A/N This is my cast list, if you don't like spoilers, don't read it. That's really all I can say... I would like to disclose that I mention a lot of things in this, and out of all of the references, I own none. You might need to be familiar with some Beatles songs, but you don't have to be. Even though they are the only people worth listening to. But not to most people. Sadly. I want to add something though. Something to make you ponder... I watched the Yellow Submarine movie for the first time in a long time, and found something. I wrote it into the chapter I was working on last night, but here it is, fresh and new: Sixty-four years is 33,661,440 minutes, and one minute is a long time.


Columbia Campbell - The narrator, an ex-groupie, has short reddish pink hair, can dance, is short height wise. She has had sexual relationships with men and women, and a transvestite. Will strip for a dime.

Laura White - Columbia's fake name.

Laura Campbell - Another fake name of hers.

Magenta Vitus - A close friend of Columbia, has long, frizzy reddish magenta hair, sparkling green eyes, is pretty tall. Has only had sexual relations with her brother, Columbia, and has been raped by Frank. Is self conscious about her accent.

Riff Raff Vitus - Brother of Magenta, has long, blonde hair, but is balding, has blue eyes, is tall. Has had sexual relations with no one at all, but his sister. He may be one of the smartest people in the galaxy of Transylvania.

Nation McKinley - The McKinley's are the Vitus's first cousins, Nation has tight, curly hair, emerald eyes, is about as tall as Magenta. Has only had sexual relations with her brother, and a drunk one night stand with Nell. Could be a twin of Magenta.

Cosmo McKinley - Nation's brother, he is bald, and has blue eyes, is the same height as Riff. Has had sexual relations with his sister, and Bert Schnick, who raped him. Like Nation, he could be a twin of Riff Raff.

Nell Ansalong - If Columbia grew her hair out, she could be a sure fire clone, has a long, brunette ponytail almost always, is pretty short. Has had sexual relations with Ricky and Nation. Is Columbia's cousin.

'Rest Home' Ricky - A tall brunette. Has had sexual relations with Nell. Enjoys being with Nell, was sad when she had to leave.

Janet Weiss/Majors - The heroine, has honey blonde hair, enjoys intercourse. Has had sexual relations with men, and transexuals, an ex-prostitute.

Brad Majors - Suffered a mental breakdown. Had sexual relations with men, women, and transvestites.

Sonny - One of Janet's first friends on Transexual, suffered a horrible misscarrage, has bright purple hair, but it changes often.

Sonny Weiss/Furter/Ammbo - Janet's bastard child of the late Frank Furter, he is birthed soon after this fiction ends.

Scarlet McKinley - After Nation figured out she could not have a child, Columbia volunteered to be a surrogate, and Scarlet was the outcome.

Patricia Vitus - A twin of Pacifica Vitus, looks like her mother.

Pacifica Vitus - A twin of Patricia Vitus, looks like her father.

Sophia 'Sophie' Campbell - Servant of Columbia.