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Chapter 10: Going Home

Peirce opened his eyes, he didn't know how long he was out. But he recognized both the smell and the noise. He was in the hospital. But everything was blurry so he didn't know which

"Peirce are you okay?" he heard Annie ask.

"I had the weirdest dream, where Troy and Aybed took us in a time machine to another universe filled with talking ponies and we had to fight this weird black thing…" said Peirce.

"Uh… Peirce… that wasn't a dream." He heard Jeff say.

That was when he looked around and saw that both Jeff and Annie were there and they were still ponies.

"What happened?" he asked.

"Rainbow Dash performed the Sonic Rainboom and tackled you." Said Jeff.

""You've been unconscious for days." Said Annie.

"Whatever she did I bet she got in trouble." mumbled Peirce.

And Gilligan Cut

"I can't believe you didn't did in trouble." Said Applejack.

"I know, right." Said Rainbow Dash.

"Thought to be fair he did bring it on himself." Pointed out Britta.

"I wonder if he has woken up yet." Said Fluttershy.

It should be pointed out all of them were outside eating lunch at a restraint.

Meanwhile at the library, Twilight was watching Pinkie, Abed, Tory and Spike put the books back.

"Why should we even pout these back, you're just going to reorganize again." Mumbled Tory.

Twilight stared at him.

"I told you that wouldn't work." Said Spike.

Twilight sighed and she remembered her conversation with Princess Celestia.


After everything was over and Annie and Fluttershy volunteered to take Peirce to the hospital. Twilight knew she had to talk to Princess Celestia.

"Princess." said Twilight.

"Twilight Sparkle I'm very proud of you." Said Princess Celestia, "You managed to reseal Singularity."

"How long will the seal last?" asked Twilight.

"I hope another 1,000 years." Said Princess Celestia, "However I don't think we're going to spread them across Equestria next time."

"I see." Sighed Twilight.

"What's wrong Twilight Sparkle…" said Princess Celestia, "You saw somepony destroyed by Singularity and return, didn't you?"

"Yes… Derpy sacrificed herself." Said Twilight.

"The elements of Life could have had many names, but due to a magic it's able to revive those whose lives taken by Singularity." Said Princess Celestia.

"I see…" said Twilight.

"Where else is there?" asked Princess Celestia.

"You see, in the other universe we're considered fictional." Said Twilight.

"What?" asked Princess Celestia.

"You see we're considered characters in something called a television show." Said Twilight, "And…"

Princess Celestia sighed, "Don't worry about it. Think of it like Daring Do…" said Princess Celestia.

"Oh no, I'm not worried about that." Said Twilight, "Jeff reassured it us it's fine. I just wanted to let you know."

"Then what else is the matter?" asked Princess Celestia.

"Well you see Rainbow Dash severally injured Peirce…" said Twilight, "And he had to be taken to the hospital."

Princess Celestia blinked, she knew that Peirce was rather difficult to wok with… and had heard that he thought Rainbow Dash was filly fooler.

"He crossed a line, didn't he?" she asked.

"Yes." Sighed Twilight.

"Don't worry, Rainbow Dash won't get in trouble." Said Princess Celestia, "And I'm sure he'll be fine."

"Thank you…" said Twilight.

Princess Celestia had several questions but she didn't want to ask as she was a Princess…

But still she had to wonder, if Rainbow Dash was celebrating or using the Sonic Rainboom to hurt Peirce…

Well she would find out eventually…

(End of Flashback)

"Hey! Twilight is something wrong?" asked Troy.

"Oh she was just having a flashback." Said Pinkie, "She's fine!"

The next day, Peirce was allowed to leave the hospital and they headed to Canterlot for a ceremony.

"I still can't believe you got off!" yelled Peirce.

"What can I say, it was all your fault." Said Rainbow Dash.

"Where are we going again?" asked Peirce.

The others groaned.

"You asked 5 times already." Muttered Jeff.

"I did?" asked Peirce.

"Yes!" yelled Rainbow Dash.

"So will you tell me again? "asked Peirce.

"No one tell him." Said Jeff.

"But…" said Fluttershy.

"He'll only forget it." Said Jeff.

They soon arrived in Canterlot, when they got there. They were led to the window tower. The guards opened the doors.

When they opened it was a celebration, many ponies had gathered to celebrate the defeat of Singularity. Including Trixie and Derpy.

They walked towards where the two Princesses stood. Princess Celestia unveiled a new stain glass window showing all 13 of them defeating singularity. Everyone began to cheer.

"All right everypony! I think you know what this calls for!" yelled Pinkie.

"A PARTY!" cheered Troy.

