Realized #1: While Vlad plays chess, especially in his own little mind games with Danny, Jack and Maddie have been seen playing checkers. Therefore, Jack and Maddie are playing the children's version of Vlad's mind games, having no idea what is really going on.

Realized #2: By the end of the series, in Vlad's mind games, Danielle has made herself a queen. Though originally a pawn, pawns can become queens in chess by making it all the way across the board and back. Danielle originally worked for Vlad (black), but made it across the board to help Danny (white). Then, while searching for Danny's help in D-Stabilized, Dani joined Valerie, who at the time was working for Vlad, a black piece. So however unwittingly, Dani successfully made her way across the board and back, making herself a queen.

Realized #3: One of the plots that were abandoned when DP got shut down was probably the bloodstream nanobots. They're still in Jazz's system after Secret Weapons, so if Vlad could calibrate another controller to the bots, Jazz and Danny would be up the creek without a paddle.

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Chapter Three: Family Ties (EDITED)

It had taken Danny nearly a day to realize he wasn't talking in rhyme anymore or narrating everything he did, but when the realization came around, he headed over to Clockwork's Tower, a large, blue-gray building with gears and clocks spouting out of it.

"Hello, Daniel," Clockwork said, somehow winding up behind Danny in the main entrance of the building.

The halfa spun around, his face twisted into a frown as he glared at the blue ghost. "Why do this to me?" Danny demanded. "All I wanted was to be human, and now I'm... I'm... I don't know what I am!" He wove his hands through his hair in frustration, not knowing what to think.

"Before, your DNA was simply coated in ectoplasm at some points," Clockwork explained, calm as ever. "Now, you are truly half ghost, half human, the only one in existence. The second shock in the portal made the infusion complete, as well as permanent."

Danny hesitated. "If I'm officially a half ghost, then why can't I turn into Phantom anymore?" he asked slowly.

A dinging sound interrupted them. "That would be your after-school snack," Clockwork declared with that half-grin he called a smile, walking off towards the kitchen. Danny reluctantly followed, seeing that the kitchen was fairly similar to the lobby of the tower. The floor was made up of blue tile, the walls and appliances purple.

Clockwork opened the over and pulled out a tray of cookies without even bothering to put on an oven mitt. He set them down on the granite island, gesturing for Danny to take one. "They're hot," he warned the halfa, but of course, the teenage boy paid him no heed.

"Ow!" Danny exclaimed, dropping the cookie back on the tray.

"I warned you," Clockwork chuckled. "They're chocolate chip with a hint of ectoberry."

Danny's mouth dropped open, the half-eaten bite of cookie clearly visible in his mouth. "Ectoberry?" he asked warily, eyeing the cookies. There were, in fact, tiny pieces of something that glowed green in them, something that had missed Danny's attention before.

Clockwork chuckled at the worried halfa and shook his head. "No need to worry; it will enhance your powers and control."

"I've tried ghost food before, though, and it always tasted horrible," Danny winced, scrunching up his nose. "Not to mention it made me sick for a week."

"That's because you weren't meant to eat it at that time," Clockwork explained. "At that point, you were still completely human, just with some ghostly abilities. Now you truly are a "halfa" as other ghosts call you."

"Great, now I'm even more of a freak than I was before," Danny grumbled. Worse yet, he was his own undoing. Had he not walked into the portal again, there may have been some way to reverse the process.

Clockwork sighed, taking a cookie and eating it before declaring, "Daniel, your powers are there for a reason- and seeing as we're not speaking in rhyme, you know what that is."

Danny pursed his lips and let out a breath through his nose. "Why can't I turn into Phantom anymore?" he finally asked, accepting the truth. He was human, and a stupid choice had blown that away... even if it might turn out to be a good choice.

"Before, you were in need of a form to maintain the powers and the ectoplasm in your system," Clockwork explained. "Your body as a human was unable to do that. After the second portal shock, your body adapted to be half ghost, eliminating the need for an alternate form. Obviously, your appearance has changed accordingly."

