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The next evening found Hermione sitting outside of the hospital wing waiting for someone to escort her to her dormitories. It had taken an entire day of convincing but Madam Pomfrey had finally decided that it was ok for Hermione to go back to her regular bed. Or Hermione 2.0's regular bed, that was what she was calling her now, the Hermione from this time couldn't possibly be her. But for the sake of Hermione's plan she had decided to humor everyone here and pretend to be this Hermione. Her plan was simple, wait everything out until she can get to the library and take a look at the time travel books there. When in doubt, go to books is what she always says. Besides, how different could this Hermione be? Plus she didn't have to know anything because of her 'amnesia'.

So it was with a tired sigh and a fake smile that she waited for her slytherin escort. That's right Slytherin, as in the snakes den. Hermione herself had never been down there and had never expected to until Madam Pomfrey had come in with Hermione's school uniform. But apparently one of the many downfalls to this Hermione was that she had a preference for wearing silver and green. It was right alongside the downfalls of being 50 years in the past and being apparent close friends with young Voldemort.

When Hermione heard footsteps coming down the hall she was only able to manage a small tight smile that she was sure looked more like a grimace. Expecting to see said teenage dark lord she was pleasantly surprised to instead see a flash of platinum blonde hair. Hermione never thought she would see the day that she would be happy to see a Malfoy but she'd take a stuck up ferret over Voldemort any day, even if it was the teenage form.

"Didn't enjoy your stay in the hospital wing I'm guessing" Malfoy chuckled, noticing here grimace 'Wait, Is he… Smiling? Weird.'

"Err no, the bed sheets were scratchy, I can't wait to get back to… my bed." The words felt weird coming out of her mouth, and she was sure her expression showed it.

Malfoy seemed to think her weird look was caused my something else "Oh, I apologize, Tom has told me about your amnesia. I am Abraxes Malfoy, I'm sure you will remember my name, we spend a lot of time together usually so it shouldn't be hard."

Although Abraxes looked every bit a Malfoy with his silver eyes and long platinum blonde hair, she couldn't help but get the vibe that he was much different than the Malfoys she had met so far. Maybe it was due to the fact that he and Hermione 2.0 were so called friends. This plan may be harder than Hermione originally thought.

"Yes my amnesia is unfortunate but I'm sure my memory will come back in no time."she lied swiftly, looking Abraxes up and down. "In the mean time it has been a long day and I would just like to go sleep so, shall we?"

"Yes of course." Abraxes held out his arm and Hermione reluctantly placed her hand in the crook of his elbow as they set off to the dungeons.

The walk down the corridor was relatively silent even though Hermione could feel Abraxes stare on her. It wasn't until they came to the entrance hall that the eldest Malfoy stopped and decided to speak up though. "I was told your amnesia took a very large deal on your memory and yet you seem to know your way around the castle quite fine." He didn't say it accusingly, but more with curiosity.

It was then that Hermione realized that she had been walking several steps in front of Abraxes instead of letting him lead the way. 'Good going Hermione… Quick think of something!' Hermione took a swift look around her and then pointed in the direction that she hopped was still –was going to be- the direction of the charms classroom. "Obviously I know my way around here, I've been practically living in this castle since I was eleven, down there is the Arithmancy classroom right?"

"Err, no actually. Down there is the charms classroom. No worries though, you do not have to worry about the Arithmancy classroom until Friday and since that is three days away from now I think we'll be fine" He then began to lead her towards the dungeons "Besides, I'm sure one of us will be with you at all times until your memory is back fully and we don't have to worry about you getting lost or, Merlin forbid, hurt."

"Who is 'us'?"

"You know, us. Or I guess you wouldn't know, but don't worry there will be plenty of time to get reacquainted with the gang soon. Besides, Tom would have our arses handed to him on a plate if he knew that the Kn-" Before Abraxes could continue he was cut off be a shrill shriek from down the hall.


Hermione could hear the Malfoy's fairly audible groan as he turned to the three girls that were practically running down the hall towards them. "Hello Walburga, how are you this evening?"

