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That's all that was going through her mind as she ran through the broken grounds of Hogwarts with Ron. She had to find Harry.

Just moments ago she had gotten word that the Boy-Who-Lived had finally triumphed and defeated the Dark Lord Voldemort once and for all. She allowed herself a brief moment of happiness before returning to her task again.

Come on, come on… There!

Grabbing hold of Ron's hand once again she pulled him in the direction in which she had seen a mop of messy ink black hair that could only belong to one of her best friends, Harry Potter.

"Harry! Harry wait!" The young savior turned around and she just caught a glimpse of his shining green eyes before letting go of Ron's hand and flying into his arms. "You did it Harry! It's over, we won!"

"I know Hermione, but what about all those other people. Remus and Tonks and everyone else who died?" he looked at her with sadness. Hermione sighed.

"Oh Harry…" she hugged him again "At least we know that no one has died in vain, everyone who has died has died a proud death and they will always be remembered"

"Yeah mate" Ron chimed in "besides, right now we should be celebrating, no more Dark Lord around to torment anybody, especially you. You deserve to be happy and now you finally can be."

"Thanks guys." Harry gave a small sad smile before pulling Ron in for his own hug.

"Before we celebrate though I suggest we head to the great hall to help with the wounded, the hospital wing was destroyed in battle" Harry gave her a fearful look at this "don't worry no one was in there when it happened, everyone had already moved to the great hall because they thought it would be a safer place."

"Good. Let's head over there now. I'm sure they could use your medical expertise Hermione." Harry smiled.

Hermione smiled back. She had practiced her medical spells before the trio had spent their time searching for horcruxes, she now excelled in that field, a good to because when you're traveling companions were Ron Weasley and Harry Potter, you needed them. As she led the two towards the great hall she started reminiscing about their little camping trip. In fact she was so far into her memories that she failed to notice the large jagged rock sticking out by her feet and also failed to hear the frantic cry of 'Hermione' as she tripped on said jagged rock and was sent tumbling to the ground.

Hermione felt something hard bang into her head and her consciousness slowly leaving her. Her last thought before blackness was something along the lines of what just happened?

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