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Loki gasped when his eyes opened. It was as if a veil had just been removed from over his face and now he was seeing clearly for the first time in weeks. All of his unquenchable anger, and his horrid distaste for humans vanished, leaving a dull ache in its place. What had just happened?

He looked around at the rubble surrounding him on the floor and remembered the events that had taken place right before he had passed out. He had been flung around by that horrid green beast, and his magic had cut off his consciousness so that it could heal him properly.

He tried to sit up, but soreness had stiffened his bones. Healing magic like that took a lot out of a guy, even if he was a god. He remained in his crater in the middle of the penthouse of Stark tower, and it came to him just how finished he was. None of the paths that lie before him held any hope. Either the Chitauri would torture him until he begged for mercy, SHIELD captured him and put him in a fortified prison, or he was taken back to Asgard with Thor to receive some sort of horrid punishment there. It wasn't as if he completely regretted his plans, but they seemed so far-fetched and power-hungry now. Of course, SHIELD would never believe him if he told them that he had no interest in killing anybody anymore. He was just tired.

He sighed and allowed his gaze to wander to the shattered glass where he had launched Stark off of the tower. There had been an indiscernible flicker of guilt in the pit of his stomach when he had done this, and then the metal suit had flattened him and his had guilt vanished. Stark would survive and most likely beat him to a pulp in that iron suit.

Unfortunately the horrid beast had beaten Stark to it. Literally. Loki glanced through the shattered glass and out into the battle scene that he had started. Something caught his eye; a flash of gold and red. Stark was flying by quickly, and he was holding something rather large over his head. It was a missile. He flew straight up, and Loki guessed that he must be throwing it into the portal.

That genius… Loki grinned involuntarily. Now that he knew that the Chitauri would most likely lose, he didn't feel a need to think of himself on their side. He actually hoped that the missile would hit something of importance of theirs. Loki was a bit of an evil mastermind, but that did not mean that he chose to side with the other evil masterminds. And he had decided that he quite liked some of the humans; they were fun to use as pawns, and Midgard was an interesting place to spend one's time.

There was the slightest tremble of the ground, and Loki took this to mean that the bomb had gone off deep in the space of the portal. He looked outside and saw that all of the Chitauri's army was falling to the ground, dead. So the missile had hit the Chitauri mother ship, deactivating the soldiers that were linked to the main ship.

Loki vaguely wondered if Stark had gotten out of the portal, because surely he had flown in with the missile? And then there was the flash of something about human-sized falling from a great height. So the man of iron had made it out of the portal, but the rate at which he was falling suggested that he was either unconscious, had a dead suit, or was dead himself. He wondered whether or not the other Avengers were watching this and if they were going to save the falling billionaire.

Something large, green, and muscular plucked Stark out of the air. Stark was safe from death by falling, but who knew if he hadn't suffocated while he was in space, or maybe the beast would have a snack of him. Well, one couldn't spend all of their time thinking about whether or not one little measly human was dead or not. Even if that human seemed to be the one human immune to your powers, which really did interest Loki…

Loki reattempted to sit up, this time not hindered by his sore muscles, but by the fact that he couldn't quite dislodge himself from the broken stone flooring around him. He would've used his magic to help him out, but he had used that all up healing the many broken bones and cuts that the monster had caused him.

When he finally got out of the floor, which was some time later, he turned and found himself face-to-face with all of the Avengers, and they were looking rather angry and pointing various weapons at him. He sighed.

"If it's all the same to you, I'll take that drink now," he mumbled, a slightly sheepish smile camping on his face. If you were going to go, you might as well enjoy it.

He never got his drink.


Loki was currently stuck in a cell that was especially designed to keep him from using his magic to get away, and was sitting on the metal bed in the corner. They had left that stupid muzzle-device on him, and it was biting into his skin painfully. What did they think he was going to do, talk them to death? He was known for having a silver tongue, but to keep him gagged like this? It was inhumane, was what it was. They had decided to take him back to Asgard and give him a trial there, but he knew for sure that it wasn't going to be good. Death or life punishment was probably ahead of him.

Loki had bowed his head and went quietly, but they still had decided to but a godforsaken muzzle on him. They didn't want to take a chance on him talking his way out of his predicament. Loki felt a little honored that they thought he would actually be able to get away with that.

