Authors Note: This is my very first fanfiction ever! I've had this rattling around in my head for a while now and it is time it is released. Please note this takes place after "Muppets in Space" and I did make a few changes, but they were all on purpose. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this as much as I do writing it, updates will be regular! Oh, and please use constructive criticism, enjoy!

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Chapter #1

"I'm sorry we didn't believe you Gonzo." Kermit commented as they climbed off of the bus along with Fozzie, Miss Piggy, Pepe, Rizzo and Animal. Gonzo was too happy to think twice about it, but every one of his friends were all mumbling him embarrassed apologies. Gonzo grabbed animal's chain from Kermit, who was having trouble holding on to the screaming animal who kept repeating "Gonzo! Gonzo!" "Oh, that's ok guys. It did sound crazy, but no matter what happens my family is here." Rizzo rolled his eyes "Shesh! Enough with this sappy stuff, everything is fine ok! Let's go eat I'm starving!" With that said he ran off inside. Kermit nodded "He's right it is early, but I meant what I said gonzo, your distinct."

It was indeed early the sun had begun to rise, soon everyone began to run off toward their house all thinking of the many things they wanted to do. Fozzie ran off to take a nap after he said "Ah, well, that's that, time for bed." Miss Piggy ran off complaining of a beauty routine she had to do, Pepe went off with Rizzo saying "I'm Hungry to ok." Which left Kermit and Gonzo; they both walked up the path to the house slowly, not in much of a hurry.

"Why don't you get some rest Gonzo? You've had quite the adventure." Gonzo nodded in agreement having trouble controlling Animal, who was now pulling on his chain with great force. Lack of sleep was not good for Animal, he was always more difficult when he hasn't slept.

"WOMAN!" Animal grunted as he spotted a very curvy woman jogging down the side walk, with headphones in. "ANIMAL NO!" Gonzo and Kermit shouted in unison as Animal pulled Gonzo off his feet making a b line for the woman.

Gonzo tried to hold on but he wasn't strong enough to keep hold, Kermit ran over to Gonzo, who was sliding across the lawn on his stomach shouting "WHOA! STOP!" and dove down grabbing his legs trying to help pull Animal back "WOMAN! WOMAN! WOMAN! WOMAN!" But, even with both their efforts the chain snapped…

Floyd Pepper, and the rest of the electric mayhem, where currently sitting in the living room watching a very anxious Floyd as he paced the living room floor, "Where could he be, man? I knew we never should have left him here!" Dr. Teeth shared a nervous look with Zoot, and Janice before he said in a calming tone "I'm sure he's fine, our little green buddy Kermit is with animal, Gonzo is probably just having a lot of fun with his reunion."

Janice nodded in agreement "For Sure, like yeah, Kermit is very like responsible." Zoot nodded "Yeah." It had been hard enough to convince over protective Floyd to leave Animal in the care of Kermit, they couldn't take Animal with them when they went out of town a while ago. You see they had an interview in a few towns over for a new gig, and the four of them left a day or so ago to go check it out.

They would have taken animal but Floyd didn't want to risk bringing animal into a chaotic environment, and he always lost it in all the excitement. Besides, Floyd wanted to buy him a present for his birthday on the way home.

When they finally arrived home at two in the morning to find Kermit, Fozzie, Miss Piggy, Pepe, Rizzo and Animal gone, they were all sure Floyd would lose it as well he was a very laid back, nice, lack of a better term cool guy, and a bit sarcastic, but he also had a totally different side to him. He was very protective, loving, motherly, and practically animals keeper. Most people did not see this side of him, he never acted like that a lot, and especially not around his friends. But every now and then he had one of his moments where he grew very worried and protective of animal. No one usually saw any of that, no one but his friends, the Electric Mayhem that is.

Floyd had a good feeling where he was, when they turned on the TV on every channel was a documentary staring piggy, showing Gonzo's alien family landing at cape doom. None of them where all that shocked, it actually made a lot of sense. But the group couldn't help but feel left out, since they didn't get to see the wondrous moment for themselves, either way they couldn't go up there to meet them, Kermit took their bus, and since they had an escort up to the interview they had no real transportation, so they had to just sit around and wait.

Floyd was already not very happy, just the other day animal had bit a house painter. And Floyd was terrified if animal did something else like this then he would get taken away and maybe even put down. It wasn't exactly animals fault, it all happened yesterday.

