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Abed: Six Season and a Movie!

Me: Six Seasons and A Movie!

My Little Community Friendship is Awesome

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: It wasn't Meant to Explode!

It had been a month, a month since the 7 of them were expelled from Greendale Community College. Most of them had put it behind them that Dean Pelton had changed his minds turned them into scapegoats, Abed was still convinced that he was replaced by an imposter for some reason, within a week he had started staking out the college, thankfully Troy came up with the perfect idea!

Build a working replica from their favorite show, Inspector Spacetime, and they were done.

"I present to you the real x7 Dimensioniser." Revealed Troy in full on Constable Reggie mode.

He removed a sheet revealing the perfect model of a British telephone booth.

"Indeed with this we can go into any time, any place and any universe." Explained Abed in full on Inspector mode.

Their friends were less than impressed.

"Oh yay… you built an old phone booth." Mumbled Jeff fiddling with his phone.

"This is no ordinary phone booth it is designed have just enough room for everyone who enters." Explained Troy.

"And it is now our median voyage." Said Abed, "it might be a little uncomfortable, make due with what you have."

"No in hell am I getting in there!" yelled Peirce.

"I don't all of us are going to fit." Mumbled Shirley.

"Come on you guys, they've been working hard on this for the past three weeks." Said Annie, since she lived with the two, she knew that it better to feed this delusion than the other one.

"Besides, do you want Abed arrested again?" asked Britta.

The other three groaned.

"Fine but if we all get stuck, I'm blaming you two." Said Peirce staring at Britta and Annie.

They all went into the x-7 Dimensioniser to find… it was bigger on the inside, it was a able to snugly fit all 7 of them.

"How is this bigger on the inside?" asked Pierce.

This earned a glare from Tory and Abed.

"What?" asked Peirce.

"I would rather if you not describe the X7 Dimensioniser like that." Said Abed still not breaking character.

Peirce was confused what the meant but shrugged it off.

"Now we will go to a random place in time and space we don't know when we will be." Said Abed.

Tory began to fiddle with the controls, the X-7 Dimensioniser began to lurch and shake.

"This is all a show right?" asked Shirley.

"The lights went dark, as it felt like they forced into a strange tube then squeezed out.

Eventually it all stopped.

"I'M Getting out of HERE!" yelled Pierce as his claustrophobe began to kick in.

They all left the X-7 Dimensioniser to find something wrong, very, very wrong… they weren't human any more.

"Well this is unexpected." Said Abed remaining clam.


Indeed they war now horses of different colors, all of them were naked for some reason (expect for Abed's hat), and for some reason had strange markings on well it would be described as flanks.

"Do not mind the fact that we are equines." Said Abed who was yellow, with a lampshade marking on his flank and for some reason had a horn on his forehead, "Jading by the proportions of our bodies, the colors and the types of ponies that we have become I believe that we have landed on the Planet Equestria which many people believe that if one lands on it, they become one of the dominate species of pony that resides here."

"Can someone translate that gibberish!" yelled Peirce who was red and the marking on his flank was a dollar sign.

"What he means is that we somehow gotten into the world of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic." Explained Annie who was pink, had a day planner as her mark and much like Abed had a horn.

"Excuse? How do you know?" asked Shirley who was purple and had a plate of brownies as her mark.

"Well I watch it with Troy and Abed…" said Annie, "It's actually a really good show."

"You guys watch My Little Pony?" asked Britta who was green and her mark was a flaming peace sign the strange thing was that she had wings.

"I'm not surfside. I heard it's popular with grown men" Said Jeff, who was red with set of scales as his marking and also had a horn on his forehead.

"As much as I would like to expiring with the properties of Equestria we have so much to see." Said Abed.

"Yes." Agreed Troy who was a blue green with a wrench as his mark and like Britta had wings, "After all there's much more to the universe than ponies."

They turned back to the x-7 Dimensioniser however some was coming out it.

"I believe we should all suck and cover, at once." Said Abed.

"Why?" asked Annie.

That was when suddenly it exploded.

"IT just blew up!" yelled Troy starting one of his freak outs, "We're trapped it here! AS ponies! WE'RE TRAPPED IN AN ANOTHER UNIVERSE! AND I'M NAKED!"

"Well, this has gone pear shaped indeed." Stated Abed still in character.

