Chapter 7: Viva Las Pegasus

In Canterlot, the unicorn guards began to surround the seals with a shield.

"Are you sure this will hold?" asked Princess Celestia.

"I hope so." Said Shinning Armor.

"Next time this happens they should be kept in one location." Said Princess Luna.

Princess Celestia nodded…

"Only two left." She said.

"I hope Twiley can find them." Thought Shining Armor.

Meanwhile in Ponyville Twilight had finished the explanation…

"So no more Golems?" asked Jeff.

"For the time being." Sighed Twilight, "After all with what happened in Manehattan they could keep it quiet."

"Have you found anything yet?" asked Jeff.

"Not yet." Said Twilight.

"We're still trying to figure it out." Said Annie.

"We'll tell you when we find it." Said Twilight.

The others nodded and left the library.

When they left the entire town was talking about the giant black dragon that escaped.

"I heard that Baltimare was attacked by a giant deer." Said one pony to another.

"My cousin told me about a bird in Cloudsdale." Said a Pegasus.

"Looks like word is already spreading." Said Rainbow Dash.

"Let's not worried about, I'm sure that those guards can keep those things away until we get the last two." Said Jeff.

"Maybe." Said Abed, "Knowing how these things go down not only will the shields break before we find the last one but the seals as well."

The five native to Equestria froze when he said.

"You don't think that's going to happen?" asked Rarity.

"I don't think it will." Muttered Jeff.

That was when something fell on Britta's head.

"Ow…" muttered Britta.

They looked up and saw Derpy flying overhead.

"Oh sorry Britta, I must not have been paying attention because of my disabilities." Said Derpy.

Derpy flew away.

"How do you make enemies with Derpy?" asked Applejack.

"I don't want to talk about it." Muttered Britta.

"Why did she mentioned disabilities?" asked Rarity.

"I said I don't want to talk about it." Muttered Britta.

Back in the library, the two were looking at the last clues.

"I figured out mine." Said Twilight , "In the desert of sin and Pegasi is where Persistence is."

"Desert of Sin and Pegasi?" asked Annie.

"Las Pegasus." Said Twilight.

"Is gambling allowed there?" asked Annie.

"Yes." Sighed Twilight, "We just have to figure out how to prevent them from getting distracted…"

Sometime later on the Friendship Express.

"Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye." Everypony said along with Pinkie.

"All right! So none of you will gamble once we get to Las Pegasus." Said Pinkie.

"What's the point of this?" asked Peirce.

"We need to focus on this." Said Twilight, "We might have time to gamble but we need to do it after we find the element."

"And trust me… you DO NOT want to break a Pinkie Promise." Said Applejack who shivered at the memory.

Back at Canterlot, the guards shielding the seal saw something wrong.

"Contact their Princess right away!" yelled one of the guards.

Within a few mixtures Princess Celestia has arrived and she stared at seal. The seal was turning black all around and the seals that kept Singularity at bay were glowing brightly.

"It knows what we're doing and trying to break out." She whispered.

"Should add more stallions?" asked the guard.

"No…" sighed Princess Celestia, "For the time being keep it as it is."

"Yes Ma'am." Said the Guard.

She began to leave.

"Where are you going?" asked the guard.

"I will deliver the Elements of Harmony to their holders." Said Princess Celestia.

The guard who heard this nodded.

Back in Las Pegasus, they arrived.

"So where should we look?" asked Jeff.

"Maybe the casinos and hotels." Said Twilight, "As well as any restaurant."

"Okay then. Let's go." Said Britta.

As they were leaving, Annie stopped Peirce.

"What?" asked Peirce.

"Please Peirce, don't break the Pinkie Promise, trust me, she gets really scary when it broken." Said Annie.

"Please she's a pony that looks like cotton candy… what can she do." Said Peirce he went to join the others, leaving Annie scared.

"You shouldn't have said anything." Said Jeff walking towards her.

"But you know him he's going break it." Said Annie.

"And if that means he gets chased around a demonic pink pony then it's his own fault." Said Jeff.

Annie blinked, how did Jeff know that Pinkie would react that way… Abed's theory couldn't be right, could it?

They went to the first hotel that we near them and they began to ask around. Price got bored and he saw a coin on the ground.

"Minds as well." He said to him.

He picked it up, put into a slot machine and played.

He saw Pinkie standing next to him.

"Oh hey…" he said.

"You broke a Pinkie Promise didn't you…" said Pinkie.

"Well yeah, but it was a stupid promise." Said Peirce.

Pinkie's eyes began to glow like red-hot coals and steam came from her ears.


Peirce began to run as fast he could.

Meanwhile the rest were asking a card dealer.

"Yeah, I've seen that stature you, I pass by it everyday on my way to work." He said.

"Really? That's good." Said Fluttershy.

"It's several blocks away." Said the Card dealer, "By the way you all look family… did I try to rob you in Baltimare?"

They all looked at each other.

He began to draw up a map.

"Well let's go find Peirce and Pinkie." Said Twilight.

"Wait those two are only ones not here?" asked Annie.

"Yes, why?" asked Twilight.

That was when they watched as Pierce ran past them with Pinkie running after him.

Rarity sighed, "He broke the Pinkie Promise." She mumbled.

"So what happiness if you break a Pinkie Promise?" asked Britta.

"I'm guessing that if you break a Pinkie Promise, Pinkie breaks you." Said Jeff.

"Nopony knows…" said Rainbow Dash, "BUT that might be what happens."

This made everyone become silent.

"Jeff is going to try to grab the element." Said Twilight, "If he's not the best suited we're get Peirce to grab it…"

Sometime later at the element. Jeff hesitated at touching it.

"What?" asked Twilight.

"I have the feeling that this is Peirce, I mean he is the one that best suits the phrase persistence." He explained.

