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"How could this happen? Oh god, oh my god." She said, terrified to think what he could do if he found out. Pacing back and forth, Melinda Valkyrie wondered relentlessly what his reaction would be to finding out she was pregnant.

As she continued to pace, the caramel haired Hufflepuff had no idea what to do about this news. How could she be expecting a child at 15? It was one time, they were drunk, they used protection, so how could it be?

Staring at the test in her hand that marked moving blue bubbles in the shape of an infant, she let out a long drawn out sigh and slumped down on the couch. 'It's not gonna be pretty when he finds out.' She thought and leaned back while fighting to keep stress-released tears from pouring out of her eyes.

'I just need to suck it up, take some courage, and go tell him. Yeah, that's what I'll do. I need to tell him, I need...to tell him that I...' Groaning, Melinda closed her eyes and frowned; this was so much more complicated than she wanted it to be. She couldn't just come out and say to him she was pregnant with his baby, what if he didn't believe her?

Mustering some courage, she got up and made way out of the common room and to the Great Hall, passing by a trashcan and carelessly discarding the test inside. She figured she'd get some food down her stomach and think about the best way to tell him later. She then stopped in the middle of the hall as a thought struck her. 'He'll be there, I'll see him and then I won't be able to take it.' Her mind went haywire over this for the longest time. Mel for a moment wanted to reconsider and go back up to the dorms, but then abandoned that idea and just decided to go with her first plan.

Arriving at the Great Hall, she made way to the Hufflepuff table without even giving a glance to his table. She didn't want to take any chances of seeing him there and having herself fall apart right there. Mel took her seat, so that she had her back to that table, and began to scrape scrambled eggs and some sausages onto her plate. She then picked at it for a while, until one of her friends tapped the table to get her attention.

"Are you alright there, Mel?" Her friend Valerie Thompson asked, a hint of concern in her tone of voice. "Huh? Oh, yeah I'm fine, just drowsy." She assured and even gave a small smile.

"If you say so..." She continued to eat her breakfast then. Melinda was still having conflicts with herself in her mind. Should she tell him? Should she not? If she did, should she do it today or wait another day, two days, or this coming weekend?

"You seem so out of it this morning." Her other friend named Andrea Rosetti then commented. "Do I?" She questioned absentmindedly. Andrea nodded and took a bite of a sausage. "Are you sure you're not sick or something of the sort? Maybe you've got the flu again." Shrugging, Mel looked down at her untouched food before pushing it away and just sticking with the cup of pumpkin juice.

Her two friends exchanged a look between each other before leaving her be and finishing their meal. After about 10 minutes of her being there, two Gryffindor students from the 6th year came up to the Hufflepuff table and made the line down to where Melinda was sitting.

"Good morning! How fine is our lovely Mel today~?" Asked Fred Weasley with in a sing-song tone. Mel glanced over to him in the midst of taking a sip of her drink. He and his twin brother, George, both wore their charming cheeky grins as they had one arm wrapped around each others' shoulder while staring down at her.

"Peachy." She decided to say. The two sat on either side of her; since they became friends, the Hufflepuffs knew to leave those seats vacant, as if they had carved their name on them to mark their territory. As it was routinely done, Fred and George then wrapped their arms around her shoulders.

"Aww, why so peachy today? It's a perfectly fine morning with the sun shining bright outside and the birds chirping," Fred began. "Quite the music to our ears." George then completed. They were being rather ironic, as the magical sky up in the Great Hall ceiling, usually mimicking the climate outside, was seeming gloomy with gray clouds and some bit of rain effects.

Andrea, Valerie and Mel rolled their eyes at their incredibly good mood; not that they weren't usually in a good mood anyways.

"I don't know, I just am." Melinda mumbled and finished up her juice. The twins looked at each other before getting a mischievous grin and nodding at the same time. Next thing she knew, they had her trapped between them while they ruffled up her hair. Mel struggled to get out of their grasp, until finally they decided to let go.

"Very funny you two." She huffed a bit and tried fixing her hair. Valerie and Andrea snickered at first, then shook their heads at the twins' childish behavior.

"Oh don't be grouchy, you love us and you know it." George said, still grinning. "We make your life much more interesting and fun, you can't deny that." Fred added with a nod.

"Yeah, whatever. I'm going to class early today, cya." She stood up, grabbing her bags and walked out of the Great Hall as her four friends watched her go with curious eyes. Melinda was still preoccupied with how she was going to tell him the news. She had no set plan whatsoever; he was already difficult to approach in school, imagine with this kind of news...

'It'll be hard to get him alone, but maybe I'll try that during lunch break.' She thought as she neared the Transfiguration classroom. Heading in, she already saw two Ravenclaws in there buried in their books. Quietly, Melinda slipped over to her desk and sat down. There was still about 10 minutes left before classes would begin. She folded her arms on top of the desk and laid her head down. 'This is going to be one tough year...'