Elsewhere in the city of Canterlot, Princess Celestia was sipping tea, a taking a break from royal duties when she sensed it.

"Princess? What's wrong?" asked one of the guards.

"I have to go see something." She answered.

She walked towards a chamber, she opened the doors and looked a strange circular wall, on it was 6 glowing circle but at the top there was a one that had gone black.

"Tia… you sensed it as well." Said Princess Luna entering the same chamber.

"Yes." Answered Princess Celestia looking at her younger sister.

"It will come out soon." Whispered Princess Luna.

"Don't worry." Said Pines Celestia, "It's said when the first seal breaks, they will come."

"Are you sure?" asked Princess Luna.

Prices Celestia's horn began to glow… he saw them next to something burning, they were also right near Ponyville, which was perfect.

"They are, and they're near Ponyville." Said Princess Celestia.

Princess Luna nodded.

"I have to go write a letter to Twilight." Said Princess Celestia.

"You're not going to tell about it, are you?" asked Princess Luna.

"Do not worry, I plan to tell her and the other bearers as well as our guests when they arrived" explained Princess Celesta.

Back in the field, Troy continued to freak out, and Price joined in by taking his rage out on Abed.

"Why you! I'm going to turn into glue!" Yelled Pierce.

However Abed used his magic to hold back Peirce.

"What the hell are you doing?" asked Peirce.

"Magic." Said Abed finally breaking character, "Listen, I have a plan to get back home."

"Oh goody." Muttered Jeff, "Is building another time machine?"

"No… it's to see if Princess Celestia can get us back home." Said Abed.

"Princess Celestia?" asked Britta.

"She is one of the rulers of this land and she controls the sun." explained Abed, "Many fans have declared her a goddess. I think if we are able to contact her she might be able to send us back home."

"How do we do that?" asked Britta.

"Okay here's the plan, we go find Ponyville and befriend one or all of the Mane 6, after a few days we orchestrate some kind of fight where we have to learn a lesson in Friendship, because of that one of will write a letter to Princess Celestas about what we learned however what we're really going to write that we're from another planet or universe and are trapped here and hopefully she'll be able to send us back." Explained Abed.

Thanks to Abed's plan, Troy had calmed down… however…

"While I do agree that's a good plan, please don't write a Human in Equestria story because that would be a terrible story." Sighed Troy.

Abed shrugged.

"Can you please let me go." Said Peirce.

Abed magically let Peirce go, who glared at the newly made yellow unicorn.

"You know! The rest of it doesn't understand you're saying." Muttered Shirley.

"I guess I should explain some more." Said Abed, "Those marks on our flanks are cutie marks, they show off our special talent, mine a lampshade, which means my special talent is being meta."

"Mines a wrench." Said Troy who sighed, he was hopping for something else.

"Mine's… an day planner." Said Annie, "So that means my special talent is organization…"

"That's right, Jeff's a set of scales meaning he's a lawyer, Peirce's means his special talent is being rich, Shirley's is baking… and Britta…" said Abed, " I haven no idea… I think it might be that you ruin peace!"

"Hey!" yelled Britta, "I don't ruin peace."

"Maybe it means that Britta is the worst." Said Jeff.

Britta glared at him.

"All as you may or not noticed, myself, Annie and Jeff are unicorns." Explained Abed, "We can all use telekinesis and other spells. Like how I was able to keep Peirce from attacking me."

Abed show off by removing his hat using magic.

"How were you able to do that?" asked Jeff.

"I don't know." answered Abed, "I'm guessing that Equestria ahs some sort of field that makes it second nature."

Jeff looked at a rock and it started floating.

"Hey do you think it's the same with me" asked Troy.

"Try it." Said Abed.

Troy began to flap his new wings and quickly took flight, he immediately began to do many flips and flips.

"This is awesome!" he yelled.

"As you can tell Pegasi can fly but they can also manipulate clouds and the weather." Said Abed.

"What about me and Shirley?" asked Peirce.

"You're Earth Ponies…" said Abed, "You can grow food and are also super strong."

"So we got the short end of the stick." Muttered Peirce.

"Pretty much." Said Abed.

"Oh great…" muttered Peirce, "We can grow food… that awesome…"

"Though to be fair, unicorns and Pegasi can't." explained Abed.