Apparently the girls didn't hear it as well as Hermione did because the girl who must have been Walburga Black flushed red and gave a high pitched giggle, much different than the portrait that Hermione knew her from. "Just wonderful my dear Abraxes, thank you for asking."

They went on staring at each other for quite some time, Abraxes with a barely concealed grimace and Walburga with a wide smile. Hermione could tell that the two other girls were getting uncomfortable and decided to save Abraxes by clearing her throat. Four sets of eyes immediately dashed to her and Hermione decided that she would have rather stand there uncomfortably than have all the attention on her, luckily before things got to awkward someone decided to speak up.

"Ah Hermione, I didn't even see you there. How was your stay in the hospital wing?" Surprisingly it wasn't Abraxes like she thought it would be but Walburga who spoke.

"It was fine considering the circumstances thank you." Hermione said curtly, she couldn't help but dislike this woman. But that is to be expected considering the Black family reputation, Sirius excluded.

Hermione could see hate flash in her eyes but before the Black could spit out something insulting and probably unintelligent, Abraxes interrupted oblivious to the girl's silent war. "Hermione this is Walburga Black, Alyssa Nott and Olive Hornby. Hermione here was unfortunate enough to have lost her memory in her accident so please can you be nice enough to help her when needed until it is back."

Hermione didn't like the way that Abraxes was explaining her 'situation' he was making her sound incapable of simple things while in reality she was completely capable. But instead of turning to him and telling him of, she stood there with a forced smile and pretended to be oblivious while silently fuming inside.

"Don't worry, we'll be sure to look out for our dear Hermione. Wont we girls?" Simultaneous nods were given from behind Walburga and with a final 'see you soon' the three turned around a promptly walked away.

As Hermione watched them walk away in mild disgust she couldn't help but ask with some fear "They're not part of 'us' are they?"

Her sigh of relief only came after Abraxes finished his deep laugh and replied "No, don't worry, you've never really gotten along with them. And it seems like your impression of them now is close to when you first met, I'm just glad no one got pumpkin juice poured on their head this time."

"Pumpkin Juice?" She echoed

"Don't worry it wasn't you who got soaked." He answered her unasked question and Hermione couldn't help but feel a bit of pride at Hermione 2.0's actions. "Anyways, let's get back to the common room it's nearly curfew."

They began walking and when they reached the end of the hall Abraxes suddenly stopped in front of a portrait of a beautiful woman. Hermione herself accidentally took a couple more steps before she realized that this must be the entrance. Her suspicions were confirmed when Abraxes turned to her and said "The password is precious." And the portrait swung open revealing a short hall.

The hall was bare and big enough for at least two people to walk comfortably through while walking side by side, when the pair reached the end Hermione was momentarily stunned by the beauty of the common room. It was much bigger than the Gryffindor one and seemed to be sort of split down the middle with the older years leaning more to one side and the younger's to the other, she could see two halls leading out of the room and she suspected they lead to the dorms. There were several dark wooden study desks scattered around and a fire place on each side, the walls where grey brick and Hermione was not surprised to see that emerald green was a major color factor in everything. The furniture looked expensive but comfortable and she could see Walburga and her gang relaxing on one of the couches.

It was when she turned that she had to let slip a gasp, Tom Riddle was sitting on a high backed chair in front of the fire, seemingly oblivious to the group of boys chatting away at him as he stared right at her. He had sort of a hesitant look on his face and Hermione was worried that he was going to get up and come toward her until he seemed to think better of it and turned back to his little group.

"The girl's dorms are down the left hall, near the end. Have a good night's sleep Hermione." Abraxes said and before she could reply he walk off to join the boys by the fire.

Hermione stared after him for a few short moments before walking off down the left hall. Once she found the door with 'Seventh Years' printed across the front she entered to see five beds, one of which had the curtains shut tight and Hermione couldn't help but wonder who was behind them.

The only way Hermione was able to tell which bed was her was by the large stack of books on the last one's bedside table. Knowing she had to wake up for classes tomorrow Hermione set her alarm and then laid down to think. She didn't get far before she drifted off into a soundless sleep.

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