Here's one that seems to be a popular subject. I've read many good fics about it and each one offers something more. This might be M or T depending. But we'll go with M to be safe. So here's field trip.

Chapter 1

It had been three weeks since Gohan had started school. It was as everyone had described it as… Boring. At least being home schooled he was able to have some excitement. Whether it was sneaking out, or doing chores at least it was something. The fact he found himself thinking about the chores he had to do, startled him. But, it wasn't all bad. He did make some new friends. Well at least two new friends.

First there was Erasa. She was a bubbly blonde gossip queen who could talk to you about fashion until she died. Even then her ghost would rematerialize and continue where she left off. Next was Sharpener, now he was the one Gohan couldn't decide if they were friends or not. He was the big jock of the school. He was fit, also blonde, but very loud and boastful. He reminded Gohan of Hercule Satan. The worlds savior. Speaking of which, his third friend was the daughter of Hercule.

Videl Satan, the toughest girl in school. She made the boys cringe in fear if they ever got out of line. And she was a wonder to Gohan. She was very beautiful to him. With hair as black as his and eyes bluer than the bluest sapphire, Gohan found himself with a bit of a crush on her. But while they were friends she had an annoying habit of being overly nosy. She has always been suspicious of him, because his first day he stopped a robbery in super saiyan. Too bad he didn't have a different pair of clothes.

He was described by an elderly man, and though he was in super saiyan, his clothes did not change. So Videl is suspicious of him, but he doesn't let it bother him. Instead he just waves and smiles at her. And recently in the last two weeks she's lightened up and talks to him. They joke on each other and can have a normal talk without her trying to get info out of him… Until today.

Gohan cursed himself. For after two weeks of avoiding Videl and not being interrogated he just opened up a whole new world of hurt. For there he was staring her directly in the face. On the roof of the school.

"Hey Gohan. So… You wanna tell me how you got here?" She questioned as she stood in front of the door of the school roof.

"Well, uh… You see I was-" He tried to speak.

"Oh cut the crap Gohan. You flew here, and I watched you. In fact, I've been watching you, but I could never find the right way to confront you about it without sounding crazy, but dammit if I don't have you now!" She smiled devilishly.

"OK fine… You got me. So now what?" Gohan asked defeated.

"Well since you can fly I have another assumption about you, and a certain city super hero. Who has, on more than one occasion, flew in to save the day. You're also Saiyaman aren't you?" She said as she circled him.

It was true. After his appearance as 'The Golden Warrior' he wanted a new disguise so he could help out without being discovered. Well that didn't happen. "You got me. So now what?"

"Well I've been thinking about that and… I will not tell anyone anything if you promise to do one thing for me." She walked closer to him.

"W-what would that be?" He asked nervously.

"You must teach me how to fly."

"That's it? OK." Gohan shrugged.

"OK? Just like that? No trying to talk your way out of it? Nothing." She was confused at his reaction.

"Yea. It's not the most difficult process, well it wasn't for me anyways. When do you want to learn?"

"What are you doing this weekend?" She said trailing back to the door.

"Nothing really. Do you want to learn then?"

"No I'm asking so I can take you on a date. Yes I want to learn then. Now come on." She said, "We don't want people thinking things."

"I don't know what you mean." Gohan said naively.

She rolls her eyes as she opens the door, "You really are a country boy."

Gohan follows her, "Wait. What do you mean?"

"Don't worry about it. Let's just get to class."

Gohan was still confused, but just went with it. They were the only ones in class for a good 15 minutes. Soon the class filled in. Erasa and Sharpener finally arrived and all four of them were just talking away. Soon the teacher had walked in and rapped her ruler on her desk. "Alright class. We have a special guest today. He's here to make an announcement about next week. Let me introduce the very scary Vegeta Briefs."

Gohan almost lost his breakfast. "What!"

"Shut up brat! Alright listen up weaklings! Because that woman I live with is busy, I'm here instead, much to my displeasure. So I'll make this quick so I can return to training." He said with his signature crossed arms.