"Hey! Guys!" yelled Troy from above them, "I see Ponyville!"

"Before we go, does anyone have any more questions?" asked Abed.

"Yeah, why aren't Tory and Shirley Zebras?" asked Peirce.

"I'm guessing that it only turns people into ponies and not any of the other species of this world." Guessed Abed.

"Wow, Peirce, I didn't think you watched the cartoon." Said Annie.

"What cartoon?" asked Peirce.

Annie blinked confused, "Peirce!" she whined.

In Ponyville, Twilight was reading a book while take notes.

"Twilight!" yelled Spike coming in with a letter, "I just got a letter form Princess Celestia."

"What does it say?" asked Twilight.

Spike opened it and read it.

"My Dearest Student Twilight Sparkle, some of grave importance has come to Canterlot, I need you and your friends to find 7 that should have just come into town today. All 13 of you then need to come to Canterlot. Signed you teacher Princess Celestia."

"7 new ponies coming into town?" asked Spike.

Twilight sighed, "I think we should Pinkie Pie first." Said Twilight.

"Oh right, she should know if any new pony comes into town." Said Spike.

Twilight couldn't shake off a sense of worry, a sense that something bad was going to happen.

Just outside of town, the rag tag group of misfits headed to their destination, with Troy continued to fly while the rest walked.

"I'm surfside none of you are freak out about this." Said Abed.

"Well Troy already freak out for the rest of us." Said Shirley.

"And besides, it could be worse." Said Britta.

"Yeah, we could have landed in a post apocalyptic future filled with cannibals, or a barren waste land that could have killed us instantly or…" listed off Abed.

"We get it." Muttered Shirley.

"We're in a little girl's dream world filled with ponies." Said Jeff, "The worst that can happen is probably getting kidnapped by dog monsters."

Abed and Annie stopped and stared at him.

"What?" asked Jeff.

"Jeff, how did you know about Diamond Dogs?" asked Annie.

"What, it was a educated guess about something." Said Jeff.

Abed shrugged and Annie wondered if Jeff was a closet Brony.

That was when they got to the edge of Ponyville.

"We should expect the first one we meet is Pinkie Pie. But if she isn't the first member of the mane 6 I want Peirce to keep if we meet Rainbow Dash." Said Abed.

"Why?" asked Peirce.

Troy landed next to Peirce, "No offence, but you say what we think you're going to say to her, she's going to kill you."

"What is an obvious Lesbian?" asked Peirce, "Then again her name is Rainbow Dash so I'm sure it is."

"He is going to die." Mouthed Troy.

They headed into town, while Britta, Shirley, Peirce and Jeff (possibly) didn't know who they were looking for, Annie, Troy and Abed did.

Thankfully in less than a minute Pinkie showed up.

"Hi! Rose! Hi! Daisy! Hi Lily!" said Pinkie to the flower trio, and that was when she saw the former study group, she let out a loud gasp, "New Ponies!"

Pinkie Pie ran off to get something.

"Is she one of those 6 were' supposed to be searching for?" asked Shirley.

"Pinkie Pie, her special talent is making ponies happy." Explained Abed, "She's also hyper active."

Pinkie then came back with her welcome wagon.

"I never had a whole group of new ponies to make friends with!" said Pinkie.

She began to do a song and dance number that made Shirley, Britta and Peirce stare at her.

"Is she insane?" asked Peirce.

"No… she's not." Said Abed, "This is her when she's sane."

"You don't want to see her when she goes insane." Said Troy who began to shudder.

When she needed, the wagon's oven exploded with confetti while the confetti exploded with cake batter.

"Oh looks like I acidly put confetti in the oven and caked batter in the confetti cannon again." Said Pinkie.

Before any of them could say "What the hell was that."

Twilight ran over to them.

"Oh I've been looking for you Pinkie Pie." Said Twilight.

She turned o tee the group drenched in cake batter.

"You're all new in town right?" asked Twilight.

"Uh… yeah…" answered Jeff.

Twilight magically produced 7 towels for them to clean themselves up with.

"Good then I don't have to have Pinkie find you." Said Twilight.

"What do you mean?" asked Britta.

"You see Princess Celestia has tasked me with finding you and bring you the palace." Said twilight.

"Oh I guess I should have factored in Princess Celestia finding out about our arrival." Said Abed.

