A Daniel X Fanfic

by Sakura Martinez


I do not own Daniel X, or the characters in that story. James Patterson own the rights for them. What I do own is the idea for the fanfic and this fanfic itself.


The final battle has begun and it begun with the loss of a life. Daniel, with Khadagh's knowledge and power, and with the rest of the drang must do everything in their power to put an end to the number one alien on The List before everyone that they care about is lost and before The Prayer puts his evil schemes into action. The battle for the universe and between good and evil culminates as The Prayer finally figures out a way to defeat, and ultimately kill, our hero. The road is tough, but Daniel and his drang are ready.

Daniel X: Armageddon

Chapter Nine

Divide and Conquer, Part Two

The ship that I "made" for Emma and myself wasn't as huge as the one I created for Dana and the others. I wasn't sure how many we would be freeing from the slavers' hands so I decided to worry about the ship's size after we've done the rescuing. After all, I can easily create a spaceship of any size. One of the cool things about the ship, though, was that Joe and I worked together in connecting the computer systems of both ships so that we could easily send data between the two ships directly, without having to worry on someone hacking through the system.

Of course, putting ships aside, we all should have realize that there was a potential problem to our plan (well, more than one problem, but I'll get to the rest later). Although we did know, based from Khadagh's memories that the slaver ship were en route to the Argos system, we didn't know what path they were going to take and what planet they were first going to auction their captured slaves to. We didn't even know when Khadagh actually saved the Lost Children and where that happened. We were lacking in information and Emma wasn't too happy with that. She berated me for it, saying that I should have thought of that sooner. She wasn't the only one who wanted to smack the back of my head for such a slip, even Dana wanted to hurl something at me when I told her about that "little" detail that slipped from my mind during one of our communications.

"Look, I'm already working on it with Joe," I told Dana, not wanting the entire conversation to focus solely on my blunder. "We should be able to figure out the slaver's exact location soon."

Dana frowned, "You should have tried to figure that out first. Floating aimlessly in space doesn't really help keep you and Emma from The Prayer's radar. Not only that but even with a jump it would take you months to reach the Argos system..."

"There's nothing we can do about that," she gave me a 'tsk' as she crossed her arms. "Anyways, how's it going on your end?"

"Painfully slow," Dana replied. "Blaleen and the other elders wouldn't leave without making sure that every single Alparian artifact and everything of value is safely tucked in the ship. Do you have any idea how many statues, books, and stuff like that there is? A lot." She sighed, her expressions softening, "Still, I do understand their actions. If we leave those behind, who knows what The Prayer will do with them. He might choose to destroy it, sell it to the highest bidder, or he might find something that he could use against us from those."

"Well, yeah...but, Dana, when it does come down to it, when The Prayer suddenly arrives even before you all can haul everything to the ship, just forget about the artifacts and just get out of there with the Alparians, alright?"

"You don't have to tell me that," Dana assured me. "I may share a little bit of Blaleen's sentiments when it comes to preserving our culture, but I don't intend to throw my life and the safety of our people just to make sure that a stupid statue gets to come with us."

I laughed, "Don't let Blaleen hear you calling an artifact 'stupid'. She won't like that."

It didn't take us a month to find the ship. It took us two months to find it. By the time we got to the location of the slaver's ship, Emma and I had all that pent up energy just waiting to be released from having been cooped up, doing next to nothing, for sixty-one days.

"Are you sure we can do this with just the two of us?" Emma asked as she stood behind cockpit where I sat, her hands behind the headrest.

"Nope," I replied as I engaged the cloaking device of our ship. Before she could speak again, probably to ask me why I didn't bring anyone else along, if that was the case, I told her, "We won't be doing it by ourselves. I've already sent word for backup and—" I clapped my hands together, and Dana, Willy, and Joe shimmered into existence. "—they're coming with us."

"Another suicide mission, Daniel?" Dana asked, raising an eyebrow at me.

"Nope, not really." I replied. "But we could use everyone's help with this. Children—beastmen children—are being held captive on that ship and—"

Emma cut me off.

"Hold up!" She had one of her hands on her hips and one hand signaling me to stop talking. I stopped. "I thought you can't call on them anymore."

"It's not that he can't," it was Joe who answered. "Daniel can still call on us for help but we can't stick around as long as we used to."

Emma looked at me as if asking for a confirmation. It was either that or she was asking for an explanation.

"I don't have one," I said, guessing that it was the latter. "I'm either getting out of practice with calling everyone into existence or..."

I trailed off, I know one other explanation as to why that was happening. Still, it was impossible for that to be the reason. I haven't used that power since The Game and I don't plan on using it any time soon.

"So, what's the plan?" Dana asked when no one decided to speak after that. She turned to me and, with her hands on her hips, asked, "You do have a plan, do you?"