The celebration moved to the garden, Pinkie pulled the famous DJ PON-3 from somewhere, all of the ponies began to dance, eat and talked.

"This the party you promised?" asked Peirce, "Where's the booze?"

Peirce was expecting someone to scold him…

However he got this response .

"I know what you mean… Pinkie's parties are always dry." Said the pony named Berry Punch.

"Really?" muttered Peirce.

She looked around pulled out a flask.

"I have more." She said.

Abed was talking to Trixie… well actually, it was Trixie trying to talk to him.

"So…" said Trixie.

"I'm not used to conversations at parties." Answered Abed.

"Do you ever go to parties?" asked Trixie.

"I've been to a lot." said Abed.

"What about Bat-Mane?" asked Trixie.

Abed saw Pinkie motioning over to him.

"I have to go." Said Abed.

Trixie sighed.

Annie saw her dejected reaction.

"Don't worry it will be fine." She said.

"Trixie never asked details, but what sort of character did Abed play to attract you?" asked Trixie.

"Well a few." Answered Annie.

She looked at Jeff in the comer of eye.

HE was talking to Princess Luna.

"Oh so you like him…" teased Trixie.

"No… no…" said Annie, "Of course not…"

"Trixie hopes that he not flirting with her." Teased Trixie.

However the conversation was far from flirting.

"So what do you do during the day?" asked Jeff.

"Many thing. Answers Princess Luna, "Sleeping, planning meteor showers…"

Princess Luna looked around.

"Tell no one but I play video games most of the day." Said Princess Luna.

"Well looks like a good chunk of the fandom was right." Muttered Jeff.

Princess Luna blinked when he said that.

"Do I want to know?" asked Princess Luna.

"No." answered Jeff bluntly.

Nearby Rarity was looking at Shirley.

"Is this about a make-over?" asked Shirley.

"I still don't understand why you didn't you want a makeover." Said Rarity.

"Britta!" she called out.

Britta was talking with Rainbow Dash.

With that conversation, Britta saw Shirley needing help.

"Looks like Shirley needs help." Sighed Britta.

"Go help her." Sighed Rainbow Dash.

Britta went to start a conversation with Shirley.

"So when are you going to get together?" asked Peirce.

"Are you drunk?" asked Rainbow Dash.

"Why should I tell you, you're not my mother!" yelled Peirce.

Rainbow Dash began to slowly fly away.

Pinkie and Abed were talking.

"It's too bad you're leaving." pouted Pinkie.

"It's best this way." Said Abed, "I know it's cliché to say this. But we're from completely different worlds."

"At least you're watching!" said Pinkie.

"Are you two flirting?" asked Derpy.

"What?" asked Pinkie.

"Sorry for ruining the moment." Said Derpy laughing a little.

That was when she saw Troy waving at her, he pointed to the muffins.

"Oh! Muffin bar." Said Derpy.

Pinkie turned to Abed.

Derpy began to stuff her face full of muffins. Then was when Troy realized some.

"I have to go to talk to Abed about something." He said.

"Go ahead." Said Derpy.

Troy flew over to Abed.

"We can see her eyes." He said.

"Who's eyes?" asked Pinkie.

"The DJ's." said Troy.

Abed nodded and headed to the DJ table.

Jeff had fished his conversation and saw Twilight was just bobbing her head to music.

"What's wrong?" he said.

"Oh… some of the ponies here make fun of my dancing." Said Twilight nervously.

"IT is pretty bad." Said Jeff.

"How do you know?" asked Twilight.

"TV show… remember." Said Jeff.

"Oh… right…" said Twilight.

"Go dance." Said Jeff.

"You just want to see me dance, don't you." Muttered Twilight.

"Maybe I do… or maybe I don't want to see you alone." Said Jeff.

"Don't use your lawyer speeches." Said Twilight.

[Jeff just snorted.

"I never got to thank you." Said Twilight.

"It was nothing" said Jeff, "I seem to solve all of our problems with a speech."

"You do have a gift." Said Twilight.

Jeff just shook his head.

Abed and Troy walked towards Pinkie dejectedly.

"Wasn't the color you hoped." Said Pinkie.

"No… I was hoping they were red." Said Troy.

"I thought they were red until I saw them." Said Pinkie.

Troy laughed.

Princess Celestia watched them as they partied.

"They were the perfect bearers." Said Princess Luna.

"They were." Said Princess Celestia.

"A group that's seemingly dysfunctional but in reality as tight as the elements of Harmony…" said Princess Luna.

"If I remember the first group was just like that." Mused Princess Celestia.

They watched as Prince crashed into the muffin bar.

