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Around London, it has been very boring and lonely for Austin. With no friends what else was he suppose to do? Everyday, just to get out of the house, Austin went to the park down the street. While there, he would walked around alone watching other learning what they do in this town. Today Austin went farther into the park and found a basketball court. He thought it was a little odd to find one in London, they seemed to be more into rugby, soccer and football. Off to the side was a soccer field and football, even next to all this was a skate park. There was more than he thought. Walking over to the basketball court, Austin watch from afar some kids his age play basketball. They weren't that great, but not to bad.

After they seemed to be done with their minty game, Austin walked up to the boy that got ahold of the basketball. "Can I join," Austin asked. If he was going to be here in this side of the world with no friends, he might as well try. All the boys that were playing looked at Austin in wonder. The one kid held out the basketball to Austin and said, "Here."

Grabbing the basketball, Austin lined himself right up in front of the net and carefully threw it. Without a single mess up or such, the basketball went right in the hoop.

"Wow, that was great," the boy that had the basketball, said in his british accent.

Looking behind him, Austin smiled and said, "Thanks," turning around, he held out his hand and said, "I'm Austin."

The boy took Austin's hand and shook it, "John." John pointed to the others and said, "And this is Tyler, Tom, Sam and Jake." As John introduced them all to Austin he waved to them all.

For being in a new country, Austin wasn't to sure how to introduce himself to some people, but this worked out just fine.

"Want to finish shooting some hoops with us and head out with us to get something to eat," John asked.

Shrugging his shoulders Austin said, "Sure why not." He had nothing better to do around here.

After shooting hoops for about twenty minutes, Austin and the rest headed over to a cafe down the street. Grabbing a table for the six of them in the corner of the cafe.

Once in a while the boys would crack some jokes and say things that Austin didn't have any idea about, so he left a little out of the loop, but they tried to help him join in.

Since Austin has gotten hungry from playing basketball, he started looking over the menu.

"So Austin, you're from America," Jake asked.

Looking up from the top of the menu, Austin and replied with, "Yes I am."

"Thought so," Sam said.

Austin continued to look back at his menu before look up at the others and asking, "So is it possible to just get a burger and fries here?"

Tom started a laugh a little, and the others joined in, "Yeah, just ask when you order."

Nodding Austin put the menu down and tried join into the conversations with the others.

Once they were all down eating at the cafe, Austin found himself walking down his street, almost to his house. Turning to the five others he said, "Well, I better get going, my house is here," and he looked up his house and headed towards it.

"Oh okay, well bye," they all said.

Austin was at his door when John said something, "Oh hey Austin?"

Turning around Austin looked at John without saying anything and waited for John to continue talking.

"Want to join us at the park again tomorrow," he asked.

Thinking about if he had any plans tomorrow Austin nodded, "Yeah sure." Like he would have any plans tomorrow, Mr. Moon has been working all week and hasn't took Austin any place.

"Cool see you tomorrow," John called, while he continued to walk down the street with the others.

Opening the door, Austin walked right inside and threw the keys at the table right by the door. Without looking down he continued walking but felt something crush at the bottom of his feet. Looking down, he saw he stepped on the mail. Picking it up and started walking towards the kitchen. All there seemed to be were letters for Mr. Moon, for who knows what. That was until at the very bottom on the pile was a letter Austin has been waiting a while for.

His heart started to pump a little faster than before and he felt joy light up inside him. Throwing the mail on the kitchen counter, Austin started to open the letter and run upstair to his room.

Once he was inside his room, he closed the door and jumped on his bed. Unfolding the letter he began to read it.

Dear Austin,

I've been wondering how long it would take you to send me something, a letter, call, something. I didn't think it would take seconds after you left though. It makes me smile with joy that you use your first hours of leaving to write to me. I know that might sound a little stupid to point out, but I'm glade you thought of me so soon.

'We will write together still' you asked? Of course Austin! In fact, when you take a look at the second page if will answer your question and it expresses a lot of how we feel. How about I give you the lyrics and a beat and you can decide how fast or slow the song goes? I know you always correct me on how 'slow' my songs are.

Even if it's raining in England and sunny in Miami, it feels gloomy here as well. I miss you Austin... when will I see you again? How will you make it out here? How will we make it with you out there and me here? It will be so hard. Dez it in a reck, if you can believe it worse than me! Trish although, she really misses your bright spirt around here (as quote by her).

Austin, if you were here we would probably be doing exactly that or you would be throwing balls or eating in Sonic Boom with Dez. That reminds me of the first time we meet. With you getting corn-dogs and playing the drums with them.

I've already been thinking about you every second since you left. I've been trying to get my mind distracted and off the thought of you being gone. I've missed you so much! When will I see you again, when will I hear your voice again?

As much as I would like to stay and writing all my thought out to you, I've got to go head over to the store, I'm already running late. Hope to hear from you soon!



Austin smiled at the letter Ally wrote him. He loved seeing her hand writing so soon. Laying it down on his chest he looked up at the celling thinking, looking dumbstruck. Jumping off his bed he headed towards his desk to reply to the letter.

Dear Ally,

I moment I saw your letter, my world lit up. I was beginning to wonder if you ever received it. Guess the mail takes sometime from here to there.

Austin continued to read Ally's letter, making sure he replied to anything he could, when he forgot there was a second page. Running over to his bed he picked up the second page and began to read it.

Reading over the lyrics, Austin smiled. Sitting back down at his desk he continued to write.

As normal Ally, I loved the song. Next letter you get from me, I'll be sure to give you something special inside relating to the song.

It has been really hard away from you all, I begin to wonder how you all are doing just the three of you. I don't know when I'll see you again Ally... I plan on soon! Very soon! I feel like sneaking away, going back there for a while. What would dad say though? He wouldn't be happy with me traveling across ocean alone. I know it is a little to ask, but maybe you, Dez and Trish can come visit?

I remember plain as day how we meet Als. I remember the second time I laid eyes on you. I thought I would have to go back into Sonic Boom again just to see your face.

Today I meet some kids at the park, John, Tom, Tyler, Jake and Sam. We played some basketball, it reminded me of how Dez and I threw basketballs in the shop and tried to make it land in the tuba. Then you came and tried up knocked down a whole stand. Oh, and also the record me and Dez tried to do. I can't believe I quite so he could win and he quite so I could win, but yet there was no way I'd win anymore...

After basketball we headed to a cafe, I ordered a burger with fries on the side, it always came with a pickle. The moment I saw the pickle, I almost broke down. For being a boy, it still made me sad. I saved the pickle for last. I couldn't look at it at all though reminded me of you too much! When I ate it, I ate it slow in deep thought about you and your love for pickles.

I miss you so much Ally! I hope to hear from you soon again. Tell Trish and Dez hi and I miss them?

Bye Als.



Placing the letter down, he folded the letter and placed it in an envelope to send.