"There's something we need to talk about first." Said Jeff.

They all went into a huddle.

"So what are we going to do?" asked Jeff.

"I say go with her, unless this is a weird atlantes universe where she is a tyrant she must be trying to help us get home." Said Abed.

"No what I meant is about names." Said Jeff.

"I guess we can always have Abed come up with names for us." Said Peirce.

"No way, I'm still bad at coming up with names." Said Abed, "I was planning on calling myself Hanging Lampshade…"

Everyone but Peirce flinched remembering the names he came up with for Dungeons and Dragons.

"How about we say we come from a far away country that has weird names." Said Annie.

"Nice." Said Abed.

They broke the huddle and looked at Twilight and Pinkie Pie.

"So can you take us to Canterlot and to this Princess of yours?" aside Jeff in the most flirtatious way possible.

Annie light hit him ,"Don't flirt with the Ponies." She whispered.

"Well actually we have to find some of my friends first." Twilight.

"Oh Rainbow Dash is right over there." Said Pinkie point to Rainbow Dash

"Can you go find Fluttershy, Rarity and Applejack." Said Twilight.

"Okey Dokey Loki!" said Pinkie who skipped off.

"Hey Rainbow Dash!" called out Twilight.

"Hey! Twilight!" said Rainbow Dash, "What's going on?"

"The Princess has summoned us to Canterlot!" called out Twilight.

"Fine." Said rainbow Dash, "I was just taking the day off anyways."

She flew down and saw the former study group.

"Who's they?" asked Rainbow Dash.

"Princess Celestia apparently summoned us." Explained Jeff.

"I see. I guess you heard of me." Said Rainbow Dash, "Rainbow Dash I am the fastest flier in Equestria."

"Well I guess I heard right then." Said Peirce, Rainbow Dash felt proud when Peirce said that séance, but it wasn't finished, "That you're an obvious lesbian."

"What?" asked Rainbow Dash, "What does Lesbian mean?"

"We're from another country, so we use different terms than Equestria." Said Abed, "But I heard that here the term is Filly Fooler."

"Wait did? You just called me a Filly Fooler?" asked Rainbow Dash.

"If that means you like women then yes." Answer Peirce.

"Mares." Translated Abed.

"Abed, Stop translating Peirce." Scolded Jeff, "Peirce, stop calling her a lesbian."

"But she is one, I mean look at her rainbow hair, it looks like she just step out of a gay rights parade." Said Peirce.

Before Rainbow Dash could do anything, Twilight magically grabbed her tail.

"Don't try hurt him." Said Twilight.

"Did you hear what he called me." Said Rainbow Dash.

"Oh don't mind him, that's just how he is. He calls me one all the time." Said Britta, "And he calls Jeff gay all the time."

"If you say so." Said Rainbow Dash, "How do you even deal with him?"

"To be honest I tune him out most of the time." Mumbled Britta.

"How bad is he?" asked Rainbow Dash.

"I hope you don't find out." Sighed Britta.

"Hey!" called out Pinkie.

They turned to see Pinkie running towards them with Applejack, Rarity and Fluttershy.

"So what's going on?" asked Applejack.

"I don't know yet." Said Twilight.

"It has to with us." Said Jeff.

"Oh my." Said Rarity, looking at Jeff, "Aren't you a stud."

"Hey there." Said Jeff right back at her.

Before Annie could once again reprimand him, a black lighting bolt came from the sky and hit the ground, thankfully no one was hit.

"What the hell was that"! yelled Troy.

They all look at the ground that the lighting hit, and what was there wasn't unnaturally clean crater, it was as if the ground the lighting touched disappeared… not vaporized, not burnt just nothing.

"I think that might be one of the reasons why Princess Celestia summoned you." Said Abed.

"You think?" asked Rainbow Dash.

Little did they know was that lighting bolt was the first sign of it, a being that can't be defeated by the Elements of Harmony… well by the Elements of Harman alone.

For the former study group, this adventure would be an adventure that would be beyond their imagination… well… not beyond Abed and Troy's imagination, but still something they would never expect in a million years to ever happen to them…

Next Time: They make it to Canterlot where the Princesses tell them what's going on, the good news is that they can send them home. The bad news is that a great evil is breaking out of it's seal and it can only be stopped with the help of people from another universe... Well crap... what will happen? Find out next time!