Danny nodded, staring at his hand with his eyes, noting that it looked paler than it had as Phantom or even as he had before the incident. One of his eyes had turned neon green, and his hair was streaked white, both attributed to Phantom. Since the incident, he had worn the same type of outfit: black jeans, shirt, shoes, and hoodie. They were able to hide his abnormalities, especially his black-and-white hair. "What about my ghost sense?" he suddenly asked. "I know when a ghost is near- even far viewing what happened yesterday- but I don't see my breath anymore?"

"Ghosts don't sense other ghosts the way you did, Daniel," Clockwork explained. "As a human, ghosts were foreign. Now, you simply sense others in the area, their genetic signature, to be precise. It is an ability that most ghosts have, designed so they may protect their lair. As your powers develop, your scope will increase."

"So... how do I keep people from knowing who I am?" Danny asked, changing the topic once again. "If I just show up, people will figure it out. After all, not a lot of kids have black-and-white hair in Amity Park."

Using magic or powers of some sort, Clockwork put all of the cookies into a basket, handing it to Danny. "Go home, Daniel. You'll need your rest for your body to adapt to the changes it is facing," he said. "And only eat three of those a day. Come back when you run out so you may get more ectoberry-rich foods."

Danny sighed, accepting the basket. "Thanks, Clockwork," Danny smiled, heading back home as fast as he could fly in his strange, new form. He touched down in the lab, eating the half-eaten cookie he had previously dropped. "Mom! Dad! I'm home!" Danny called once he made it up the stairs, as though he had walked in through the back door instead of the basement.

He continued walking through the house, calling for his parents in confusion. For a second, he thought they were out hunting a ghost until he heard the television on in the den. He walked into the room to see his parents and sister all sitting on the sofa, staring at the TV in shock. They were even all posed the same way, like the Thinker with one elbow on their knee and their chin on their hand. Danny walked further in the room and turned around so he could see what they saw.

On the television was a cell phone video from the previous day, displaying a teenage boy with black and white hair touching down and pulling a group of children out of the way of the attacking ghost. The little color from Danny's face drained as video-Danny approached the school to drop off the children. As he turned around to face the ghost again, the camera got a blurry figure, just barely saving Danny's identity. How had he missed that? Had he been so focused that it missed his attention?

"Oh, thank god," he muttered under his breath. He was safe for now.

Jack remained tight-lipped, a disapproving glare being sent to the video-Danny. "Looks like there's another ghost kid in town," he sneered. "And just when we thought we got rid of Inviso-Bill."

Danny glanced to his father, a frown on his face as well. "Maybe this one is good," he offered. "He hasn't done anything bad yet. Some ghosts just want to be left alone."

Jazz looked at her brother before standing and walking past him, her shoulder roughly brushing his. Instantly, Danny whipped around and followed his sister into the kitchen. "What the heck is wrong with you?" Danny demanded.

"That could have been you saving those kids, but no," Jazz hissed. "You were a hero, and now you're just..."

The redhead rolled her eyes and walked away from Danny, who had about the same sentiment and ran up to his room in a huff.

A few hours after Danny got to his room, his cell phone began to ring, playing "The Imperial March" of all things. "What do you want, Vlad?" he growled. He wasn't exactly in the news.

A dark chuckle was heard from the other side of the line. "Oh, I was just watching you on the news," he stated.

"Can it, Plasmius," Danny snapped, keeping his voice low, lest his parents hear him. "What do you really want?"

"Oh, I just thought I'd let you know that your sister is here," Vlad said, Danny practically able to hear the smirk over the phone.

The color drained out of Danny's face. "What did you do to her?" Danny demanded, his voice growing in volume. "What did you do?" This time, he practically yelled it, only hearing Vlad's evil laughter in response.

A dial tone was all that Danny heard next. He pulled the iPhone away from his ear, staring at the screen in shock. Call with Froot Loop ended, the screen read before going dark. At that point, Danny was past the point of caring. He was going to get his sister back. In an instant, Danny shot up into the sky.

