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Igasho awoke to rain pouring down on his face. He shook his head, droplets of water scattering all over the ground.

Where am I? He thought, looking around. Fence-like walls surrounded him, with smaller trees and a huge water pond spread out across from him. A couple other black bears frolicked in the grassy environment, their pelts muddy.

"Excuse me?" he asked the strange bears.

One of them; a she-cub tilted her head, and then remarked, "Oh! You're that bear that just came from the wild! The flat-faces found you in the deeper parts of the forest. You've been out for a day. I'm Nova. What's your name?"

"I'm Igasho," he murmured shyly.

The cub beside Nova rolled his eyes. "What's so special about wild bears? They're no different than us."

Nova swatted her companion's ear. "Everything is special about them Maska, everything."

Maska snorted. "Whatever, I'm going to go listen to Georgia's stories. They are way better than hanging out with you."

"Who's Georgia?" Igasho wondered, stretching his neck to try to peer into the cave at the edge of the enclosure.

Nova sighed. "No time for answering questions, just…let me tell you where you are," she explained.

Igasho nodded slowly. "Go on…"

"Well, you're at the zoo!" Nova's eyes brightened. "You'll have everything you want here, the flat-faces give us food, we never have to hunt, and we have-"

"I don't want to be here, I want to go home!" he snarled, turning away.

Nova frowned. "But…but…I thought you'd want to play, and be friends."

"I do, it's just…I don't belong here. I belong in the wild Nova, with my sister," Igasho clarified. "I need to get out of here and find her."

Nova looked around nervously. "I…I know how to get out of here. Once one of the brown bears got out, but he never came back." Then the she-cub beckoned Igasho over to the fence. "See that flat-face building over there?" She pointed her muzzle in the direction of a brick structure with words carved in the sign that Igasho couldn't understand. He nodded.

"What is that?" He shrank back uncertainly.

Nova heaved a sad breath. "It's…It's where my father got taken away. He attacked a flat-face for scolding him, and they took him in there, and like the brown bear…" Her eyes watered. "He never came back."

Igasho swallowed tensely. Would that happen to him if he tried to get out? "So what's the main thing for getting out of here?"

Nova stared right into Igasho's eyes. "You have to attack a flat-face."


That night, the flat-faces came in to deliver the bears' food. Igasho blinked his eyes, staring directly at the flat-face who looked at him suspiciously. He bared his teeth, his eyes blazing. With luck, that flat-face came to feed Igasho.

The black bear cub glimpsed Nova mouthing 'Now' to him. Right when the flat-face set down a chunk of meat and some berries, Igasho dove onto the flat-face, pinning him to the ground and clawing with his eyes shut. It cried in agony, and several more flat-faces pulled him off of their acquaintance, shooting Igasho with something sharp.


Bright lights blinded Igasho when he awoke, his ears seeming to be filled with fluff. Was this what Nova meant when she said where her father had been taken? He looked around for an opening, but all the passages were closed. A space shaped like a square sat on the wall, its flap-like door cracked open.

It didn't take long for Igasho to realize that he was in a cage. The lock wasn't easy to crack, but the smart cub nosed the metal part up, the door easily opening. "There," he muttered to himself. He propped himself on his hind legs, hauling himself up onto the window. I certainly grew a lot, because I wasn't this big the last time I climbed something.

Igasho balanced on the edge, reckoning that the ground wasn't that high off the ground. He took a deep breath, and then leaped off, landing clumsily on his stomach. As he scrambled to his paws, he looked up at the late night sky. I'm coming Luka. I'm coming.