Phantom Resurrection

AN: This is the start of the written form of my 3-page long (so far) Danny Phantom Fan-comic, going by the same title of Phantom Resurrection. For all you Deviantart-ists, you can check out my pictures of the new Phantom; I use the same username of Allebasii, and the cover for this will also be uploaded on Deviantart as soon as possible…and can someone explain to me how to change the cover of my stories?

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It was a relatively quiet night in the small town of Amity Park.

In most of the town, it was silent; no screams could be heard from terrified citizens or the maniacal laughter of attacking ghosts…everything was still, almost peaceful.

But that very stillness was, to the residents of the most haunted city in America, even worse than panicked shrieks and ghost alarms, because it heralded something worse.

Silence was rare in Amity Park, only occurring before disastrous events of epic proportions; to the people of Amity Park, the expression "calm before the storm" was as true as the fact that ghosts exist, and that, most, if not all of them loved to cause havoc and mayhem.

And they were right.

But none of them realized just how true that was on this one, special night; the night where the destiny of one young man would split in two; two fates that intertwine; a path that both must walk together, less they meet their destruction along the way.

This is the story of Danny Phantom's death.

This is the story of his Resurrection.