When Danny touched down at Vlad's mansion, he saw the Specter Speeder sitting in the driveway. That could have meant a number of things, but it most likely meant that Jazz had gone there of her own free will. If she had gone there of her own free will, did that mean that she was staying there of her own free will? After all, she did have quite the reason to be mad at Danny, and anger made people do strange things.

Danny walked forward slowly, cautious of all Vlad could do...

Like electrocute Danny the second his foot touched the first step up to Vlad's mansion.

The boy woke up to feel soft, green grass underneath him- wait, no. That wasn't grass. He felt the ground, realizing it was astro turf. He looked around to see lights shining down on him and a set of stands on either side. He was in a football stadium.

Letting out a moan of pain, he turned onto his stomach to get up, only to see Jazz doing the same, and she was wearing the ecto-skeleton. "Jazz!" he exclaimed, leaping up like nothing was wrong and rushing to help his sister.

Much to Danny's surprise, the redhead ripped her armored arm away from her little brother. "Don't even, Danny," she snapped, getting to her feet on her own.

"Ah, siblings," a voice from the stands as well as the jumbotron declared with false admiration. The teens turned their attention to the screen, where they saw Vlad Masters' head. "Figures you two would turn against each other. Whoever comes out alive may go."

"Turn against each other?" Danny asked in surprise, turning to his sister. "What does that mean?"

Jazz only scoffed and rolled her eyes. "Like you don't know," she gritted out. "How could you lie to everyone about still having your powers?"

"Ah, ah, ah," Vlad tsked. "Save the fighting for when the battle begins. Jasmine, your suit is being powered by the ecto-converter and Technus's staff. You also have bloodstream nanobots running through your system controlled by me."

"So the suit won't waste me?" Jazz asked in her annoyingly perky fashion.

"No, so I can if you betray me," Vlad explained. "And Daniel, you have... well, you're still trying to understand how your powers work now, aren't you? Have fun, and begin."

The screen went fuzzy for a moment before blinking off, and Danny and Jazz turned to each other in shock. Let the battle begin.

Vladimir Masters's week had been going exceedingly well. Not only had he snuck the ecto-converter away from the Fentons- okay, Skulker snuck it away- along with Technus's staff and some bloodstream nanobots, but from what he had heard and seen on his cameras hidden around the Fenton household, young Daniel had given up his powers! What on Earth could have driven the boy to do so, he didn't know, but he knew better than to look a gift horse in the mouth.

So when the doorbell rang, Vlad saw two sides to the story: one good and one that could easily be manipulated to turn good.

"Oh, Uncle Vlad," Jasmine sobbed the second he opened the door. "I hate my life, my father's an idiot, my brother is a jerk-"

"What's that?" Vlad asked, blinking in surprise.

"I hate my life?"

"No, after that."

"My brother is a jerk?"

No! In the middle!"

"My father's an idiot?"

"That's the one," Vlad cheered, putting a grey-suited arm around Jazz's shoulder. "Come on in and tell Uncle Vlad what's wrong."

Jazz walked inside and told Vlad the story of what had been going on. "I- I found out Danny was Phantom," she sniffed, brushing her orange-red hair behind her ear, a job her trademark headband was failing to do. "He-he promised he would get rid of his powers, and..." She took in a deep, shaky breath. This really was hard for her.

"What?" Vlad gasped, pretending to hear all of this information for the first time. "Well, we both know what havoc your brother has wreaked in Amity Park; we must prepare you to stop him! In fact, I have a theory that Danny did not truly get rid of his powers."

Jazz's eyes widened. Had the boy on TV truly been Danny? "Do you have something to help me defeat him?" she asked, acting as innocent as possible and taking advantage of Vlad's intentions as well. "Maybe... some weapons or a battle suit?"