There was absolutely nothing in the small cell but the bed that he was sitting on. The walls were stone and gave off a coldness that chilled Loki to the bone, even though he happened to be a frost giant. He tugged slightly at his the bonds that were holding his wrists together, silently cursing his luck. Why had this happened to him? Why was he such a complete failure? He was a tossed aside monster who was raised with the gods to think that he was one of them, only to find out that he was not really wanted by anyone, not even the monsters that were his parents. And then he had gone and tried to take over Earth and failed. He was probably never going to taste freedom again, and there was even the chance that the he was going to be put to death.

Loki leaned back against the cold wall and closed his eyes, thinking back to his childhood when he had thought that he really was a brother to Thor. Loki wished that the innocence of being a child would come back and that he could just live that simple life again, with nobody telling him he wasn't worth it, no doubting his destiny. Of course, he knew that living in a shadow was not fun, being always second to the blonde god, but as kids he had always thought that someday he might be the one people gazed at in adoration. Oh, he wished that hope could come back. He knew that nobody would ever look at him in adoration after all he had done to the Earth. He had learned that killing people did not make you like them, it just made them dead.

A door fizzled into view on the far wall where a door hadn't been previously and Thor, still fully clad in his armor, walked in. His face was exceptionally grave, and that worried Loki. Something had happened, and Loki wasn't sure what.

"Brother," Thor choked out, moving slowly to stand beside the god of mischief.

Loki glanced up at him, raising an eyebrow. Thor reached down, pressed a finger to the muzzle, and it released its tight hold on his mouth and Thor pulled it away. Loki worked his jaw, which had become stiff with wearing that stupid thing. "What?" he rasped, his voice dry from not using it for so long, and he studied Thor's expression.

"Brother, I need your help," he began softly.

Both of Loki's eyebrows rose in questioning and suspicion. "What?"

There was a shout from outside the open door, and an explosion. Thor turned back to Loki urgently. "Asgard is being attacked by the surviving Chitauri, and I believe they are looking for you. Father and mother have fallen, and chaos is among us," he said, his voice cracking slightly.

Loki felt a fist of ice clench at his heart. The Chitauri had come for him, and he was most likely going to be tortured violently for as long as he would last. He wouldn't even admit it to himself, but he felt a pang of sorrow at the thought of his adoptive father and mother dying; mostly his mother. She had treated both Thor and Loki as equals, no matter what she knew Loki to be. He stood up. "I cannot be captured by them," he said evenly, hiding the utter fear coursing through him.

"Then you must help us rid this place of those awful creatures," Thor persisted. Another scream from outside. Another crash and brilliant flash of fire. Things were definitely going to hell here just like they had back on Earth. This time Loki was not to blame.

Loki held up his hands which were bound together by magic-binding cuffs. "I cannot do magic with these on. If you need my help, then you must remove them," he said smoothly.

Thor looked him in the eyes. "If I remove your bonds will you promise not to attack me or any of our people? Can I trust you, brother?"

Loki stared right back at his adoptive brother. "Yes." He actually wasn't lying this time; not really. And Loki knew that Thor really had no other options.

Thor touched the handcuffs which unlocked at his touch. They fell to the stone floor with a heavy clank. Thor nodded at Loki and turned around, headed to the door of the cell and out into the hallway, which a few Asgardians had fled into to get away from the onslaught of Chitauri.

As soon as Loki stepped out of the cell he teleported. He was not going to follow Thor to his imminent capture and doom. No, he was going to escape, and as soon as the Chitauri realized that he was not on Asgard anymore they would hopefully stop attacking. Hopefully.

Loki reappeared at the end of the Bifrost, which was still majorly broken. His next move relied on mostly luck, as jumping off this bridge could lead him anywhere. He could be sealing his doom and land right in the middle of the Chitauri, or something even more deadly. Last time he had ended up on Earth, which was what he was hoping to do now, a place where he could try to blend and hide from pesky Chitauri and Asgardians. And he really had nothing left to lose. His life was pretty much in shambles anyway. He took a deep breath, prayed to a deity that he didn't know, and stepped off into the void right as an explosion sounded right behind him. Something very, very hot and very, very heavy hit him in the back, causing his neck to jolt painfully and his skin to burn where his coat had ripped. He was unconscious by the time he was transported.

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