"Oh come on Jeff, you just want to use Peirce as a guinea pig as usual." Said Britta.

"No I don't. Think about it, willpower suits me best instead of persistence." Said Jeff.

"I don't know you quite persistent with me." Said Britta.

"Now's not the time." Said Annie.

"Jeff just touch it…" said Twilight.

"Besides, you made Peirce be the first one every time just so he'd get shocked." Said Troy.

"Fine…" muttered Jeff.

Jeff touched the sphere and got the electric shock.

"I told you…" he muttered.

"So what do we do?" asked Troy.

"We steer him towards here." Said Twilight.

"Assuming Pinkie hasn't broke him yet…" said Applejack.

"Yeah…" sighed Twilight.

In Ponyville Princess Celestia arrived at the library, she knocked on the door holding the box containing the elements of Harmony.

Spike opened the door, and paled.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"IS Twilight here or are they searching for the next element?" she asked.

"They're searching for the next element." Answered Spike.

"May I come in?" she asked.

"Of course." Responded Spike.

He ran up stars and head for the deck where she was waiting for him, after all the normal door was too small for her. She went inside of wait and saw the book forts.

"So?" asked Princess Celestia.

"Troy and Abed." Answered Spike.

"Ah yes." Said Princess Celestia.

She saw down placing the box containing the elements of harmony on the floor.

"So where did they go?" asked Princess Celestia.

"Las Pegasus." Said Spike, "I don't think it's going to end well though."

Princess Celestia blinked, "nor do I…" she answered.

Back in Las Pegasus Peirce continued to run.

"GET BACK HERE!" yelled the still demonic Pinkie.

"They were right, she is scary when she's insane." Mumbled Peirce as he continued to run.

"Hey!" yelled Rainbow Dash flying next to him, "We found the next element and it's yours."

"Wait so Jeff got electrocuted?" asked Peirce, "Would have loved to see that…"


"Stop follow everypony point which way." Said Rainbow Dash quickly.

"If you say so…" muttered Peirce.

"RAINBOW DASH!" Yelled Pinkie.

"Well gotta Dash." Mumbled Rainbow Dash.

Peirce continued run when he saw Abed who pointed in the direction.

"This better be the right way." Muttered Peirce.

Peirce countered on the way, when he saw in the air was an arrow shaped cloud and saw Tory poking his head from it.

"When did he learn to do that." He muttered.

"PEIRCE!" yelled Pinkie.

"She getting closer." He muttered.

Peirce continued on his way as he saw them pointing there.

All while still running.

That was when he saw Annie and Twilight when who stayed behind.

"I shouldn't have said anything." She mumbled.

"What do you mean?" asked Twilight.

"HEY! Where's the thing!" he yelled.

They pointed to it… he touched it…

There was a bright light and when it cleared h was holding a golden neck with a white gem in the shape of a dollar sign.

"All right! I got my necklace…" said Peirce.

That was when Pinkie tackled him.


"I'm sorry okay, you take these thing too seriously." Muttered Peirce.

"All right, all right break it up." Muttered Twilight.

"We have the element so we should go." Said Annie.

That was when a green flame appeared in front of Twilight and scroll appeared.

"That's weird." Said Twilight.

Twilight opened it.

"Dear Twilight, the method to prevent the seal from breaking it starting to fail. I'm waiting for you at the library." Read Twilight, "Signed Princess Celestia."

"Hey… is Pinkie calm yet?" they heard Troy ask.


"When is she going to calm down…" asked Peirce.

"I don't know…" whispered Twilight.

The way back to Ponyville was rather uncomfortable. It wasn't like when Applejack technically broke a Pinkie Promise where Pinkie calmed down because of a loop hole. No he outright broke a Pinkie Problems.

And she glared at him the entire way back to Ponyville.

They got back to the library to find Princess Celestia waiting for them.

"Princess." Said Twilight.

"I assume you know why I'm here." Said Princess Celestia.

She gave then the Elements of Harmony.

"I don't know how long the seal will hold." Said Princess Celestia, "You need to have the remaining elements on you at all times from now on…"

"All right." Said Twilight.

Annie retrieved the other Elements of Life while the they put on the elements of harmony.

"Why do you have a tiara?" asked Britta.

"It's just the form mine takes." Said Twilight.

"Have you figured out the final hint?" asked Princess Celestia.

"No yet." Answered Twilight.

Back in Canterlot, the remaining seals all turned Black.

Princess Liana who was keeping watch saw this.

"EVERYPONY EVACUATE THE CASTLE NOW!" she called out using the Royal Canterlot Voice.

"What about us!" called out one of the guards using the shield.

"I fear that while magic can restaurant the golems. It will not work against the true body." Said Princess Luna.

A black mass began to emerge from the seal and consumed the magic, the guards retreated with Princess Luna escaping.

Singularity was now free, he began to leave the castle without touching anything.

No… for the first it would completely and utter destroy would be them…

However it's escape did have a side effect.

The sky all though Equestria began to turn black.

Back in Ponyville, they were reading the last prophecy.

"It saddles the boundaries of the place where nature rules magic." Said Twilight.

"Hey… what time is it?" asked Abed looking out the window.

"You don't think Nightmare Moon is back do you?" asked Pinkie.

"Oh no…" whispered Princess Celestia.

They got outside to find the sky turning black… but no stars, no moon.

"It's escaped." Said Princess Celestia.

"Already?" asked Twilight.

"I'm afraid so." Said Princess Celestia, "And I have a feeling it will destroy you first."

Things had just gotten real… Singularity had escaped. And they were it's first target… but they still had to find the last element… which as it turned out was closer than they thought…

Next Time: With the Singularity free they must find the last element... where is it... the better question is HOW DID THEY MISS IT? What will happen? Find out next time!