I did.

"Get in, find the children, and get out before they sound the alarm." I shrugged. "That's basically the gist of it. We don't want to alert The Prayer with what we're doing, which is why we have to break in without them knowing. And, no one else can provide us the path than you, Emma. Joe can help you monitor if anyone's coming so you can change the path as you see fit. He'll also make sure to block surveillance videos and hijack them if needed. Once we find the beastmen children, we free them and get the heck out of there as quickly as we can." I pointed at Willy, "Which means no explosions, unless extremely necessary. Should a fight do occur, we take them out before they can warn The Prayer while Dana, with Emma and Joe, make sure that the children are safely brought back here, to this ship. After that, depending on how it went, we can either leave without anyone guessing who it was that freed the kids or we can destroy the ship completely."

"That sounds...simple enough," Dana conceded, then sighed, "I just hope it goes well for us. We won't be able to help you both for long."

I nodded and looked over at Emma. If worse comes to worse, I may just have to use the power I swore I would never use.

The slaver ship was big, but not as big as the other ships we have come across with during our adventures. Heck, it was nothing compared to the size of the Raihin. Although, the smell that emanated from the slaver ship was almost at par with the smell inside the Raihin. I tried to hold my breath for as long as possible, not willing to let the smell of urine and other biological waste products get into my nose. I didn't even try to breathe through my mouth. I mean, come on, that would be even more disgusting that breathing with my nose.

I wasn't the only one trying not to breathe. Even Emma and the rest of our drang tried to hold their breath for as long as possible as we quickly made our way, ducking past hallways, down staircases and ladders. The farther we got from where we started, the easier it was to breathe.

As we made our way in search of the captive beastmen children, we did come across some of the slavers—all from different races—as well as other rather primitive security measures. The farther in we got, the more it seemed to me the slavers were so relaxed that I was willing to bet they never had anyone attempted to escape or mount a rescue. It was a good news for us.

We had to be careful as we made our way to where Joe and Emma had both scanned and sensed people being held since the floor were so rusty and old that it made it dangerous to cross. Not only that, but it groaned when we step at it the wrong way.

"How can this thing even move?" Joe whispered the question as Emma bended another metallic wall to create another path for us to our destination. "You'd think with the way everything looks like, this ship should have long been abandoned."

"And," added Willy as he helped Dana climb down the newly created path, "you'd think with the amount of money they get from selling slaves, they'd have enough to buy a new ship."

"We're lucky that they're stupid enough not to think of doing that," I muttered just loud enough for them to hear. "We'd be in trouble if they did have newer equipment." then to Emma, I asked, "How much farther?"

Emma jumped down from the rung, landing softly on her feet.

"Not that far. But..." She paused. "That's strange. Joe, do your sensors sense that too?"

That? I wanted to ask what she was talking about but I thought I would let her talk to Joe about it first. I was sure they were going to explain it to me as soon as they were certain of...whatever it was.

Joe paused for a while before he nodded. "How can we miss that?"

"Okay, enough with the suspense," said Willy, "What are you two talking about?"

"There's a strange energy signature coming off not too far from where we are, just before the hallway that will lead us to where they're keeping their prisoners." Emma replied with a frown. "It's blocking our path."

"Can't you just make a different path?" Dana asked. It was one of the reasons why I chose Emma to come with me.

Emma shook her head. "That's out of the question. We have to emerge from this path we're on in order to get to that hallway. There's no other way. It's strange though, there wasn't anything there before. Not anywhere close. It's as if whoever the energy signature belongs to just appeared all of a sudden, out of thin air."

"That's impossible," I said, because I really thought it was. No one would be able to appear out of nowhere, not the way that Emma was describing it. The only way that could happen was if someone suddenly decided to time travel to this particular instance. "Maybe both of your readings are wrong."

That earned me a death glare from both Emma and Joe.

"I don't make mistakes," Emma hissed.

"What she said," Joe.

Dana then looked at me, a worried expression on her face as she asked, "You don't think someone from the other timeline managed to find a way here again, do you?"

I shook my head, "That's not possible. Unless they have the same power that I do, they won't be able to time travel. Not after we destroyed the portal and every evidence that corresponded to it."

"Then how—?"

But before Dana could finish asking her question, the wall closest to us exploded, sending bits and pieces of metal flying around, almost hitting us in the process had it not been for Dana being quick to her wits and, like the real Dana, managed to surround us all in a protective barrier.

The sudden explosion surprised all of us. It wasn't something we were expecting. Even so, everyone was quick to prepare for battle, readying themselves for it without a moment's notice.

"What the hell?" Willy asked, training his dual guns at the hole, waiting for whoever decided to blow the wall down to emerge.

"Well, well, well," a voice boomed from beyond the hole. "what do we have here."