Vlad grinned and led Jazz towards his private study. "As a matter of fact, I do," he said, lifting the top of a bust to reveal a big, red button. A simple press caused the fireplace to split open, revealing a stairway. The two walked downstairs to Vlad's lab, a high-tech wonderland. One thing that caught Jazz's eye was the Fenton ecto-skeleton. It had gone missing after Phantom's fight with Pariah Dark. Well, that explained where it had gone.

"You see, Jasmine, I have been preparing to fight Danny Phantom myself for quite some time," Vlad explained, leading Jazz to the suit. "This suit will aid me in defeating him, but I need to be capable of running tests from the outside first. Perhaps you could be the test subject to assist me."

Jazz looked between Vlad and the suit, easily realizing what could happen should Vlad realize she was working undercover. Still, and opportunity like this only came along every so often... This was her chance.

"Absolutely," she agreed. The ladder next to it had been placed so that she could easily climb up and hop inside- perhaps Vlad had been planning to test it soon. No sooner than she sat down did the suit connect to her body, and a small pinprick in her neck was the last thing she felt before she passed out.

Jazz woke up in some sort of football stadium, her brother trying to help her up. She sneered and pulled away. Even if she was only helping Vlad to get information, Danny had lied to her face and virtually destroyed her trust. "Don't even, Danny," she snapped, rising up on her own with ease.

"Ah, siblings," a voice from the stands as well as the jumbotron declared with false admiration. The teens turned their attention to the screen, where they saw Vlad Masters' head. "Figures you two would turn against each other. Whoever comes out alive may go."

"Turn against each other?" Danny asked in surprise, turning to his sister. "What does that mean?"

Jazz only scoffed and rolled her eyes. "Like you don't know," she gritted out. "How could you lie to everyone about still having your powers?" Acting for Vlad's sake? Maybe. Angry on her own behalf? Oh, hell yes.

"Ah, ah, ah," Vlad tsked. "Save the fighting for when the battle begins. Jasmine, your suit is being powered by the ecto-converter and Technus's staff. You also have bloodstream nanobots running through your system controlled by me."

"So the suit won't waste me?" Jazz asked, half checking and half hopefully. She had seen what Vlad did at the reunion and was a bit wary thinking about what he could do now.

"No, so I can if you betray me," Vlad explained with humor in his voice, like this was all just some game to him. "And Daniel, you have... well, you're still trying to understand how your powers work now, aren't you? Have fun, and begin."

The screen went fuzzy for a moment before blinking off, and Danny and Jazz turned to each other in shock.

Instantly, Danny picked up Jazz in the suit and began flying up- albeit a bit shakily. He would have easily escaped Vlad with his sister had it not been for the shield that electrocuted him and knocked both of them down, yelling and screaming all the way.

"Oh, by the way, that shield stops both ghosts and humans," Vlad's voice came through the speakers.

"Okay, Jazz, we're going to have to fake this fight, so follow my le-" Danny didn't get to finish his sentence before Jazz punched him clear across the field, straight into the wall of the shield.

Danny let out a scream as the electric current flowed through him before he was released, falling to the ground. Angrily, Danny shot back up, flying towards Jazz. He was about to call her out, asking what she was doing, but she spoke first.

"You're toast," she declared, no remorse in her voice.

Anger flooded through Danny. "Oh yeah?" he asked. "You and what toaster?"

While Danny found himself unable to attack his sister, Jazz had no trouble in fighting him. She hit him down repeatedly, Danny growing more and more exasperated with each punch. Finally, he grabbed Jazz, turning her intangible and trapping her partially underground. "WOULD YOU LISTEN TO ME?" Danny demanded, glaring Jazz down with his multicolored eyes.

"Duh, I am listening to you," Jazz said quietly, giving him a wink.

Danny pulled back slightly in surprise, giving Jazz her opportunity to free one of her arms and toss Danny into the sky, causing him to hit the shield above them. When Danny fell back down again, he moaned, his eyes shutting.

Jazz let out an over dramatic gasp, kneeling down to Danny. He opened his left, blue eye for a moment, confirming that he was alright. "Oh no! What have I done?" Jazz asked, scooping one suited hand under Danny's chest to lift him up slightly.