"I'm okay!" he shouted.

Jeff just face hoofed.

"Though perhaps they're a little more dysfunctional." Said Princess Luna.

"They are…" sighed Princess Celestia.

Princess Celestia laughed…

Hours later after the party wound down, both sets of element bearers met the Princesses in the thorn room.

"Are you ready?" asked Princess Celestia.

"I have a question." Said Abed, "Have the same amount of time passed in this world or is it an Hour inside, a day outside?"

"I don't know." Answered Princess Celestia, "However I can send you back to the exact moment you left."

"That's convenient." Said Jeff.

"Good because I don't want to explain to my family that I've been sent to a magical world where I had to save it." Said Shirley.

"Really the only two that can pull that off with out looking crazy are Troy and Abed." Said Jeff.

"Why? Because we have the dreamatorium?" asked Troy.

"Um… shouldn't we be saying our goodbyes…" said Fluttershy.

"Thank you so much for housing me." Thanked Jeff, "Also, your bunny is evil and you should pay more attention to him."

"Huh…" said Fluttershy.

"That his way of saying he's going to miss you." Said Britta.

She turned to Rainbow Dash and both hoof bumped each other.

"I'll try to catch your show." Said Britta.

"It would be weird." Said Rainbow Dash.

"Kiss!" yelled Peirce.

Applejack rolled her eyes. She didn't want to say it out loud but she was so happy to have Peirce gone.

"Why didn't you let me at least style your hair." Said Rarity.

"Thanks for housing me…" mumbled Shirley who had no idea how to respond to that.

Pinkie gave both Tory and Abed their special handshake.

"See you around." Sad Troy.

"This isn't good bye." Said Abed.

"I know, I'll be watching for you guys!" said Pinkie.

"Thank you so much for helping me." Said Twilight.

"It was so much fun…" said Annie, "I have to admit you are my favorite pony."

"KISS!" yelled Peirce.

Twilight zipped Peirce's mouth shut.

"Why didn't you do that earlier?" asked Britta.

Princess Luna cleared her throat.

They turned their attention to the Princesses as they created a portal.

"Step through and you can go home." Said Princess Celestia.

The 7 headed through the portal. They gave one final look and then headed in.

They explained a bright flash of light and when it cleared they were standing in the living room of the apparent, they were human again, fully clothed and Abed even had his hat again which he lost in Equestria.

"It's good having fingers again." Said Troy as Abed went to the bathroom.

He needed to check something.

"That was a dream right…" said Peirce, "None of us were turned into ponies."

"Should we tell him?" asked Annie.

"He'll just forget anyways." Said Jeff.

That was when Annie noticed the smoke rising from the floor where the replica was.

"Great it looks like I'm going to have to clean that up." mumbled Annie.

Abed came back into the room.

"You might all want to drop your pants." Said Abed.

They all stared at Abed.

"What?" asked Jeff.

"I mean there's something you want to see… on your butts." Said Abed.

They all blinked.

"I think we should go into my room." Said Annie.

The three women went into Annie's room while Abed showed the other his butt.

On his butt was still his Cutie Mark.

Troy decided to drop his pants…

"Seriously?" asked Jeff.

"You're the one who once played pool naked." Pointed out Troy.

Troy still had his cutie mark.

"How am I going to explain this to Andre?" they heard Shirley yell.

"You saw her cutie mark?" asked Abed pulling up his pants.

"Of course I did!" yelled Shirley.

"It looks like we're always going to have a reminder of this little adventure." Said Abed.

"What are you talking about?" asked Peirce.

And indeed they would always have their cutie marks… even though they were human again…

However they're adventure weren't over… as in the Stature Garden Cracks began to appear on Discord's stature.

After all with the chaos that Singularity caused, of course Discord would break through…

But it was going to be a while until that happened…

The End… For now…

"Wait! Wait! There's more!" yelled Pinkie jumping to the screen.

Sometime during the adventure…

"Troy and Abed in mooring!" sang both Troy and Abed as ponies gathered behind them holding signs.

"Our guest today is Pinkie Pie!" said Troy.

"That's right." said Pinkie.

"So I hear that you came up with a brand new recipe for cupcakes." Said Abed.

"That's right." Said Pinkie, "You see I decided to see what happens when you add cookie dough to it."

"Won't that just cook the cookie dough?" asked Troy.

Before Pinkie could answer Jeff walked in on this.

"Really?" he asked, "Here?"

"Why can't they do it?" asked Pinkie.

"You know what…" muttered Jeff as he walked away, "I should have known you would join them…"

They all looked at him.

"As I was saying." Said Pinkie.

The End for Now… (for real this time)…

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