I groaned and sat up. Damn, my shoulder was sore.

I tried to think back to what had happened last night. All I remembered was a dog snapping at me and a butt of a gun slamming into the side of my head.

Alarmed, I looked around me. I wasn't at home, I was in a park. The park where I was last night, trying to kill that guy—what was his name? Oh yeah, Bobby.

Bobby. Great name for a guy who was six foot nine and weighed about four hundred pounds. And to top it all off, he had the voice of a baby mouse.

Goodness gracious.

"Shit!" I squawked, and tried to stand up. My legs felt like jelly and my knees almost gave out.

In a hurry, I slapped my legs, hoping it would help.

I ended up falling down and knocking myself unconscious for the second time. Great job, Gale Hawthorne.

The light was blurry. The light was white. The white, blurry light was too whitey, too blurry, and too lighty. Stupid light.

I rubbed my eyes. They stung like a mother flamingo.

Sitting up, I looked around. Now this felt like déjà vu had come and hit me in the face.

Except, I wasn't in the park. I was in a kitchen. A kitchen. Strapped to a table. A mahogany table.

Panic. That's what I felt. I have a fear of being tied down to things. Is there a name for that? Fear-of-being-strapped-to-things-phobia? That's reallyyyy long.

Writhing, trying to free myself of the white and red cord holding me down, I started shrieking like a three-year-old baby.

"Daddy, is that you? What's happening?" a girl's voice echoed from further down the hall.

I froze. What was some chick doing here? Where was I? Who's Daddy?

"No, it's not Daddy, it's your worst nightmare!" I howled. "Now fucking let me go!"

I patted my pockets as heels clacked on the wood floor, looking for my trusty little knife.

"Who are you?" the voice had a cold edge to it. "Why are you here?"

"Honey, just get my ass of this damn thing," I spat, still searching for my knife. Where the hell was it?

A figure appeared in the doorway.

I looked up. "Goo-" Well, holy shit.

Her big blue eyes went even bigger and she let out a shrill scream.

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