Vlad smirked and took down the shield in order to go out on the field and congratulate Jazz. "Well done, Jasmi-" Vlad cut himself off when Danny slipped intangibly through Jazz's arms, disappearing underground. "Why you little- well, you're forgetting that I have-"

Before he could finish his proclamation, Danny flew up, stealing Vlad's remote controlling the nanobots in Jazz's blood. "Nothing," Danny declared, crushing the device in his hand. "And don't you ever even think about so much as touching my sister again."

Danny swooped down, pulling Jazz out of the suit intangibly. He quickly flew her over to the Specter Speeder, depositing her in the passenger's seat while he himself got in the driver's seat. Maybe if he was driving, Jazz would let him focus on that instead of questioning him.

And for a while, she did. She understood the importance of getting away from Vlad as fast as possible before he got his bearings and flew after them as Plasmius. But the second they flew over Lake Winnebago, the redhead started talking.

"I'm still mad at you," she declared. "And I have the right to be."

Danny took in a deep breath and pursed his lips before confessing, "You do."

"How could you keep this from us, Danny?" Jazz questioned. "Sam, Tucker, and I are here for you. We've stood up for you, kept your secret, even when it was inconvenient or dangerous for us. We protected you, helped you, and you turned around and kept this from us."

"I know."

"Why, Danny? Why keep the fact that you were still half ghost a secret from us? Is what Vlad said about you not being able to transform true?"

Danny bit his lip. He would have to answer all of those questions eventually, it would by so much easier just to answer the simplest first. "Yes," he confessed, answering the last question only.

Danny listened silently as Jazz ranted and raved, reprimanding him for his actions. It wasn't until they drew close to home that Danny spoke up.

"Vlad is dangerous, Jazz. You shouldn't have gone up against him, especially without backup," Danny said seriously, glancing over to Jazz. They both had things to answer for, but he really just hoped to wait to explain his to all of Team Phantom at once. "What were you thinking?"

"Danny, Vlad had Ghost X steal the ecto-converter from Mom and Dad and some bloodstream nanobots from Axion Labs, and I think he stole that staff thingy, too. Not even mentioning the ecto-skeleton... You were out of commission- or so I thought- so I was just looking for a window to go see Vlad and find out what he was up to." Her voice suddenly turned low and quiet, not wanting to admit to anything as she said, "Thanks for giving me a reason to."

Danny winced at the underlying truth as they touched down in the backyard. "You can't tell anyone," Danny begged. "Not even Sam or Tucker."

"Got it."

It was dark by now, well past midnight. And with the way their parents tracked ghosts, there was absolutely no way the two were getting by their parents like nothing was going on.

"Heh-heh... hi," Danny said, rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

"WHERE HAVE YOU TWO BEEN?" Maddie demanded. "Jazz, you just get up and leave, taking the Specter Speeder, and Danny, you followed her!"

"Um... we were just out... with some friends," Jazz lied. "My friend Jenna moved to Wisconsin, and Danny and I went to say hi."

Maddie looked between the two teens, daring them to continue. When they didn't, she declared, "When you two want to tell us the truth, come see us. Until then, you're grounded."

Both teens' heads fell as they let out groaned.

"Oh, and Danny," Jack added in, only to be cut off by Maddie.

"This isn't a good time, Jack."

"But we were meaning to tell him today," Jack whispered.

"The circumstances have changed."

Danny looked between his parents worriedly. "Tell me what?" he demanded. "If there's something going on, I need to know."

Slowly, the elder two Fentons shared a nervous look and confessed, "You're adopted."

So I was rereading this and hit a realization moment of where I wanted this to go. The plot has been altered, and Danny's secret will stay a secret for a while. In addition, I'm hoping to create Vlad's chessboard that he set up in Reign Storm and even beforehand. You'll start to see how the dominoes hit each other and the chapters line up instead of just being a plot-per-episode thing without much story line development. Next up, we'll get to see how people at Casper High react to a new ghost boy.