was curled in the curve of Adoette's stomach, his russet fur turning lighter in the sunlit shelter.

"Is it time to go?" he asked, lifting his head.

Adoette smiled. "Yes it is, my sweet."

Igasho stretched his back, his muscles already rippling beneath his fur. He had grown since the past few moons, and so had Luka. They were already almost half-grown.

"Come on mother," Luka urged, dragging Adoette out of the cave.

The she-bear followed her daughter. "I know Luka, you're very urgent but you have to understand that some things take time."

"I see mom, I'm not berry-brained," Luka answered.

Adoette sniffed the air. "Oh no."

"What is it?" Igasho wondered, looking around frantically.

"There's a flat-face here," Adoette barked, nosing her cubs away. "Go, now!"

Igasho dashed off, followed by Luka on his heels. "Luka, come on!"

"But what about mother?" the black bear cub huffed, stopping in her tracks.

Igasho thought about Adoette for a moment, but then snapped back to reality. "I know you care about mother but would you rather get shot by a death-stick or be safe up a tree?"


Luka was out of breath when they got to a tree with many branches. "You go first," Igasho said, nuzzling his sister.

"I'll meet you at the top, right?" Luka asked worriedly.

Igasho nodded. "I hope so." He scrambled up next to her.

Luka sank her claws into the thick bark, hauling herself up to a branch. "Igasho?" She called for him, but there was a loud bang and a thud. "Igasho!"

As she looked below, she realized that her littermate wasn't dead. The other black bear was crouched on the branch below her, shivering with fear.

"Mother…" His voice appeared as a whisper.

Luka's eyes watered with tears as the flat-face's scent faded away, replaced by a small firebeast taking her dead mother.

"She's gone?" Luka murmured, climbing down from the tree along with her brother.

Igasho nodded, looking at his paws. "How are we supposed to take care of ourselves?"

Luka looked around, her round ears pricked. "Come on, I think I hear prey."

"But you don't even know how to catch anything but fish," Igasho snorted.

Luka grinned. "Exactly." She raised her eyebrows. "We can go back to the stream, and try to catch some fish."

"No, I'm not catching fish where our mother died!"

Luka's heart sank. "But…she's with the Bear Spirits now."

Igasho turned on her. "Do you really think she'll be 'there' all the time with us? It's just a joke, Luka. Are you going to fall for it?"

Luka gasped. "Yes, as a matter a fact I would. The spirits aren't a joke. Stop messing around like it is, Igasho. I thought you'd have more faith."

Igasho lowered his head, and then snarled. "I want her with us NOW! I don't want her floating around me like the stupid fish-brained spirits!"

Luka stared in disbelief at her brother. "H-How could you?"

Her brother said nothing as he padded away, shoulders hunched.

"Wait, Igasho!" she yowled, but the cub was already a speck of brown. "We were supposed to go to the Meeting Place together with mother," she believed. Was that really meant to be? Did the spirits really set their mother to come with them early?


By the time Luka reached a brook next to a hollowed out tree, she settled down there for the later afternoon. As she sniffed the brook, she caught sight of medium-sized fish swimming in the dirty water. I hope this is just enough to fill my belly, she thought as she scooped out the fish.

The silvery animal wriggled beneath her paw for a moment, and then lay still. Luka sniffed it, and began to chew on the fish.

Why did I abandon my own brother? She thought, gazing up at the sky. It was almost evening, and soon Luka would have to set off to find more food. The fish didn't quite satisfy her stomach, but the rabbit that her mother had given them early in the morning was filling. The she-cub's head hurt thinking about Adoette. You can't fight it Luka, a tiny voice peeped. You're going to have to travel to the Gathering Place on your own.

Was that how it was supposed to be? Luka gathered herself together, crouching down in the tree hollow. She rested her chin on her paws and closed her eyes.


When it was pitch black in the log, Luka lifted her head sleepily. When she looked out of the makeshift den, moonlight shone down on her black fur. It was officially nighttime, and she crept out of her hiding spot.

Flat-face den lights were flicked on near the BlackPath, and Luka crept carefully over to one of the backs of the flat-face dens. Silver cans sat near the fence, flooded with so many smells that the young she-bear didn't know what to do. Before she could knock the container over, a voice sounded from behind her.

It was a bigger brown bear cub. "That food is mine."