"Training for what? Being a bigger ass?" Sharpener had said out of pure foolishness.

Gohan looked at him in fear. For his foolishness will have undoubtedly got him on Vegetas list, and Gohan could do nothing but watch.

"You're lucky. If I did not have some agreement with that woman, you would no longer be breathing. So when you see her next week be sure to thank her for your life." Vegeta said with a cold tone.

Gohan stood up, "What do you mean 'see her next week'?"

Vegeta looked at Gohan, "Exactly what I mean. I'm here to announce that the senior class here is invited to spend a week at Capsule Corporation. To learn and experience- You know what. You'll find out next week. That teacher over there has papers for you. Good bye! And you! Dinner's at 6. If you're late I'll kill you." With that last threat he left the class in silence.

"Well… That was… Terrifying. Gohan." The teacher brought the attention of the class to Gohan. "Do I need to call someone?"

Gohan laughed and rubbed the back of his head, "Um, no. Everything's fine. Vegeta has said worse."

"How can you just laugh that off? That man threatened your life." Videl said concerned.

"Yea, too bad he's not strong enough to take it." He said nonchalantly. This made the whole class silent. Gohan had realized what he said, and tried to recover, "Er… What I mean is… He's a bit extreme. He would never." 'Good recovery Gohan.'

This still didn't put any of the class at rest, and Gohan new that there might be a large wave of questions coming his way. And he was right. Throughout the rest of the day, many people asked him about how he knew the briefs, how big was capsule corp. What was this and what was that, when the end of the day came Gohan ran as slow as he could to keep up appearances, but even that was quick, until he reached the outside and picked up speed to take off to the sky.

He landed in the backyard of Capsule Corporation, and walked up to the door and knocked. Trunks answered. "Hey Gohan. You here for dinner?"

"Yep! My mom and brother should be here soon. Anyways where is Vegeta?" Gohan asked with a hint of annoyance.

"Where do you think? He's in the Gravity Room." Trunks moved to the side as Gohan went past him and straight for the room. He bumped into Vegeta on the way.

"Vegeta! What was that! Calling me out? Do you realize what you've done?" Gohan asked.

"What I've done? Ha! I've done nothing yet. Just wait till next week. I'm going to make your life a living hell." He said with a smirk.

"Why? What is your reason?" Gohan continued to question.

"Well your father isn't here for me to beat, and you haven't trained since you beat Cell. So… You choose." Vegeta went on.

"Are you wanting to fight Vegeta?" Gohan squinted at him.

"If you still can." He said as he held his arm to the entrance of the Gravity room.

Gohan looked at the door, and then removed his shirt. "Let's do this."

"Yes. Let's." Vegeta followed him. The doors closed and the hum of the machine turned on as Gohan let himself adjust to the gravity, and Vegeta just crossed the room casually like it was nothing. "Is it too much boy? Should I turn it down? Not that it will do much to help you."

"No. I'm good." Gohan said as he hopped up and down. There was little struggle. But still enough to weigh him down, and like an amateur warrior he flew at Vegeta. Vegeta, used to the gravity, moved slightly to the side and placed a well timed kick to Gohans side flipping him side ways through the air. Gohan landed hard on the ground but stopped himself and got back up.

He looked at Vegeta who was lightly swinging his shoulders. "If that is all you've got, you just might die."

"Nope… Just need to warm up." Gohan said stretching.

"Well I'm ready to go. Now!" Vegeta transforms into Super Saiyan and phases out closing the distance as Gohan transforms as well to boost his defense, speed and power. He did so in the right time because he caught Vegetas fist before it made contact and energy sparked around them. Gohan threw his own fist and Vegeta caught that. "That's more like it!"

They broke apart and went back at it. From the outside the clashing could be heard with muffled booms that rumbled the building. Chi Chi and Goten had arrived outside, and were greeted by Bulma.

"I assume that's Gohan that is helping Vegeta make all the noise?" Chi Chi asked as she and Bulma broke apart from a hug.