The electric mayhem had agreed to fill in for gonzo, who looked rather unhappy. They naturally agreed not to question him about it and accepted to fill in for him. The group was currently getting dressed for the barmitzfa, well almost everyone. "Floyd! We are outta here and gone in a small amount of time! You should dress your fine self to suit this gig, and fast!" Dr. Teeth shouted over his shoulder as he stood at the large mirror on the wall of their studio, straightening his tie.

Janice was tucking her blond hair into a hair net; she was planning on putting on a black wig to match her outfit, zoot was already dressed and was packing up the equipment they would need. But Floyd was only half dressed, his white shirt UN tucked, unbuttoned. His black tie not even tied yet, it merely hung around his neck, his vest and black jacket lay on a chair, and he didn't even have his shoes on yet.

Floyd had been busy trying to help a finicky, energized Animal into his own suit. "I know man, I know, I am just trying to get our wild fuzzy here dressed!" Floyd said to Dr. Teeth as he buttoned up the last button of Animals shirt. Dr. Teeth placed a black, furry top hat on his head and walked over to Floyd to help him with animal

"Everyone is giftwrapped and ready for sending, let me finish with our drummer boy while you lay some spit and polish on yourself." Floyd was trying and failing to get animals arms through his vest and coat. His hair was uncombed and he looked irritated, with a sigh Floyd looked around the room at his friends and then at himself, "alright man, alright, try to handle the wild child with much care. I really have to talk to chef about what he feeds our already hipped up animal."

Dr. Teeth laughed as he Floyd began to make himself decent, he had some trouble getting animal dressed but he managed to accomplish the task with much influence by beef jerky.

"This is going to be so totally, like, awesome!" Janice commented as the electric mayhem, walked across the lawn, caring cases for their instruments in hand.

Animal walked behind them pushing the canon they were going to use. "This will be a great moment to dive into Zoot's roots." Dr. Teeth rhymed with a laugh, Floyd agreed with the same laughter "Yeah man, and I can't wait to blow animal out of this canon!" Animal was actually looking forward to it, he saw Gonzo do it so much and often got very excited when he did.

Dr. Teeth opened the door to the bus and commented "By the looks of it, he can't contain himself either." Just before they could climb in a van pulled up in front of the house with wording on the side that read 'James Painting Services' and a very familiar man climbed out, he was tall with black hair, and a goatee. He looked as though he had gained weight and had begun to bald. He was also badly scared from a bad accident.

Floyd felt the bottom drop out of his stomach at the sight of the man he hated so much, the rest of the electric mayhem stepped closer to Floyd in moral support, animal did something no one had ever seen him do, ever. His eyes grew wide and he swiftly hid behind Floyd.

A second man stepped out of the truck; he was younger and had blond hair, with a very professional look to him. James took one glance at the electric mayhem and scowled. Floyd took in a deep breath shared looks with his friends and walked over to face him.

"You must be our house painters." Floyd spoke trying to sound as though he wasn't filled with anger and hatred. Animal peered over Floyds shoulder, "Yes, I'm here to…" James paused and grit his teeth, "Paint the house." James replied looking as though he was trying to contain his anger. No one spoke for a few moments, Floyd and James just glared at each other. Dr. Teeth smiled and sneered sarcastically "You look good man!" at that comment the electric mayhem began to laugh, James frowned fisting his hands "funny, you are all the same wanna be beatniks you were all that time ago."

The group stopped suddenly at his insult Animal growled at him as he placed a finger underneath Floyds chin, "especially you, you pompous little shit!" Floyd just smiled; animal stepped around Floyd slowly, still growling. "That's a good one, did you practice that when you're sorry can was hauled off to the slammer?"

James grit his teeth and punched Floyd right in the face, as soon as he did this the electric mayhem began to shout protest's at him. Floyd fell backward, but was caught by Dr. Teeth, who was swearing up a storm. Animal on the other hand lost it, he screamed "BAD MAN! KILL!" and jumped James, who screamed in fear fighting animal off, but animal bit his hand hard causing James to scream, and his friend ran over to help.

