This story was inspired by one of the odder stories of the series; The Tale of The Dollmaker, and hopefully you'll find this one a little bit moreā€¦...scary. Oh, and I'm just going to make up a few names for the society members. Enjoy! Review if you want me to do more tales!

At the campfire

"You guys ready for another story?" Gary asked his fellow members. He was the leader of the group and was trying his best to sound confident. The other six members, Sam, Tucker, Kiki, Tara and Kean, were all acting very nervous. Heather was the first to talk out of any of them

"I still don't get why we have to let some newbie tell the story." She scowled at the fire, a bright contrast of yellow and white against the dark of the forest. "She's only been here for a week anyway."

Normally the others were very calm about heathers little outburst, they were expected. The group was very secretive about meetings and the idea of someone who'd only been there for a week come was unknown. Others had come to the campfire but none as quickly as her. However, for Tara especially, she was getting tired of her friend's stubbornness to new people.

"Well whatever she tells, it's bound to be better then your Lunar Locust story from last week." Tara remarked. The story had been very weak and she wasn't afraid to tell the truth.

"Well at least it was original!" heather spat out toward her, "Unlike your stupid Tale of the..."

"Their here!" Tucker and Kiki shot up off of the log they were sitting on. Coming up the only path to the spot came Betty Ann leading a girl, who was blindfolded, up the path. They all stood up when they saw her. Tall and skinny, with long spiky black hair striped with blond. She was wearing jean shorts, a red tee and a long brown leather jacket that went to her knees and the sleeves were pulled up to here shoulders. She was defiantly one of the weirder looking ones to come up.

"Everyone," Betty Ann started, untying the girl's blindfold, "This is Aria, the one I told you guys about." The blindfold feel off her face, reveling green eyes that shone bright in the darkness. She smiled slightly. "Hi guys. Nice to meet you all."

"Betty tells us you're a good storyteller" Gary said, getting up to let her sit at the head of the fire. "If you're good enough, we may even let you come back." Heather scoffed at this and shut her eyes to fall asleep.

"I'll try my best. Now," Aria said, settling down in the spot as Gary sat down next to Sean, "My stories roots come from a story we all now to well and have all experienced once in our life. Being bullied." With that, she stole a quick look at heather, whose eyes were now wide open. "People can be bullied by anything. Their looks, how they think, even the way they talk. But it's never good to bully anyone, for many reasons. But there's one main reason that too many discover much too late. You never know who you're REALLY bullying and what they can really do. Submitted for the approval of the midnight society, I call this The Tale of the Doll Maker's wraith." And at this, she threw the dust into the fire, making it shine pure blue in the night sky.