"You'd be right. Of course Gohan totally forgot to come say hi to me before he went in, so I guess Vegeta's announcement went well." She said as she walked forward bringing Chi Chi inside.

"Announcement?" Chi Chi asked.

"Oh yes! I'm going to be letting Gohans school group stay here for a week and learn about living life after school. I was actually going to go today but a business contract came about and I needed to handle that business. So I asked Vegeta to go to the school to make the announcement." Bulma said quite cheerfully.

"Wow… How'd you convince him to do that?" Chi Chi asked.

"I have my ways." She winks.

They move forward to the kitchen. Where a dinner is being prepared by robotic chefs. "Oh Bulma… You should let me teach you how to cook. I think you'd like it." Chi Chi said as she set her things down.

"No thank you Chi. I'm way too busy to handle cooking. Vegeta and Trunks do absolutely nothing to contribute to our living. Trunks is of course only 8 and Vegeta is way to busy training. I can't work and cook." She said as she sat down.

"I guess that makes sense, but no matter. I'm ready to eat. So let's go get the boys." Chi Chi said getting back up.

They head down the hall, following the booms, then like a thunder storm ending it was quiet. This alerted them that the fighting had ended. When they got to the doors of the Gravity Room, they were wide open and the room was empty. So Bulma kept walking, with Chi Chi following and they came to another door. There were drops of blood outside the door, so they new the battle was serious.

"I wonder whose blood that is?" Bulma inquired. She pressed the button on the side and the door slid open. And the scene before them was kind of surprising. Gohan was standing tall, and he was loading Vegeta into the healing tank that Bulma had made for him. Gohan was scratched up and bruised, with a few gashes on his side, but he was standing like nothing happened.

"Jesus Gohan! Did you have to get that badly hurt." His mother worried as she walked over to him and inspected his wounds.

"I'm fine. These are just minor wounds." He said not worrying about it.

"Oh really?" His mother questioned. She tapped a bruise on his side and he crumbled like a ragdoll. "Uh huh. That's what I thought. Sit on the table."

He does as he's told and Chi Chi goes into nurse mode. In no time Gohan was patched up and ready to go. Chi Chi had found his shirt in the GR and gave it back to him. "You know, I could have just waited till Vegeta got out." He said as he puts his shirt back on.

"Yes, and then in that time you could have gotten an infection and lost your life. Then where would that leave me? A dead son, a dead husband and Goten would be without a brother." She said with her paranoia.

"Chi Chi, you know as well as I do that these Saiyans do not get sick or infections. You worry too much." Bulma said chuckling about it.

"As any good mother would." Chi Chi said brashly.

"You trying to say something?" Bulma turned to her. Now they were about to be fighting. Gohan stepped between them.

"OK. OK. I think we should all eat. We're just all a little bit irritated because we have no food. So come, let's all relax and eat." He said with a smile.

"OK. You win. Sorry Chi." Bulma said as she continued forward. They all arrived at the table and dinner was soon to be served. They had begun eating when a ringing from the front door had stopped their feast. Well at least the two women's. Gohan, Goten and Trunks all continued. Bulma had gotten up to answer it.

During mid shove Gohan stopped. A familiar scent was in the air. He couldn't figure it out, but he knew it was a scent he knew very well. It was on the tip of his tongue but he could not pinpoint it.

"Hey Gohan, you have a guest." Bulma had walked back into the room, but she had someone with her.

"Oh! Hey Videl. I wasn't expecting to see you till tomorrow. How'd you know I'd be here anyways?" He had a smile on his face.

She was surprised to say the least. "Uh that man, he said you'd be here at- I'm sorry, but Gohan did you get hit by a truck after falling from a plane? You look terrible." She said bringing attention back to his wounds.

"Oh these? This is nothing. Just some minor battle wounds." He said again waving it off like it was nothing.

"Battle… Wounds? That Vegeta did this didn't he? Well I'm taking him in. Where is he?" She said as she started to look around. Gohan got up and stopped her.