"Get him off me! Get him off!" Floyd pushed himself up using Dr. Teeth's shoulder, among all the mayhem and shouting Floyd snapped a command at animal "Animal! Back!" Animal obeyed but halfheartedly, James friend helped by prying him off James and throwing him to the ground. The painters jumped in their van and prepared to drive off. Animal laughing, it was so chaotic, exciting and such a rush to him; the next thing the group knew Kermit was running outside shouting "wait guys wait! He didn't mean it! He's just a musician!" animal laughed "MUSICIAN! MUSICIAN!"

It wasn't Animals fault, but that didn't stop Floyd from being upset, not at animal. But at that horrible man James, animal was just trying to protect Floyd. The whole situation was complicated and awkward anyway.

Floyd ignored them "I knew I shouldn't have left Animal alone. What if something bad happened?" Just when Dr. Teeth stood up to reassure Floyd, they all heard this very familiar scream "WOMAN!" They all jumped to their feet and bolted to the door, Floyd got their first and threw the door open his heart pounding with fear and unrealized anger.

Immediately the electric Mayhem all began to shout commands for Animal to stop, but he didn't listen. Animal just kept running after the now screaming woman. Floyd jogged down the stairs and across the lawn as he shouted in pure rage getting everyone's attention, realizing how angry he was with Animal "ANIMAL STOP THAT RIGHT NOW!" And as soon as the command was yelled Animal stopped dead in his tracks and turned around with a confused grunt, his eyes wide.

The Electric Mayhem, Kermit and Gonzo, who were collecting themselves off of the ground, were all shocked. Floyd never got that angry, he was always easy going and mellow, sure he shouted commands at Animal, but he never did more than raise his voice.

Animal cocked his head to the side, grunting with confusion "come here now." Floyd commanding in a terrifyingly strict tone his hands on his hips, Animal obeyed and walked over to Floyd, knowing how angry he was with him.

Everyone watched with fascination as Floyd took the end of Animals broken chain and shook his head, trying to calm himself down "Come on man, you need a nap." Kermit stepped forward slightly nervous about saying anything that would irritate the guitarist "Uh, Floyd, I'm very sorry about all this. It's not animals fault, you see-" Floyd cut him off "it's alright kerm. We can talk about this later. I need to get Animal to bed." They all watched as Floyd led animal inside.

Gonzo threw his half of the snapped chain onto the ground "wow, talk about protective." Dr. Teeth motioned for everyone to follow him inside as he said "Come on Dude's and Dame's. Let's get a quick bite to eat."

About an hour later when they were all done eating, and most of the household had gone off to fulfill their own commitments that left Kermit, Dr. Teeth, Janice and Zoot. Kermit had just finished explaining what happened with Gonzo, the electric mayhem were not angry, but rather very understanding.

Kermit decided to ask after the table was cleared "I'm going to go out on a limb hear and ask, why is Floyd so Protective with Animal? And why is it only Floyd can control animal?" Dr. Teeth looked around at his band mates and answered "It's a long story, my little froggy pall. But if you're up for listing to our tale's I'll be glad to enlighten you." Kermit leaned back in his chair and tried to get comfortable "Sure, I'd be happy to listen."

Dr. Teeth stood up and chuckled "alright, just hold on a few moments while I go and check up on our favorite base guitarist and wild drummer." Dr. Teeth left the kitchen and walked upstairs to Floyd's room, where he was sure they would be. Pressing his ear to the door, he heard nothing but silence, so he gently opened the door and stepped in just a few steps, he immediately began to hold in his laughter.

The sight was simply adorable; Floyd lay on his back propped up by his pillows and headboard, one leg sitting on top of the other, one arm behind his head his hand still loosely gripping the chain, his green military hat hanging forward so that it hung in his eyes, while Animal laid on his side his head in Floyd's lap, Floyds other arm was around Animals shoulders.

Dr. Teeth smiled and grabbed his camera from his bright coat pocket; this was why he carried it around with him for moments like this. With the picture taken, Dr. Teeth closed the door and walked back down into the kitchen. Janice asked him instantly "Like how are they?" Dr. Teeth replied "They are just fine my main group. Take a gander at this photo I just took."

He passed his camera to Janice, who everyone gathered around, "That is very cute." Kermit commented on the photo. Janice and Zoot both laughed "Like yeah, for sure it is." Zoot laughed "Good black mail too." Taking his camera back Dr. Teeth sat down next to Kermit. "Now, now, now, time for our past life stories. You see it all started on a bright sunny day in August, the summer before our first year at high school."