"Don't worry about it. You should have seen what I did to him." Gohan said getting her attention. Then an ahem came from the table as Chi Chi and Bulma stared at the two. "Oh, mom, Bulma, this is Videl. She's a school mate. And uh… She's also the one who recently made the discovery that I am Saiyaman. So I'm going to teach her how to fly."

Chi Chi got up and walked over to Videl. She walked around her and inspected her. "Hmm… So when are you two getting married?"

Gohan and Videl both got wide eyed and started blubbering trying to get out that they weren't involved like that with nice red blushes on their faces. Chi Chi just looked at them and smirked before she sat down.

"We're just friends mom." Gohan finally got out.

"Yea, I mean he's a nice guy and all, but I think we're just good friends." Videl chimed in.

"Yea because the red on your faces totally say that you don't want each other." Vegetas voice came from behind. He was dried off and ready to eat when he came in.

"You!" Videl stood up to Vegeta. "I'm placing you under arrest for assault and battery."

"Assault and Battery? On who? Him? He's the one that nearly killed me." Vegeta brushed past her and sat down.

She walked over and grabbed his shirt and tried to pull him to her. It failed but she didn't let it phase her. "You don't have a scratch on you! What do you mean he almost killed you?" She was confused and getting angry.

Vegeta looked at her hand, then her, then to Gohan. "Brat… If you don't this girl off of me, you won't get the chance to mate her. I'm going to count to one… One." The Vegeta got up and Gohan was in between them in a heartbeat

"OK, calm down Vegeta. Just sit and eat. Everything's fine." Gohan said as he took Videl the other way.

Vegeta sat down and began to eat. "Yea… 'Just' friends." Bulma said with a chuckle.

Gohan had lead Videl to the med ward. There he prepped the healing tank, "This here is the reason why Vegeta had no scratches or bruises like me. All he had to do was sit in here and heal."

She was kind of amazed by it, "So what you're saying is, this machine can heal any and all injuries? Well why isn't it in any hospitals or pediatricians offices? This could do so much for so many people."

"Well that's the problem… We haven't been able to develop a tank for normal human beings yet."

Videl looked at him with a strange look, "Uh Gohan?"

He looked back from the tank, "Yeah?"

"What exactly do you mean by 'normal human beings'?" She asked.

'Damn!' He turned to look at her, "What I mean to say is… My and Vegeta's family have a special attribution to our DNA and that special piece is what's amplified to increase our healing. We just haven't been able to amplify a normal strand to help with standard people." He was sweating and hoping she'd buy it.

"That's the worst thing I've ever heard. But you're the nerd. So whatever. So how long do you have to be in that thing?" She finished inspecting it and looked at him.

"Well… I don't know. Maybe 20-30 minutes. It didn't take Vegeta too long. So it shouldn't take me too long either." He finished setting it up and pushed a button. It beeped and opened up.

Videl moved back. "OK, I didn't expect that." She turned around to Gohan who was removing his clothes. "Ah Gohan! What the hell are you doing?"

"What? You can't possibly expect me to go in there with all my clothes on." He said as he finished removing his shirt and started on his pants.

"But have some decency! Wait until I, uh, leave…" She lost track as she started taking in Gohans toned body, but shook it off and caught up, "Wait until I leave before you get undressed."

"Oh, that's right. I forget myself sometimes. Hey are you alright?" He asked noticing her staring at him.

She was brought back, "Uh yea. I'm fine. I'll be back tomorrow. Bye." She left feeling a bit hot under the collar.

She had gone, and Gohan got out, "Bye." 'What a day this has been.' He shook his head as he finished getting undressed. He stepped into the tank, and put the face mask on. The small hiss of the door closing and whirring of the locks let him know that the tank was sealed. Then the cool aqua colored liquid filled in around him and a numbing sensation took over. He found his eyes closing, and in no time he was asleep.

So this is one chapter of one story that I'm working on. I'm writing more and doing two other stories so check out the first of those chapters as well.